Unraveling Somali day care fraud in Minnesota; did taxpayer money leave the country?

Because the story is so big and growing, and I don’t know where to start, I’ll post one news story at a time from the growing scandal involving taxpayer rip-offs by Somali day care workers.  Reader ‘Pungentpeppers,’ our unofficial crime investigator, has sent a ream of stories and so I’ll dive in with this one first.

Yasmin Abdulle Ali (33) charged with 52 felony counts. Will she be deported? Don’t hold your breath!

But, before I begin I want to impress upon readers that the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is actually giving out micro-enterprise loans to teach immigrant women how to set up culturally appropriate day care centers in their homes!  Heck, you can get paid to take care of children in your own home and don’t have to send them out to any American (multicultural!) daycare center where they might actually learn English and meet people of different races and religions.

I don’t know if those being arrested in Minnesota ever took part in a federally-funded program, but we’ll see as the investigation continues.

This is what the ORR says on its website about its “Home-based Child Care” micro-enterprise “loans.”  (Emphasis is mine):

General Background
Microenterprise development services traditionally include business technical assistance or short-term training, credit in the form of micro-loans, and, if applicable, a revolving loan fund. The programs are designed to be culturally and linguistically appropriate for the refugee population. Initiated in 2011, the Microenterprise Development – Home-Based Childcare Program is a new program for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), designed to support home-based child care mentoring programs primarily for refugee women interested in providing child care services in their homes.

Program Description
This project will teach refugee women about state and federal child care laws, regulations and licensing requirements and about American cultural norms concerning child care and child development. By encouraging refugee women to apply their new child care knowledge and skills in the job market, the project will assist refugee women in acquiring English language skills, advancing their education, learning basic financial skill, and improving their economic opportunities.

A secondary objective of the program is to expand home-based child care business options for other refugees, to enable them to enter the workforce with confidence that their children are being cared for by individuals possessing appropriate cultural competency.

Here is a list of present contractors administering the loan program.   And, look who is eligible—non-citizens only!

All low income refugees who are not citizens are eligible for services under this program.

Now to the outrageous news from Minneapolis (Fox 9 investigation)!  Merry Christmas Minnesota taxpayers!

First food stamp fraud, then Medicaid/Medicare fraud, now this!  Is this happening in your refugee “welcoming” city?

(KMSP) – The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office says day care owners defrauded the government out of $4 million dollars and have charged 4 people with a combined 96 felonies.

The announcement comes nearly two years after the Fox 9 Investigators first reported details about the DEQO Family Centers, located in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Apple Valley. The stories detailed how the centers employed some mothers of its daycare children who qualified for state funded child care. The program helps low-income parents pay their child care costs who are working.

DEQO owners would bill the county for child care while the mothers were supposed to be working. But Fox 9 sources, who were employees for the business back in February 2013, said the jobs were not legitimate. “Sometimes they would come in, sign in their children, sign themselves in and go grocery shopping,” one of the sources said.

Ramsey County investigators say the time sheets submitted to the county by the “working” mothers had inflated hours on them, allowing the owners to bill the government for maximum child care time.

One of the people charged in the case is Yasmin Abdulle Ali (33) an owner of DEQO. She gave a tour of one of her centers to a Fox 9 Investigative producer saying that many of her customers are on assistance.

Ali’s husband, Ahmed Aden Mohamed (46) is also charged, along with Joshua John Miller (31). According to the complaint, they are also listed as owners the DEQO Family Centers.

Ramsey County Attorney, John Choi said there are many well-deserving families who are waiting in line for child-care assistance. “These criminal acts hurt our entire community, those who are in need of assistance and those who pay for it, our taxpayers,” commented Choi.

There is more, read it all and watch the news clip.  Investigators are trying to figure out where the $4 million went.  There is a connection to Ali’s brother who has been implicated in jihadist recruitment.

More to come…..

Guest column: The abuser is a “refugee” or “asylum seeker”

Editor’s note:  Reader ‘Pungentpeppers’ has gathered together some recent news for a brief summary of some items that fit a pattern worldwide.  Of course the first one is a story we have covered—the Australian-Iranian refugee terrorist from last week—however we didn’t discuss his record of abusing women.   Guest posts are welcome, but keep them short and send links to the news stories to which you are referring.  Guest posts and lengthy informative comments to an existing post are archived in our comments worth noting’ category.

When a domestic abuser is not deported, that’s deadly! Stories from December.

AUSTRALIA – Iranian fake sheik and refugee, Man Haron Monis (aka Mohammad Hassan Manteghi), held 17 hostages at gunpoint at a Sydney cafe and coffee shop, then killed 2 of them. The refugee had ABUSED his WIFE and was involved in her brutal MURDER. He was facing more than 40 charges of ASSAULT against WOMEN. Yet he was allowed to roam free in Australia’s largest city and was not deported – with tragic consequences.

In North Carolina (a big resettlement state), Arab Mohamed Ali, 35 will get 12 years for strangling his wife, then he will be out on a North Carolina street again. Based on our track record, deportation is unlikely.

CANADA – Somali refugee, Yusuf Osman Abdille, STABBED HIS WIFE and TWO CHILDREN TO DEATH, then “fell” from a bridge onto a Toronto parkway, landing in mid-day traffic in front of a hapless driver. The murder victim, Zahra Abdille, was a refugee who worked as a public health nurse in Canada. At one point, she had fled her abuser and took the children to a shelter for domestic violence victims. Later, she sought court protection but – unable to afford an attorney – she was denied relief. That final factor probably would not have prevented these deaths – but a deportation order would have.

CANADA – Attempted murderer Yiyan Xie, a Chinese national, is playing the deportation excuse game. Xie was due in Kitchener, Ontario, court this month for sentencing for his ATTEMPTED MURDER conviction of his EX-GIRLFRIEND, Yiyang Hao, a university student. Prior to the KNIFE ATTACK, he had bombarded Hao with emails for months, THREATENING to KILL her. In court, his attorney asserted that if Xie were deported to China, he might be executed. Boo hoo! Isn’t that what he planned for his girlfriend?!

UNITED STATES – An Ethiopian refugee, Arab Mohamed Ali, 35, will spend at least 12 years in prison after pleading guilty in the STRANGULATION MURDER of his WIFE Safaya Dadacha, 23, in 2013. After committing the horrendous deed, the murderer himself called 911 and waited with his two children for police to arrive. Let’s hope he’ll be DEPORTED! But maybe not…..  [US taxpayers paid to resettle him, now you get to pay for his incarceration.—ed]

During FY2013, the Obama Administration – instead of deporting – released offenders who had committed 1,317 acts of domestic violence. (See Senator Chuck Grassley below.) The Ethiopian murderer has two kids he did not kill – that’s “family”, isn’t it? And with the PC concern about uniting immigrant “families” – even though domestic abusers are deadly to families – this perp might eventually be released to wreak havoc upon the surviving kids.

Immigration lawyers and activists oppose deportation of domestic abusers. They say it’s unfair because we cannot deport our own domestic offenders. I say, if you have too much trash and trouble – get rid of some of the junk!

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