Daniel Pipes: Sweden opting for suicide by immigration?

That’s a good way of asking what our reporting for years seems to be leading to for Sweden.  Yesterday Daniel Pipes writing at National Review Online reports on how close the Swedes are to committing cultural suicide.


Woe to anyone in Sweden who dissents from the orthodox view that welcoming large numbers of indigent peoples from such countries as Iraq, Syria, and Somalia is anything but a fine and noble idea. Even to argue that permitting about 1 percent of the existing population to emigrate annually from an alien civilization renders one politically, socially, and even legally beyond the pale. (I know a journalist threatened with arrest for mild dissent on this issue.) Stating that there exists a Swedish culture worth preserving meets with puzzlement.

Daniel Pipes: Before too long, the supreme issue of national suicide might actually be discussed. Photo: http://www.rightweb.irc-online.org/profile/pipes_daniel

And yet, the realities of immigration are apparent for all to see: welfare dependency, violent bigotry against Christians and Jews, and a wide range of social pathologies from unemployment to politically motivated rape. Accordingly, ever-increasing numbers of Swedes find themselves — despite known hazards — opting out of the consensus and worrying about their country’s cultural suicide.

Efforts by the immigration restrictionists—Sweden Democrats—to debate immigration are being squashed from both the political left and the so-called political right.  I say woe to those countries without freedom of speech (no matter how unpopular the words are) because it leaves no place else to go but toward civil unrest and ultimately violence.

Maybe we should thank Sweden for helping the rest of us see and understand the lesson.

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Back in 2013, we posted on an extremely good idea presented by Mr. Pipes—Let refugees stay in their own cultural zones.

Why won’t they?  Because Mohammed told them to MIGRATE!

See our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ series, here.  Do you find it as puzzling as I do that there is so little mainstream media news coverage in the US of the on-going invasion of Europe?  Or more accurately, there is some coverage of individual issues and incidents, but no one really tying it all together and placing the blame squarely where it needs to be—on out-of-control Muslim migration.

Letter writer: Refugee resettlement an affront to States’ Rights

This letter to the editor from the Battle Creek Enquirer showed up in my alerts today.  I’m posting it for a couple of reasons.  First it raises that all-important point of States’ Rights and whether the federal government has the authority to simply drop off refugees to be cared for on the state and local taxpayers’ dime.

And, I’m posting it to remind readers to express your opinion publicly.  It won’t do any good to be well-read and knowledgeable about the immigration crisis we face and then do nothing about it.  While we still have free speech, use it, as this writer has done!  Figure out some way to reach new people every day!   [For the record, I do not know Patricia Cavanagh, but I am thankful to her for speaking out!]

From the Battle Creek Enquirer (Letter: Resettling Syrian refugees brings our ruin):

On Dec. 9, the State Department website reported the United State plans to lead in resettling Syrian refugees. “We are reviewing some 9,000 recent UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner Refugees) referrals from Syria. We are receiving roughly a thousand new ones each month, and we expect admissions from Syria to surge in 2015 and beyond.”

They are to be put on a fast track to citizenship and able to get their families here under The Refugee Act of 1980, signed into law by President Jimmy Carter. The cost is $2 billion per year and could cost $10 billion per year. Why hasn’t the news media disclosed these facts?

President Theodore Roosevelt said, “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.”

Oklahoma, Texas, Montana and Utah each passed laws declaring their states sovereign and not under the federal government directives. We the people should remind our state legislators of our rights given to us by the 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

Patricia Cavanagh


Editor’s note:  Sadly, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah are all big refugee resettlement states, Texas is the largest, so are they all talk and no action about reserving their sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment

Calling all lawyers!  To my knowledge, no one has ever challenged the federal refugee program (where the UN is choosing our refugees!) on Constitutional grounds.  We need some conservative legal group to step up!

Syrians in Cyprus: How These People Operate!

