Abbreviated weekly round-up of top posts on refugees

Since, in just a few days, I’ll be doing an end of the year round-up on what interested readers most at RRW over the last year (our best year ever, by far), I didn’t do a weekly one for this last week.

However, I found it very informative (and wanted you to know) that the top posts of the week all involved readers looking for more information about where refugees are being resettled in the US.  Here are those which were most clicked on during the week ending December 27th:

* List of ORR “preferred” communities has some additions

* Handy directory for US Resettlement Offices in 180 cities

* Syrian Muslims headed to North Dakota, Nebraska, and Kentucky

* So where might those Syrians be going? (US site map)

I’m glad to see that thousands of you are looking at information about where the contractors are placing refugees and I hope you are beginning to educate your fellow citizens about what is happening in your city.

All of our previous weekly round-ups can be found in our ‘blogging’ category, here.


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