Australian gunman (refugee) got to Australia through Malaysia; US taking hundreds from Malaysia

Malaysia is a safe Muslim country.  At the time the Iranian “refugee” gunman got into Australia as an asylum seeker, the Australian government was pretty much “welcoming” all.  Why couldn’t the Iranian phony cleric simply ask for asylum in Malaysia? Why did Australia give him asylum in 2001?  I’ll bet those are questions the Abbott government is researching (or should be) at this very moment.

Today things are different in Australia as it is one of the few countries in the world at least trying to control its borders, if it is not already too late.

Just a short hop to Australia…

From the Malay Mail Online (hat tip: Robin):

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 17 — Iranian gunman Man Haron Monis who kept Sydney gripped in a deadly hostage crisis had fled to Malaysia after committing “violent” crimes in Iran before seeking asylum in Australia, according to the Middle Eastern nation’s police.

Monis, who was shot dead by Australian police after holding 17 people hostage in a Sydney cafe, had absconded to Malaysia in 1996 during a time when he was wanted for those and fraud-related crimes.

Aside from his alleged crimes in Iran, Monis was also facing trial in Australia for a number of offences, including being accessory to the murder of his wife as well as over 40 sexual assault charges involving seven alleged victims.

Man Haron Monis was known to authorities in Sydney

It is unclear when the Iranian left Malaysia for Australia, where he was granted refugee status in 2001.

Iranian police chief General Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam also revealed that Australia had declined Iran’s request to extradite Monis to stand trial for his crimes.

Moghaddam also alleged that Monis had sought asylum by masquerading as a Muslim cleric.

“It lasted four years to collect evidence on Manteqi’s [Monis’] identification documents and we reported this to the Australian police but since Australia has no extradition treaty with Iran, they didn’t extradite him,” Moghaddam was quoted as saying in a report by the Mehr News Agency.

Monis’ refugee status also precluded Australia from repatriating him to Iran.

Malaysia is a popular transit point for Iranians seeking to escape the Middle Eastern regime, owing to shared religious and cultural links between the two nations.

There is more, read it all.

So why is the US taking refugees from Malaysia and who are they?  Surely no Christians went there for protection!

If you go to this fiscal year’s (FY2015) State Department statistics you can see that we took a huge number of “refugees” from Malaysia in the first two months of this year (October and November)—1,504.  Again, Malaysia is a safe Muslim country so who are we taking?

I bet we took thousands from Malaysia in FY2014, but those stats are no longer available to the general public.

Who are those “refugees?” Are they persecuted Malaysian Christians? Are they illegal aliens (Muslims) who got to Malaysia hoping to make it to Australia?  Is this like our Malta situation where we are taking another country’s illegal aliens?

The State Department does not make public the nationalities of those coming to America from Malaysia!  We can only guess that they are Burmese Muslims, or Somalis, or more Middle Eastern Muslims.  Again, persecuted minorities (like the Christians) won’t be seeking protection in Malaysia.  And, if they are why is the State Department keeping it secret?

Hungary now experiencing the Muslim “refugee” tidal wave; Czech Republic will if it doesn’t wise up

….as our ‘Invasion of Europe’ series continues!

Muslim “refugees” are smuggled from Turkey through the Balkans to Hungary, an EU country with open borders into western Europe.

The invaders from the Middle East have shifted their migration routes in the desire to get to those “welcoming” EU countries like Germany which seems to be the biggest magnet these days for the world’s needy.

Germany was the number one destination in the world for asylum seekers in 2013, imagine what it was in 2014!

According to the UNHCR, in 2013 alone, the top five countries receiving asylum claims were led by Germany (109,600), USA (88,400), France (60,100), Sweden (54,300) and Turkey (44,800).  No wonder the Germans are marching in the streets.

Here is what is happening in Hungary (hat tip: ‘Pungentpeppers’).


With the Mediterranean Sea becoming too treacherous and other routes blocked by barbed-wire fences, would-be migrants are taking a new route into the Europe Union: through Hungary.

Coming from as far away as Afghanistan and Syria and as near as Kosovo and Albania, thousands of migrants a week are crossing into Hungary and requesting asylum, turning the country into an EU transit hot spot.

The surging number of immigrants has encouraged far-right and anti-Islam movements across Western Europe. It is also causing strains in remote places like Asotthalom, a Hungarian village near the border with Serbia, where a trickle of migrants three years ago has turned into a flood.


Lt. Col. Gabor Eberhardt, chief of the border police in Szeged, said this year proceedings were launched against more than 26,000 people of 61 nationalities for illegal border crossings in his territory. That compares to 34 in 2004, the year Hungary joined the EU.

Hungary has seen 35,000 asylum requests so far this year — compared to 18,900 in 2013 — and the flow of migrants has soared in the last few months. There were 683 asylum requests in March but 9,125 in November and a projected 12,500 in December.

They are moving on for better deals farther west in Europe.  Germany is their number one target.

Of the 18,900 asylum requests in 2013 made to Hungary, over 11,000 were abandoned, supporting the notion that most migrants are moving on to other destinations.


Like many other Kosovars, they are headed to Germany, one of Europe’s strongest economies.

We have written a lot about Turkey and how it helps facilitate the flow to overburdened Bulgaria, see our archive on Bulgaria by clicking here.  Now, Turkey is a major conduit, this time into Hungary.  Looks to me like Turkey is facilitating the Hijra (don’t forget to read The Modern Day Trojan Horse!).

According to refugee officials, migrants heading to Hungary often use smuggling rings to travel across Turkey and up through the Balkans. Once they make it into Hungary, which belongs to the EU’s free travel area known as Schengen, they face borderless travel across most of the 28-member bloc.

Czech Republic demonstrations!

In the Czech Republic there are demonstrations for and against the country accepting Syrian refugees in the wake of that “pledging” meeting (the one where the US invited 9,000 mostly Muslim Syrians).

Here is the news about the demonstration which, by the way, is probably why we had a rush of readers from the Czech Republic this last week.  According to this report those wanting Syrians to come to the Czech Republic outnumbered those who opposed (but I don’t believe that would be the case if the general public was polled).  So far, the government in Prague says they aren’t taking any Syrians except perhaps sick children.

From Ceske Noviny:

Prague – About 300 people met in front of the Czech government seat in Prague over the question of Syrian refugees today, most of them calling for the Czech Republic to accept Syrian kids and their families, and a few dozens speaking against their acceptance.

Here is what those opposed said:

On the opposite side of the street, opponents to the refugee inflow unfolded banners with the inscriptions “Government, don´t allow yourselves to be blackmailed,”“Support to Muslim migration is not humanism but treason,” and “Let´s help in Syria, let´s not import jihad here.”

The pro-refugee demonstrators believe they will change the minds of Czech politicians, so the anti-Muslim migration side needs to work even harder.

Every country in Europe must close its borders NOW!

Update:  Poland says it will take 100 Syrians in 2016, here.