Bosnian refugee murdered by thugs in St. Louis, MO

So can we expect Eric Holder to head on out to St. Louis now to comfort the family of the murdered man?

Tributes laid at the scene of the murder.


The murder victim’s family believes that  32-year-old Zemir Begic was targeted by the black thugs because of his ethnicity. It is possible. Just checking our archives and I see we have reported other refugees murdered in St. Louis in recent years.  Go here, for those posts.

African Americans don’t always take kindly to the arrival of refugees dropped off in their neighborhoods.  Isn’t diversity grand!

And, who knew that St. Louis had 70,000 Bosnians living in the vicinity?  Clinton brought them to the US to work for his meat packing buddies, remember this post?

Here is the story that was the subject of much discussion today on Fox News and on talk radio.

From the Daily Mail (hat tip: pungentpeppers):

Police in St Louis have made a third arrest in connection to Sunday’s deadly hammer attack on a Bosnian immigrant, charging a 17-year-old as an adult in the slaying.

The arrests of the youths – among them two black teens and one Hispanic – in the death of 32-year-old Zemir Begic came as city officials struggled to tamp down speculations that the killing of the Bosnian man may have been motivated by race or somehow related to the ongoing unrest in Ferguson.

‘There is no evidence that this was a crime occasioned by the race or ethnicity of the victim,’ St Louis Mayor Francis Slay said in a statement Monday.


Zemir Begic, 32, a South City resident of Bosnian descent, was driving home with his newlywed wife at around 1.15am when police say a group of teenagers approached his car and began vandalizing it.

Begic emerged from his vehicle to try and stop them, at which point the teenagers allegedly attacked him with hammers, striking him in the head, face and abdomen.

The motorist was taken to an area hospital, where he died from his injuries a short time later. His wife escaped unharmed after her husband reportedly shielded her from the attackers with his body.

His family must have been part of Clinton’s gift of cheap labor to Tyson Food, other meatpackers

The family emigrated from Bosnia to the United States in 1996 and settled in Utica, New York, before moving to Waterloo, Iowa, said Begic’s sister from her home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

‘He loved America,’ she said.

‘We come from Bosnia because we were getting killed and our homes and families were getting destroyed. Never in my life did I think he would get murdered.’

Begic had lived in Arizona as well before moving to St Louis, and had married his wife only months before his murder.

With a population estimated to be around 70,000, St Louis has the largest community of Bosnians outside of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

There is an additional article here which says the Bosnian community has taken to the streets in protest.

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