Authorities cancel the usual Monday anti-Islamification rally in Dresden, Germany; say organizers lives at risk

It is Monday morning and one of the first things I did was look for news about how today’s anti-Islamification march by PEGIDA was shaping up.  I’m such a cynic and so this news from NBC yesterday seems (to me) like a very easy way for Chancellor Angela Merkel to shut up those pesky demonstrators—just claim that the government is shutting it down for the ‘Right-wings’ own good (ironically to save their lives from Islamic terrorists or their Left-wing enablers).

Last week 25,000 turned out in Dresden, the highest number so far! Photo:

Actually when you think about it, if Islamic terrorists should (God forbid) kill organizers of the anti-Muslim immigration movement, the civil war might come sooner than it surely will later.

From NBC News (emphasis is mine):

German authorities canceled a march by the anti-Islam PEGIDA movement in Dresden due to a “concrete threat” against the group’s weekly gathering, officials said Sunday.

PEGIDA — or “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West” — drew 25,000 people at its last rally in eastern Germany. While some of the PEGIDA protesters are believed to be right-wing extremists, the majority are not believed to be. The group’s protests, fueled by fears that the country could be overrun by Muslims and other immigrants, have alarmed German officials.

Dresden Police said in a statement Monday that it had received information relating to a “concrete danger” in connection with PEGIDA’s weekly rally and that it was banning the demonstration and public gatherings in the city for Monday.

“Attackers were called on to intermix with the PEGIDA demonstrators in order to commit a killing of single members of the PEGIDA organizing team,” Dresden police president Dieter Kroll said in a statement. “We have to act on the assumption that there is an immediate danger to the lives of all participants in the demonstration.”

What do you bet another threat is called in next week!

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