Is Watertown, NY next on the list of towns to be seeded with third worlders?

People ask me all the time: How do I find out if my town is targeted?
Frankly there is no list put out by the federal government and its paid resettlement contractors. They are very secretive about the selection process. We heard recently that there are 47 new sites and we have only so far identified those listed below.***

Watch out Watertown—you will be next!

But, this article from Watertown, NY is a prime example of how you get a hint that something is up!
Usually a local newspaper writes a puffy piece like this one about how great it would be for Watertown to revitalize neighborhoods by bringing in impoverished people from mostly the Middle East and Africa. (You can tell by the comments that many local folks are having none of it.)
Honestly I am getting weary of repeating things over and over again. So I recommend that you see our archive on Utica (by clicking here) and learn about all the problems it has had over the last many years.
And, then see our ‘Ten Things you need to know if welcoming refugees to your town’ here.
This story from the Watertown Daily Times pretty well lays out how your town becomes a resettlement site (do-gooder works with elected official and then they bring in the supposed ‘religious’ charities, and federal resettlement contractor who all work together, secretively, to get the approval of the US Dept. of State).
If you don’t want this in Watertown, folks there need to get organized against it ASAP!

WATERTOWN — West Division Street resident Douglas J. Anderson wanted to do something about the city’s blighted neighborhoods, abandoned homes and so-called “zombie properties.”

During a recent visit to Utica, he came across the good work that the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees [subcontractor of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, here—ed] was doing, he said, after helping to organize a presentation at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.


Shelly Calllahan of the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees in Utica says everything is hunky-dory there! NOT!

Mr. Anderson told Councilwoman Teresa R. Macaluso about the center. She agreed to visit the center in June and was impressed with what she saw. If it could happen in Utica, why not here, she thought.

The city would not be involved in establishing the center, she said, adding it would take religious organizations and non-profit organizations to get it off the ground. It also would take community and business leaders to join the efforts, Ms. Callahan said.

A handful of clergy and community leaders who attended the meeting mostly listened to information about the federally funded program. [No! it is not completely funded by the feds, this will cost local taxpayers a bundle, especially in the school system budget—ed]


With the threat of terrorism in the world today, Brownville resident Bruce E. Bennett expressed concerns about young men from other countries living here.

“I see a lot of potential problems,” he said afterward. “Look what has happened in Europe.”

But Councilwoman Macaluso believes that Watertown is a welcoming community, noting that it has accepted people from all over the country to come here and serve at Fort Drum.

More here.
***These are new or expanding resettlement sites (in addition to those listed here):
Asheville, NC
Rutland, VT
Reno, NV
Ithaca, NY
Missoula, MT
Aberdeen, SD
Charleston, WV
Fayetteville, AR
Blacksburg, VA
Pittsfield, MA
Northhampton, MA
Flint, MI
Bloomington, IN
Traverse City, MI

World's most vulnerable: are we responsible for them all?

This story at the Huffington Post bashing Trump and telling us we must not turn our backs on the “world’s most vulnerable” is not worth reading.

The refugee propagandists’ favorite word!

I simply want to make the point that about every five years the world’s most vulnerable changes and we are expected to “welcome” them all to our towns after hearing the same old propaganda guilt-trip stories like this  one.
Not too long ago it was the Burmese who were most vulnerable (we have taken in around 200,000). And, I remember so well when the Iraqis were the world’s most vulnerable (oh they love that word!) because it was about the same time I began writing RRW. Our Iraqi refugee numbers are climbing toward 200,000.
Then a few years ago it became the Syrian most vulnerables.  And, get ready because we are hearing rumbles that they are gearing up to guilt-trip us about the South Sudanese! Blah, blah, blah!
It never ends!
This HuffPo article concludes with an appeal to send money to the International Rescue Committee which as one of the leading members of the refugee industry receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from the US taxpayer each year—but it is never enough money!

DOS Syrian resettlement pace would bring total in 2017 to over 20,000

When the Obama Department of State (DOS) ‘consulted’ with the US Senate on the number of refugees to be admitted in fiscal year 2017 (which began 2 weeks ago on October 1) they were very cagey about how many Syrians would be in the flow.
However, a refugee contractor in California let the cat out of the bag, here, a few weeks ago saying that he suspected it would be 20,000-30,000 Syrians in a total refugee flow of 110,000.

To all the Republican traitors, by not supporting Donald Trump you are going to let this man virtually run the country. John Podesta has long been an advocate for opening our borders and flooding America with refugees. See our Podesta archive here where our earliest post is in 2009:

Frankly what we get will depend on one thing—whether Donald Trump wins the White House or whether Hillary Clinton (and Bill, with John Podesta as chief of staff) are in the Oval Office.
An aside: As you learn more about the people Hillary has surrounded herself with in the campaign via the Wikileaks e-mail dumps, remember THESE VERY SAME PEOPLE WILL BE IN THE WHITE HOUSE RUNNING THE COUNTRY IF SHE WINS!
Now back to the Syrians (98-99% are Muslims, we are not saving the Christians).
Don’t forget that when Senator Jeff Sessions held his hearing about this year’s plan, he and Senator Cruz got an admission out of the Dept.of Homeland Security that some Syrians (because many don’t have documents and data) have been admitted based on their personal stories!
From Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart:

The Obama administration is on pace to bring 20,000 Syrian refugees into the United States in FY 2017.

The final number of Syrian refugees arriving in the United States this fiscal year will be determined by which candidate–Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump–is inaugurated as president in January 2017.

If Hillary Clinton wins, she will be well positioned to accelerate Syrian refugee resettlement in FY 2017 to the 65,000 she has said she wants to come into the country annually.

If Donald Trump wins, he has committed to suspending Syrian refugee resettlement.

A recent Breitbart/Gravis poll shows that 59 percent of voters oppose Hillary Clinton’s plan to increase Syrian refugee resettlement in the United States.

Continue here.

See the map!

I was doing a little numbers research last night myself and got a slightly larger number of Syrians than did Leahy, but I suspect more data was loaded between the time Leahy did his research and I did mine.  Below is a map from the Refugee Processing Center (DOS data storage website) where you can see the number of Syrians who arrived in your state since October 1.  The total was 686 (as of last evening) which means, at this pace, they could easily reach 5,000 by Inauguration Day in January.
Top receiving states are Michigan, California, Texas, Arizona and Maryland (ahhhh!).  Maryland is never in the top for resettlement states, so what is up with this? Most of the 52 that went to Maryland over the last 12 days were placed in Baltimore with a handful in Silver Spring and 2 in Riverdale.
Clear path in Maryland as governor has been silent
I am guessing the new enthusiasm for Maryland is that the mayor of Baltimore has been merrily inviting Muslims to live in that hellhole (powder keg!) and Maryland’s Republican Governor made some squawks when other Republican governors said they didn’t want Syrians, but since then he has not said a word (thus quietly supporting the refugee resettlement program).
Map from the DOS Refugee Processing Center as of last evening, October 12, 2016. 686 Syrians admitted in first 12 days of Fiscal year 2017.