Top dozen US states that “welcomed” Somali refugees since 2004

Update!  Unbelievable!  Somali youths want $4 million in Minnesota state funds to help fight terrorist leanings among their fellow Somali-Americans.  Kind of sounds like extortion doesn’t it!  (Thanks to ‘Pungentpeppers’ for spotting it)

As the world is mesmerized this morning by news from France—about French Muslims (parents were welcomed by France) who thumbed their noses at French generosity and became trained jihadists in the Middle East—and who then rewarded their adopted country by bringing carnage to Paris, I thought it would be timely to tell you about the potential problem for the US.

Not me! Follow links for the whole story!

The US has also exported jihadi fighters mostly from the Somali “community” in Minneapolis.  Just last month word spread that one more of those fighters died in battle, but where are the others?  Does the US have a plan to stop them if they attempt to return to American soil?  And, don’t you wonder why the French didn’t stop the Islamic killers as they returned to France?  Is political correctness killing them?

In the last week I came across the numbers for how many Somali refugees the US State Department and its contractors (mostly ‘religious charities’—ha! ha!) have brought to America at the UN’s direction since 2004.

Minnesota can thank Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and World Relief MN (now Arrive Ministries).  If you are visiting RRW for the first time, know that these ‘religious charities’ are almost completely funded by your tax dollars!

Below are the dirty dozen states whose political leaders never said a word as Somalis were dropped off. 

The number in parenthesis is the number arriving since 2004.  You can visit our older post, here, for the numbers of Somalis resettled over the last 30 years.   We have already resettled 2,801 in this fiscal year (2015)!

Remember!  Large numbers of Somalis would not have ‘found their way’ to America without the US State Department and Christian and Jewish federal contractors!***

The total since 2004 was 79,266!

1.  Minnesota (13,010)

2.  Ohio (6,318)

3.  Texas (6,041)

4.  New York (4,517)

5.  Arizona (4,457)

6.  Washington (3,782)

7.  Georgia (3,692)

8.  California (3,087)

9.  Missouri (2,564)

10.  Tennessee (2,537)

11.  Massachusetts (2,522)

12.  Utah (2,367)

If you are interested in the number your state received, then send a comment and I’ll look it up.  In a previous post this morning we gave you the number for Kentucky.

*** The nine major federal contractors:

Temporary protected status extended for Syrians; let’s hope they are dumb

Just paddle on over from Canada!

The Center for Immigration Studies has another winner this week.  Yesterday we reported that CIS has produced a new study about the huge number of Muslim immigrants entering the US, and this time, CIS writer David North describes an easy way for Syrians to get into the US and then apply for Temporary Protected Status—a ridiculous LEGAL immigration avenue that is anything but temporary.

Here is North at CIS:

It is 11:36 a.m. on Monday, January 5, 2015. You are Ali Abdullah, a Syrian who desperately wants legal status in the United States but has been refused a visa. You have just seated yourself for an early lunch in Kingston, Canada, on the northern edge of Lake Ontario.

As you wait for the waiter, you check your laptop for the latest immigration news from the States (you had foresightedly asked USCIS to send you bulletins, as I have done).

And there it is – the announcement that the U.S. will offer legal status (Temporary Protected Status, or TPS) to all Syrian Nationals who can claim “continuous residence in the United States since January 5, 2015″.

You rub your eyes and check the date on the lower right-hand corner of the laptop and find that today is, in fact, January 5, 2015, and that you have 12 hours and 24 minutes to get into the US so that you can claim TPS……

Read it all, it is really quite amusing (sort of!).  Let’s just hope all of those who are eligible for all Temporary Status designations aren’t as smart as Mr. North.

By the way, those with TPS status can work and do anything an American citizen can do except vote (and they are probably doing that too!).

The next time you hear someone say, “I’m all for legal immigration, it is illegal immigration I have a problem with,” tell them they don’t know what they are talking about!

Diversity is strength alert: They eat camels in Kentucky!

Ahhhh!  More beautiful diversity, this time from Louisville, KY where Somalis bring in Halal camel meat for the growing Somali population.

