Europe’s problems with Muslim migration and Islamic terrorism keep the news media hopping

Invasion of Europe news……


First anti-Islam march in the Czech Republic last Friday. Photo: AP Photo/Petr David Josek

There is so much news now coming out of Europe, I couldn’t possibly post individually on each item (I originally had about 5 or 6 stories).  The next best thing is to give you just a taste of what is happening with this round-up.  Thanks to several regular readers who sent these stories, and special thanks to ‘Pungentpeppers’ for sending a whole bunch more this morning.

Think about it, all of these hot news stories have some connection with migrants and ‘refugees’!


We reported that PEGIDA was shut down in Dresden this week (here), but marches went on in other cities.  The PEGIDA marchers were far-outnumbered by those who want more Muslim immigration to Germany, here at the UK Telegraph.

Czech Republic

Czechs grapple with Islam and Syrian refugee issue, here at Deutsch Welle.  And, hundreds rally in Prague against Islam, here.


Denmark holds first PEGIDA (anti-Islamification) rally.  News at France


Authorities will not release three Iraqis detained some time ago claiming that they were developing a terror plot for the Islamic State at


Blogger says it was a Somali Muslim who hacked two non-Muslims to death with an ax from End Times Trumpet.  Also, police monitor social media for anti-immigrant sentiment in wake of slaughter, here.


Fear in Sweden as unaccompanied minors (most likely teenaged boys) flood into Sweden.  See the news at The Local.


Belgium deploys troops in the streets and Greece arrests four in foiled plot from SkyNews.  Migrants and asylum seekers plan their own march from Brussels to Antwerp in February, here.


In Perugia, a group of five migrants kicked a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, broke it to pieces, and then urinated on it (Israel News).  More details here if you read Italian.


Spanish police have arrested two Cameroonian migrants who killed as many as 10 people by pushing them off a boat full of migrants that was caught in bad weather as it was headed towards Spain. The killers believed that a Nigerian priest on board caused the stormy seas.  More at Euro Weekly News.

Check it out, France takes the prize for the most fighters it has supplied to the jihadists in Iraq and Syria! Consequently it may have the most coming home to show off their new skills.


Incredibly, the New York Times allows Marine Le Pen to tell her story.  And, in Calais about 150 illegal migrants were overcome by fumes from a fire they started, here, in French.


Prime Minister says Hungary is a Christian nation and immigration to the EU must be slowed at


Around 200 failed asylum seekers will be evicted from garage they have been occupying (Dutch News).


Poland has set up refugee camps to accept around 180 refugees from the Ukraine who are of Polish descent, from the Aviationist. Poland doesn’t have much of an Islam problem (yet).


We have a lot of posts on Bulgaria here at RRW.  Looks like they are continuing their fence along the Turkish border in hopes of reducing the migrant flow out of Turkey at Yahoo.News.


In addition to the wife torture/murder ‘Pungentpeppers’ reported on the other day, here is another ‘religion of peace’ adherent wife killer, Naveed Ahmed, who pleaded guilty to chopping off his wife’s head last year, from the UK Daily Mail.

It sure would be one ol’ boring Europe over there if it weren’t for all the Muslim refugees and asylum seekers producing newsworthy excitement.

Our archive on the Invasion of Europe is here.

Canada must welcome more refugees with HIV, says human rights group

Since I was on the subject of refugee health and university professors in my last post, here is a story from Canada (one of few stories not discussing Islamic terrorism and immigration!).

By the way, if you didn’t know, the US refugee program admits refugees with HIV and we supply their meds in your local health departments.  I had forgotten, but we have a fairly large archive on HIV and refugees, click here to learn more.

Renu Mandhane, the program director International Human Rights Program at the U of Toronto: Canada should provide asylum and medical care to HIV positive refugees.

From Metro News:

Canadian refugee and resettlement policies are negatively affecting would-be refugee claimants abroad who have HIV or are at high risk of contracting the virus, a University of Toronto program has alleged.

The International Human Rights Program at the university’s faculty of law is launching a research project to advocate for changes on the immigration policy that has created the “designated countries of origin” list.


“Having HIV when you’re a refugee living in a camp bordering Syria is potentially a death sentence,” she said. “Canada can play an important role in the global fight against HIV by providing asylum to people affected or at high risk, and provide them with access to medical treatment.

The research project will focus on Mexico and Syria as case studies. Syria is not on the list of countries deemed to be safe, but there are many refugees on its borders that need equal attention due to the vulnerability surrounding them, said Mandhane.


The program, which recently got a $75,000 grant from Elton John AIDS Foundation, is expected to conduct field research this summer and come up with the findings next fall.

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U. of Vermont psychologists helping Bhutanese refugees with mental problems; send more refugees to Vermont!

There really isn’t much new and exciting in this story, but I’m posting it because I was interested in the small number of refugees going to Vermont, after all, Vermont’s senior Senator Patrick Leahy has, over the years, been a big pusher for more refugees and more stuff for them.

UVM psychology professor Karen Fondacaro will be busy with her Bhutanese torture victims. Here with co-founder of NESTT (New England Survivors of Torture and Trauma).

We have had many many reports of Bhutanese (really Nepali people) who were living in UN camps on the edge of Nepal until we took 80,000 of them to America in the last 6 years or so and who are now in the US in need of mental health programs.  See our Bhutanese archive with many posts on the high suicide rate among this group of refugees, some want to go home. (BTW, Reader CW recently suggested a the creation of a ‘Repatriation Fund’ for any refugee, unhappy with America, to be allowed to go home.)

From (I wondered if a Kentucky publication reported this story as a hint to start mental health counseling in KY for its burgeoning refugee population):

BURLINGTON, Vt. — The scars Ajuda Thapa carries today are emotional — the product of years living in fear, being forced from her home in Bhutan and enduring the murder of her husband during 19 stateless years before she arrived in Vermont as a refugee.

Like many others like her here, she’s helping ease the emotional trauma she suffered through a special program at the University of Vermont for the region’s refugees.


But the safety she has now didn’t do anything for the anxiety, depression and lingering emotional scars that threatened to turn her into a recluse hiding in her home. So her doctor referred her to Connecting Cultures, a program at the University of Vermont that has helped ease the emotional trauma of hundreds of others like her.

Thapa regularly attends meetings where she talks about what she experienced.

“It helps a lot to get relief from that kind of mental pain,” said Thapa, an ethnic Nepali who became stateless after leaving Bhutan in 1992.

Here are some numbers for Vermont:

Connecting Cultures organizers have found that about 65 percent of the estimated 7,000 refugees living in greater Burlington from more than two dozen countries had suffered some form of torture. [Dr. Fondacaro will be very busy!]


Thapa has struggled to deal with the emotional trauma that comes with the nearly two decades of fear and loss she experienced after being forced from her home. She is one of an estimated 1,300 Bhutanese refugees who have been resettled in Vermont, the largest single refugee nationality in the state.

Those are paltry numbers compared to many other states…

There surely needs to be a national campaign to persuade Vermonters to be more “welcoming” and to accept more refugees there, after all that would only be fair!

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