Editor’s note: Thanks to reader ‘Pungentpeppers’ for pulling together some important information for us in this guest post.

Their demands and signs like these will surely endear them to the people of Cyprus and Europe (not!). Photo and story: http://cyprus-mail.com/2014/12/30/refugees-say-theyre-at-breaking-point/#prettyPhoto


Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Cyprus say that they are “at a breaking point”.  You might remember hearing about them.  In September, 337 of them were headed – illegally – to Italy when their boat broke down.  The passengers described their ordeal, “We spent days at sea with no food and no water. There were so many people on the boat. We called it the journey of death.”

You would think that they would be grateful for being rescued.  They weren’t.  A passing cruise liner rescued them and took them to the nearest port, in Cyprus.  That’s when the group from Syria threw their first hissy fit.  They refused to get off the ship and demanded that the crew take them to Italy.  It did not matter that there were hundreds of paying passengers on the ship who had to get to their destinations.  They would not relent – until an elite group of Cypriot riot police arrived in force.

Since then the group have been enlightening the public about their financial dealings.  Some paid as much as $8,000 (6,400 euros) each for their first illegal boat rides.  Others, including children, paid $6,000 (4,900 euros).  You would think that perhaps they might have figured out that paying a lot of money to a lawbreaking smuggler is not a good idea.  But about two weeks ago, several from the group gave one of their own around $5,000 (4,000 euros) each after he promised he could get them off Cyprus and into mainland Europe. They had collected the sums from their apparently well-off relatives in Syria and Europe.  The would-be smuggler, however, disappeared along with the money. [I wonder which European country he went to?]

The group – who are staying in tents at a former military camp – are not happy campers.  One member of the group hung himself recently.  Only about 20 agreed to remain in Cyprus.  The rest are still holding out for Europe.

The other day, the group organized a demonstration with signs written in English.  One sign, “We want to live in safe country”.  Another sign goes further “We want the freedom of choose the country in which we want to live”.  (Ah, they must be Soros’ “globalists”!)  One protester complained that they cannot afford the fees to apply for residency in Cyprus.  That’s 70 euros or $85 – small change compared to $8,000 and perhaps an additional $5,000 apiece that these people paid before.  Why don’t they call their relatives again?

Members of the group complained that they expected to stay in hotels in Cyprus – not tents.  One woman, when she saw the tents, fell on the ground crying and shouting saying “we ran from death and now we were will endure a slow death, here at the camp”.  If they don’t like the tents, since they have thousands of dollars and apparently rich relatives, why don’t they pay for hotel rooms?  It’s the slow season in Cyprus and prices are low.

Yet, they still hold out for Dreamland Europe.  I hate to break it to them – but there is no housing there either.  Germany with its freezing climate is putting refugees in shipping containers.  The Swiss house asylum seekers underground, many to a room, in military bunkers.  In Sweden – unless you are willing to go to the far north – you will likely wind up sharing a kitchen and sleeping in a tiny apartment along with several other families.  In France, in places like Calais, you can find refugees living exposed to the elements, cooking and sleeping in tent camps.  [Take a look at this advertisement for one such accommodation.  It’s in French but has photos.  The amenities include neither water, nor electricity, but it offers a good view of the Calais “jungle”. Your bed is a scrap of carpet, your dining table is a shipping pallet.]

Somali woman lived on a bench!

And in Britain, times have changed.  Perhaps formerly a refugee could hope to get a council house.  Nowadays, due to massive immigration, housing has become a sorry situation.  Many people rent beds in garden sheds – or sleep in caravans.  Many others are homeless.  This year, one older Somali woman was reduced to living on a bench for nine months, while she was holding out for a council house.  [She used an umbrella for when it rained.]  Finally, one day when she was hospitalized, the local government removed even that small misused bit of accommodation.  See that story here at the Guardian.

We have an expression in the U.S., “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”.  The Syrians should consider making lemonade.

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