From the Journal-Courier (emphasis mine):

The day you get eaten in Kentucky? Image here:

Between 160 and 200 pounds of frozen camel meat goes out the door every week at the Global Food Market, a tiny grocery on Eighth Street downtown.

That is where storekeeper Osman Ibrahim sells the 2-pound tenderloin camel roasts from his freezer case at $6.99 per pound. Store customers, who are largely Somali immigrants in Louisville, stew or slow-braise the camel, he said.

In Somalia, “camel is something you eat every day,” said Ibrahim, who emigrated to the U.S. from Mogadishu and started his ethnic grocery in Louisville eight years ago.  [I guess this store is accepts food stamps–ed]

The boneless camel comes frozen from Australia, where the animals are slaughtered according to Halal customs, which are Muslim standards for food preparation, he added.

See a description of Halal slaughter methods in Australia, here.  Not so great for the animal in some situations.

Where is PETA?  Are they on the Halal slaughter case here in the US?  Does anyone know?

How many Somalis were resettled in Kentucky since 2004? 

I recently discovered these numbers—1,833!  1,605 of them went to Louisville!  I did not think it was going to be that high.  And, that number is only those directly resettled there from Africa and elsewhere. It does not include ‘secondary migrants’ who moved to Kentucky after being resettled in another state.  I guess this means that there are now enough camel-eaters to make it economically feasible to import Halal camel meat!

By the way, see our recent hot post to learn more about who is doing the resettling in Kentucky.

Kentucky is a Wilson-Fish state which means the state government of Kentucky has no say over what happens with the program—it is run exclusively by ‘religious’ contractors and the federal government.

Our Kentucky archive is here.



Aderholt bill would block Obama amnesty; make it easier to send ‘unaccompanied minors’ back to Central America

I’m told that consideration of a bill by Rep. Robert Aderholt is moving fast, so I urge you to contact your member of Congress today in support of the Aderholt bill.

Thank goodness for Alabama, the home state of Senator Jeff Sessions.    How about Sessions for President in 2016!

From the Washington Examiner (hat tip: Cathy):

Republican Rep. Robert Aderholt wants to stop Obama from circumventing the Constitution!

On Tuesday Republican Rep. Martha Roby filed a bill, the “Prevention of Executive Amnesty Act of 2015,” to block President Obama’s unilateral action on immigration. Now, another House Republican has filed another proposal — this one more far-reaching — that would stop the president’s plan to offer quasi-legal status to millions of illegal immigrants.

The new bill, the “Repeal Executive Amnesty Act of 2015,” is from Rep. Robert Aderholt, who, like Roby, is from Alabama. The 44-page measure “not only defunds the president’s actions towards amnesty but also removes the president’s discretion in the ability to grant work permits, Social Security, and other federal benefits that go along with his order,” Aderholt said in a press release Wednesday. In addition, the proposal will “put limits on the president’s future ability to enact such wide-reaching actions that circumvent the Constitution’s separation of powers,” Aderholt said.

Continue reading and learn more about the bills, here.  Then this:

Finally, the bill would amend the 2008 law known as the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, which allowed the relatively quick return of unaccompanied minors*** who enter the United States illegally from Canada or Mexico, but set up elaborate and lengthy procedures for children who come to the U.S. from non-contiguous countries. (Almost none of the children and adults who surged across the U.S. border illegally from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador last summer have been returned.) Under the Aderholt bill, they could be sent back to their home countries more quickly.

The Aderholt and Roby bills present the House Republican leadership with a choice. Should the GOP propose a limited, specific measure to rescind only the president’s action of last November? Or should it do that and in addition undo more of the damage the president has done to immigration enforcement during his six years in office? Right now, there’s no indication of the leadership’s preference.

Another test for Boehner and the boys!

NumbersUSA is urging action.  See what they say here.

Call your Representative, tell your House Member to support the Aderholt Repeal Executive Amnesty Act of 2015!

***See all of our coverage of the ‘unaccompanied minors’ controversy, going back years, here.