Happy New Year! Refugee Resettlement Watch annual roundup—best year yet!

I can hardly believe it!  In mid-2015 Refugee Resettlement Watch will turn eight years old and interest in the subject is growing exponentially.  Thanks to all of you who visit every day for making this our best year ever in terms of the number of readers!

We’ve posted a lot too—964 posts—which brings our total number of posts since 2007 to 6,185.  WordPress sends a year-end review and noted that our longest posting streak (without missing a day) was January 1-March 11, 2014.

Recently I am happy to report, as I did a few days ago, that interest is growing in the posts on where to find information about what is happening in your US cities.  Of course, the next step is taking your interest and developing strategies to get active politically!  I have some ideas I hope to share with people as I take advantage of opportunities to speak publicly.  Coming soon!

October 2014 was our best month ever.  As I said, by far 2014 has been our best year ever as the number of visitors almost doubled from January 2014 to December 2014.

These are the posts that received the most views in 2014.  (Our fact sheet, here, was the most visited and shared link by a huge margin, but technically it is considered a page rather than a post.)

Top ten countries from which visitors arrived at RRW (in descending order and not including the US).  WordPress tells us that we had visitors from 208 countries!






South Africa





And, coming in at number 11 is tiny Malta, which we write about frequently, as it takes the brunt of the invasion of Europe (and because the US State Department is scooping up its illegal aliens to bring to your US city)!

You can visit our blogging category (especially if you are a new reader) where in previous weekly updates we give you information on how to find what you are looking for here at RRW (among our 6,000 plus posts).

2015 Appeal!

Please find your niche and communicate your concerns, your research, your ideas through a blog of your own (I can’t post everything every one sends me, heck, I can’t even read everything, even on this one narrow issue!), or communicate through other forms of social media. Write letters to the editor in an effort to get out of your own circle of like-minded people.   As long as we still have freedom of speech please, please use it.   Sorry to be so blunt, but don’t be lazy and don’t be scared!

If your talent isn’t researching and writing….

Get involved politically, especially on a local level.  When you have an opportunity, bend the ear of your Washington representatives, but, for goodness sakes, when your local mayor speaks up about how your community can’t manage the numbers of needy refugees and immigrants arriving in your town—defend the mayor!  Form (or join) a local grassroots group!  Run for local office!

This week Daniel Pipes wrote about Sweden’s suicide by immigration.  We are on the same track, it will just take us a little longer to get to the breaking point.

Don’t dismiss that European immigration crisis as ‘over there.’  It is here too!  Again, even if your time is limited, please find your little piece of the battle to save America and work on it every day—just for an hour if that is all you have.

And with that…Happy New Year (and get to work)!

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