Writer at American Thinker: What is America’s survival plan? Stop Muslim immigration!

Minnesota! Photo: http://pamelageller.com/2014/06/fbi-minnesota-muslims-leave-us-wage-jihad-syria.html/

Carol Brown says there isn’t a plan at the moment, but gives us a list at American Thinker (yesterday) of what we must do in America as we watch Europe’s potential death in the face of the growing Islamic threat and Western societies (at least the ones which want to survive) reaction to it.

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To set the stage (emphasis mine):

We’re facing the greatest national security threat we have ever known and there is no coherent plan to battle the enemy. This nation is so far behind the eight ball, the president and his minions won’t even name the enemy, no less fight it.

Name = Islam

Even worse, those in positions of power and influence misrepresent what the enemy stands for. Like a pre-recorded announcement that just won’t stop, we are endlessly subjected to the false refrain: Islam is a religion of peace. By Muslim lights, we live in the Dar al Harb, the territory of war, simply because we refuse to accept Islam. We didn’t declare war, Mohammed did.

And when it comes to the threat of Islamic supremacism, it’s not only the left that’s putting us at risk. The right is hardly better, as both parties serve up a boatload of ignorance, complicity, and cowardice on a daily basis. Our elected officials draft legislation, set foreign policy, speak at podiums, sit on panels, write press releases, pen op-eds, and yack away on talk shows about the wonders of Islam. If anyone challenges what they’re peddling, the peddlers get rather hot under the collar. As for the truth-tellers, they are mocked, marginalized, and vilified.

And what a truth it is, as we confront a totalitarian ideology bent on world domination ruled by one religion — an ideology that is infecting every aspect of our culture and which has the potential to destroy all of civilization.

Brown goes on with her prescription and from my point of view, this is Brown’s most important step:

Stop immigration from Islamic countries: As seen throughout Europe, it doesn’t take a lot of Muslims to wreak havoc on a nation. To help ensure we don’t wind up like Europe, we must halt all immigration from Islamic countries. The risks are simply too high. No nation has an obligation to allow immigration from any and all countries. And in the case of immigration from Islamic countries, it is impossible to fully vet Muslim immigrants for the following reasons: (1) We cannot know who has an agenda to impose Sharia law (and stats show most support it). (2) We need to recognize that increasing numbers of Muslims who seem like regular folks are morphing into jihadists. (3) We must understand the role that taqiyya (sanctioned deception) plays in any vetting process. Islam is not compatible with Western values. It is not compatible with Judeo/Christian values. It is not compatible with liberty and freedom. It’s illogical to import people from cultures where some, many, or most individuals hate America and want to destroy everything we stand for. (When considering this issue, one should also keep in mind the 3 stages of jihad.)

Numbers matter for the Hijra!

Read it all.

Refugee contractor Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society re-brands, drops the “Hebrew” ….

.…and moves its headquarters closer to Washington so as to be closer to the federal money it depends on for survival.  It will also boost its advocacy role with Congress and federal agencies.

Hetfield: The word “Hebrew” is so outdated, like using the word “colored” to refer to African Americans.

They will go by the name HIAS, Inc instead of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society which is probably better anyway since they have so many Muslims to resettle (who probably got skittish when they heard the word “Hebrew”).  One of nine major federal refugee contractors***, HIAS wants the US to resettle 75,000 Syrians (who will be mostly Muslims) over the next five years.

From Washington Jewish Week (hat tip: Michelle).  Emphasis is mine:

The announcement last week that HIAS, the century-old Jewish immigrant and refugee aid organization, will relocate its headquarters from New York City to Silver Spring is just another sign that the Jewish organizational universe is changing.

Once known as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the agency has responded to the end of Jewish refugee immigration into the port of New York by refocusing on refugee advocacy Washington, D.C.

In doing so, HIAS is joining an exodus of religion-based immigrant agencies, said Mark Hetfield, HIAS president and CEO.

“All of us started in the Ellis Island days when almost all immigrants came through New York and all migration organizations and refugee organizations were based in New York,” he said. “Then, over the 1990s, that gradually started to change, and now five of the nine refugee organizations [sanctioned by the U.S. State Department] are already based in the Baltimore-Washington area.”

Those organizations include: Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Service (LIRS), World Relief (Evangelical), U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC), U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops, Church World Service (mainline Protestant), Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM), and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

In the Jewish community, HIAS’ shift is part of a growing trend of organizations shedding old identities when their original missions have been filled. That often includes streamlining names to avoid referring to those outdated missions. Most people already commonly refer to the Anti-Defamation League as the ADL, and years ago, the American Jewish Committee rebranded itself as the AJC, not to be confused with the American Jewish Congress.

Hetfield said that one of the motivations for the upcoming move was a belief that HIAS could have a greater impact by being closer to Congress, the State Department and other federal agencies where immigration and refugee policy is made.

Although HIAS already has a small advocacy contingent in Washington, bringing the leadership, experts and program staff to the area is intended to better assist this advocacy wing shape immigration and refugee policy, he said.

According to Charity Navigator, which gives HIAS its highest rating for transparency and accountability, 65.3 percent of the agency’s annual budget of $25 million comes from government grants – from the State Department, the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  [When we started RRW 7 years ago, no mention was ever made of the amount of federal money these contractors lived off of by any mainstream publication—wow!—ed]


HIAS’ expansion and rebranding included making the group’s acronym its official name. Hetfield said the word “Hebrew” is exclusionary and outdated, much as the word “colored” is to refer to African Americans.

There is much more, read it all.   And, reader Michelle sent other related links that you can see as comments to this post.

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Who is next?  Will the US Conference of Catholic Bishops become the USCCB? Will Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services become LIRS?  Or, how about Church World Service, just CWS, so as to keep their Muslim “clients” mollified? And, to assure those government grants keep coming (so they can continue to lobby with your money and no one will raise the issue of separation of church and state)?

***For those readers arriving here for the first time, these are the nine major federal resettlement contractors which are in control of refugee resettlement in America:

Pope: reject “selfishness” (do as I say, not as I do)!

Oh this steams me!  This is why there are so many fallen-away Catholics!

Cry me a river!

The Pope on Christmas lectures us on rejecting selfishness and on helping refugees (mostly created by Muslim conflicts), but doesn’t call out Islam and then never says boo! about the Catholic Church taking money from unsuspecting American taxpayers for its ‘charitable good works.’

I don’t have time today to run through the litany of the political and financial entanglement of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (which gets most of its “migration” money from the US Treasury) with the government, and now, to top it off, it appears the Pope has stuck his nose into our dealings with Communist Cuba.

From WLWT 5:

The pontiff appealed for compassion for refugees “so that all who now are suffering may receive the necessary humanitarian help to overcome the rigors of winter.”  [Fine, then sell some of the Church’s assets—your assets—and send the money to Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey for refugee care in those countries!—ed]


The Pope has used his influence as the spiritual leader of all Catholics around the world to affect political outcomes this year. He played a key role in a historic breakthrough in U.S.-Cuba relations this month and urged religious tolerance during a visit to Turkey in November.  [Big deal—urging tolerance in Turkey—words are cheap!—ed]


Francis called on Christians to embrace their faith and reject selfishness.

I call it selfish on the part of the Catholic Church to take money out of the hands of some struggling American who might be working two jobs to send his kids to college so that the Church can look like big-shot humanitarians!

By the way, this Pope is complicit in the tragic ‘invasion of Europe’ on-going now, here.  How many refugees could live off the largess at Vatican City?