Pope: reject “selfishness” (do as I say, not as I do)!

Oh this steams me!  This is why there are so many fallen-away Catholics!

Cry me a river!

The Pope on Christmas lectures us on rejecting selfishness and on helping refugees (mostly created by Muslim conflicts), but doesn’t call out Islam and then never says boo! about the Catholic Church taking money from unsuspecting American taxpayers for its ‘charitable good works.’

I don’t have time today to run through the litany of the political and financial entanglement of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (which gets most of its “migration” money from the US Treasury) with the government, and now, to top it off, it appears the Pope has stuck his nose into our dealings with Communist Cuba.

From WLWT 5:

The pontiff appealed for compassion for refugees “so that all who now are suffering may receive the necessary humanitarian help to overcome the rigors of winter.”  [Fine, then sell some of the Church’s assets—your assets—and send the money to Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey for refugee care in those countries!—ed]


The Pope has used his influence as the spiritual leader of all Catholics around the world to affect political outcomes this year. He played a key role in a historic breakthrough in U.S.-Cuba relations this month and urged religious tolerance during a visit to Turkey in November.  [Big deal—urging tolerance in Turkey—words are cheap!—ed]


Francis called on Christians to embrace their faith and reject selfishness.

I call it selfish on the part of the Catholic Church to take money out of the hands of some struggling American who might be working two jobs to send his kids to college so that the Church can look like big-shot humanitarians!

By the way, this Pope is complicit in the tragic ‘invasion of Europe’ on-going now, here.  How many refugees could live off the largess at Vatican City?

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