Iranian refugee in Sydney: Had Problem With the “Revealing Garments” of Australian Women

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Police at the scene where the woman was sexually assaulted in January 2014. Picture: Bill Hearne (Daily Telegraph)


A distressingly large number of sexual assault cases have been coming up in my internet news searches. The perpetrators are mostly Muslim Middle Eastern men. Some are refugees or asylum seekers. Some are well educated. However, all appear incapable of adapting to our Western society and mores. These men, in committing their crimes, may be acting on impulses rooted within their own religion and culture and upbringing – and doing irreparable harm to our citizens. Here is one such case.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran women must be covered by law. Even in the middle of summer, women wear the jet black veil called the chador in order to “protect” themselves from attack by lustful males. Uncovered Western women are portrayed as whores. Such was the society where Amir Mohebbifar, age 27, was raised. His name in Persian has a nice and pleasant meaning: “Prince of the Lover’s Light”. However, his behavior once he reached Sydney, Australia, was horrid and despicable.

Mohebbifar left Iran purportedly out of concern for himself and his girlfriend. Although he was university educated and came from a middle class family, the girl’s parents did not approve of their relationship, and he was afraid they would harm her or him. He left the girlfriend behind and joined the flood of other migrants who were traveling to Australia on smuggling boats. He arrived to Australia’s Christmas Island in March of 2013 and received a bridging visa. [At that time – not having had enough experience with Middle Eastern asylum seekers – Australia was still handing out “bridging visas”, or temporary permission to stay in the country, to migrants who arrived by boat. The practice has since been stopped.]

In Australia, Mohebbifar was increasingly out of his element. Frustrated and bored, he felt excluded, depressed and socially isolated since he did not know, and could not know, how to make friends in Australian society. He also had issues with the way Australian women dressed.

Last January (it was summer in Australia), Mohebbifar, having finished most of a bottle of whiskey, saw a 19-year-old woman headed home late at night on a pathway leading to Sydney’s Anzac Bridge. He approached her in his drunken state and asked, “Hi, are you walking home?” The young woman refused to make eye contact and walked fast to try and remove herself from the situation. She thought she had lost him, when she heard footsteps as he ran up to her and grabbed her. He then attacked her and dragged her off the path and into the bushes, where he sexually assaulted her while she was kicking and screaming and fighting and biting him. His attack lasted some 20 minutes when he suddenly stopped and started walking away. The girl called triple-zero (the equivalent to our 911) and he ran. Police arrived and, using CCTV footage, located Mohebbifar hiding under a car and sweating profusely.

Last July, Mohebbifar pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated sexual assault. The charges of sexual intercourse without consent and indecent assault were withdrawn. Sentencing was last week.

Mohebbifar told the court he had found it difficult to “adjust” to Australian women’s “revealing garments” but had been taught to “respect people”. In sentencing him, Judge Donna Woodburne said Mohebbifar had preyed on a vulnerable young woman who was simply trying to get home. “To be accosted, seized and dragged off the street by a complete stranger must have been terrifying.” She added, “She was doing nothing more than peacefully going about her business walking along public streets to go home.” “There’s a gap between the concern he felt for his Iranian girlfriend and the utter lack of concern he felt for the welfare, safety and security of his 19-year-old victim,” the judge said.

Mohebbifar trembled and cried throughout the sentencing. He was sentenced to a maximum term of eight years, and will be eligible for parole in January 2020.

He should never have left Iran!

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For our ever expanding archive on Australia, go here.   Remember that the Sydney coffee-shop terrorist was also an Iranian refugee.

By the way, the US has taken a lot of Iranian refugees in recent years and I assumed most were religious minorities.  I think I had better do a little research on how many are Muslims.

New massive refugee “crisis” developing in Africa; will it ultimately surpass the Syrian humanitarian “crisis?”

Islamic supremacists of Boko Haram kill their way across Nigeria. Why isn’t Obama droning this terrorist?

Watch for it (we sure will)—the drum roll from the humanitarian industrial complex that we need to begin resettling Nigerians in a big way.

Have you noticed a trend in who is creating refugees around the world?  Don’t you wonder why Obama can’t see it?

From International Business Times:

Boko Haram’s ransacking of villages in northeastern Nigeria during the past three weeks has caused a massive displacement of citizens who are now spilling over the borders of two neighboring countries, with the area quickly becoming the locus of one of the world’s biggest humanitarian crises. Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon are pooling military resources to fight the Islamist militant group, but their efforts have failed to stop the mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of people who are now seeking humanitarian assistance.

