RRW takes a break!

But, we won’t be sunning in some warm climate!  I’ll be at a conference in St. Louis to speak about the refugee program and won’t be posting.  I’ll report on the event when I return on Sunday.

I’m telling you this so that you know if you don’t see your comments posted, or you’ve e-mailed me and get no response, you know why!

On the e-mails generally, I get hundreds every day and only have time to look at a few, so please accept my apologies if you write and don’t hear from me even when I am here.   I don’t know how to solve that problem unless I get a staff (or even an intern!) somehow.

If you are arriving here for the first time, please spend some time searching our site for news you could use.  We have over 6,000 posts and the best way to find something is to start with your city, state, or country name in the search bar.    Also, have a look at our categories and our tags for topics of interest.  See last week’s ’round-up’ for more tips on finding information here.

I’m hoping that this opportunity in St. Louis will be the beginning of a national grassroots initiative that addresses the US Refugee Admissions Program and its much-needed reform!