Daniel Pipes: Sweden opting for suicide by immigration?

That’s a good way of asking what our reporting for years seems to be leading to for Sweden.  Yesterday Daniel Pipes writing at National Review Online reports on how close the Swedes are to committing cultural suicide.


Woe to anyone in Sweden who dissents from the orthodox view that welcoming large numbers of indigent peoples from such countries as Iraq, Syria, and Somalia is anything but a fine and noble idea. Even to argue that permitting about 1 percent of the existing population to emigrate annually from an alien civilization renders one politically, socially, and even legally beyond the pale. (I know a journalist threatened with arrest for mild dissent on this issue.) Stating that there exists a Swedish culture worth preserving meets with puzzlement.

Daniel Pipes: Before too long, the supreme issue of national suicide might actually be discussed. Photo: http://www.rightweb.irc-online.org/profile/pipes_daniel

And yet, the realities of immigration are apparent for all to see: welfare dependency, violent bigotry against Christians and Jews, and a wide range of social pathologies from unemployment to politically motivated rape. Accordingly, ever-increasing numbers of Swedes find themselves — despite known hazards — opting out of the consensus and worrying about their country’s cultural suicide.

Efforts by the immigration restrictionists—Sweden Democrats—to debate immigration are being squashed from both the political left and the so-called political right.  I say woe to those countries without freedom of speech (no matter how unpopular the words are) because it leaves no place else to go but toward civil unrest and ultimately violence.

Maybe we should thank Sweden for helping the rest of us see and understand the lesson.

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Back in 2013, we posted on an extremely good idea presented by Mr. Pipes—Let refugees stay in their own cultural zones.

Why won’t they?  Because Mohammed told them to MIGRATE!

See our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ series, here.  Do you find it as puzzling as I do that there is so little mainstream media news coverage in the US of the on-going invasion of Europe?  Or more accurately, there is some coverage of individual issues and incidents, but no one really tying it all together and placing the blame squarely where it needs to be—on out-of-control Muslim migration.

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