Read it all.

Nigeria is not presently a country from which we take refugees!

Here is a thought, maybe the Rainbow Nation would welcome their fellow Africans?

South Africa: Two dead as more “xenophobia” arises in the Rainbow Nation

“Each of us is as intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as are the famous jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa trees of the bushveld – a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.”

Nelson Mandela (1996)

For our South African readers it must be ho-hum what have we been trying to tell the world—the welcoming “rainbow nation” meme is a lie!

Black South Africans aren’t even happy with their fellow African blacks, like the Somalis.  Haven’t we been told for 20 years (more!) that it’s the white people who are evil racists in South Africa?  When it’s black hatred for other blacks, it has to have a new label—xenophobia.

Looters lined up in the Rainbow Nation—a picture is worth a thousand words.

What are the odds that this story will ever see the light of day in the western press which has for so long helped keep the Mandela mythology alive.

From GeoTV:

JOHANNESBURG: South African police said Thursday they arrested 68 people after mobs went on a looting spree of grocery stores owned by foreign nationals, including Pakistanis, in Johannesburg´s Soweto township.

The violence erupted after a foreign shopkeeper shot dead a teenager who had tried to rob him on Monday night.

“Young boys wanted to rob a shop and the owner opened fire and killed one of them,” police spokesman Kay Makhubela told AFP. “That made the community angry, and that´s what started all this.”

At least 80 shops, most of them owned by Somalis and Pakistanis, have been looted over the past three days, the police said.

A second person was killed on Wednesday night, and police said they were still investigating the circumstances.

Amid widespread poverty and unemployment, frustration in Johannesburg´s run-down neighbourhoods often boils over into anti-immigrant violence.

In 2008, deadly xenophobic violence broke out around Johannesburg townships, killing 62 people.

So who are all the “South Africans” we are bringing to America as refugees—I bet these aren’t the targeted white people!  Targeted Somalis I assume!

Who are the 496 “refugees” we have brought out of the multicultural oasis of South Africa in the first three months of Fiscal year 2015?

North American Somali Bar Association launched in Minnesota last week

Of course one wonders why they need a special bar association for their community, never-the-less if they are teaching Somalis that they must not use their clan system for meting out justice in America and must follow the US Constitution maybe that is a good thing.  However, there is no mention in this article at MinnPost about sharia lawmaybe the next public meeting will tell Somalis they can’t use that in America either!

How many special ethnic-oriented bar associations do we have in America?  I would like to know!

From MinnPost:

Attendees at the launch of the North American Somali Bar Association. Photo: Ibrahim Hirsi

On a recent cold winter night, Maya Sheikh-Salah, assistant Hennepin County attorney, stood tall before nearly 100 Somali-Americans at Safari Restaurant and Event Center in Minneapolis, passionately addressing the community about a little known topic: The U.S. criminal justice system.


The assembly last Thursday marked the launch of The North American Somali Bar Association (NASBA), birthed by Minnesota Somali legal professionals as a way to address their community’s legal needs, to inspire young African immigrants, and to provide mentoring services to current law students.

Even though the gathering was the association’s first meet-and-greet event, it presented some important lessons for many in attendance: Sheikh-Salah, a founding member of NASBA, explained what it means to have a justice system, a constitution and the many parallel branches of the justice system, among other things.

Criminal justice system is a system that’s key to the law, it’s key to the peaceful society and it’s key to a government to function well,” she said.

There is a lengthy discussion about how the clan-system of justice works and an example of why not to practice it here.  Then this:

The audience even received a brief introduction to the U.S. Constitution: “This document is the oldest and shortest constitution in the world,” Sheikh-Salah said as she held the constitution high.

She continued: “And as a matter of fact, I’m going to add, the most contemporary document. It has 7 articles, 27 amendments, 4,400 words. The United States constitution gives rights to individuals. And the presumption of innocence preserves the dignity of the individual. You’re not guilty, until proven guilty.”

For new readers who are wondering how we got so many Somalis in Minnesota, visit our 2011 post.  Minneapolis was targeted as a “welcoming” site by the US State Department and its contractors Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services of MN, and World Relief MN which has recently changed its name to Arrive Ministries resettled them there where the welfare was generous.

9,000 new Somali refugees arrived in the US in FY2014.