Comment worth noting: You never answer my e-mails and tweets

Reader Marcus says I never answer his e-mails and tweets.  He does have a point and it is something I feel awful about—it is just me here and if I answered every e-mail I receive every day, I would have no time to research and write stories and I would have no life at all.

So for that I continue to apologize and to be honest it is the fact that I can’t answer all of your e-mails that every day makes me want to hang it up after nearly 13 years of continuous posting either here or at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’

Here is Marcus (he says I won’t post his comment!).  By the way, I screen comments and I am awfully slow at getting to that job too. This is from yesterday.

We need a National Mandate on forced deportations for refugees and illegal aliens.

PS.. to the lady who runs this site, thanks for never answering my tweets and email.

You’re exactly like a politician, you care nothing about the people that support you.  [Support? How?—ed]

I know you’ll delete this comment too, liberals like you don’t like criticism.

He is right about twitter. I’ve slacked off on twitter lately.  It is all just a competition for who can post the most titillating tidbits aimed at a small segment of America.

As a volunteer writer I could hang around twitter or facebook for a big chunk of the day, tweeting, retweeting, commenting and so forth, or I could research and write posts.

Now, I’ll see what I think would be something that readers might like to hear about (would find useful) and at the same time is something I want to write about (whether I have readers like Marcus or not!).

Check out RRW’s Facebook Page!

You will see pretty much what I post here, but the big difference is that lots of followers are commenting there (not so much here I think because I have to screen comments and I’m not very timely with my approvals).

So if you are someone who wants to see what other people are saying about refugees visit Refugee Info Resource by clicking here.

There is so much breaking news on refugees I’ll try to put some stories there that I don’t write about here—just now I put up John Binder’s report today about an Iranian refugee arrested near Mar-a-Lago.

There are over 49,000 followers at my page and a lot of commenting going on!  Here are three screen shots of recent posts there:


Reaching a lot of people and many are commenting!



This one from my ‘Frauds and Crooks’ blog generated 171 comments.  The Kenyan Killer, as I call him, isn’t a refugee but he is a Kenyan who shouldn’t have been here!


So if you like to interact on facebook, visit my page—Refugee Info Resource!

You can now subscribe to the NEW Refugee Resettlement Watch!

Hurrah!  A new feature has been added to this newly reconstructed Refugee Resettlement Watch—e-mail subscriptions are now possible!

(By the way, I had gotten bored and discouraged writing every day about the Refugee Program, but after being dumped by because clearly they were being pressured to shut me down, I’m even more determined to continue writing here at RRW.)

Be sure to see the right hand sidebar which features other useful information.

For example, you can click on calendar dates and see what I’ve posted on previous days.

There is information on how to reach me and on donating (thanks to all who helped bring RRW  back from the dead with your generous donations!).

Archives going back to 2007 are available and categories are restored.

If you’ve been away for a few days you will see a list of recent posts and then a second list of ‘trending’ (most popular) posts.

And, for your convenience, you can click on the image of the little blue guy behind bars and jump over to my other blog ‘Frauds and Crooks’ to see what is new there!

I’ll leave this post here on the front page for a week or so. Please send it around via social media (see icons below).  I had over 5,000 subscribers when the Speech Police censored me, so it would be great to get some of those followers back!

Thanks as always for visiting RRW!

Ann Corcoran



Refugee Resettlement Watch is back!!!

Dear readers,

I’m so excited to report that RRW has been reconstructed after it was removed without notice by my previous host——two months ago.

After working on informing and educating readers here in the US and around the world about issues related to refugee resettlement for nearly 12 years, you can imagine what a blow it was to find that the Speech Police had managed to apparently pressure into unceremoniously dumping my work and of course censoring me!

With the help of a compatriot, because I sure wasn’t capable of putting nearly 9,000 posts back into some usable format, welcome to the new RRW!

If you are a new reader, or even a long-time reader! and want to know more about how I came to be obsessed with seeing the US Refugee Admissions Program either abolished or reformed, see my ‘About’ at the top of the page.

The good news is that all the posts are here and the links back to previous posts have been reconfigured and should all be working. The categories work, as do the archives (see right hand sidebar).

More good news is that the Search function works great! Use the Search window in the upper right hand sidebar here at my new site. Type in a few key words and see what I’ve posted on that subject over the years. (LOL! I suggest that you don’t use one key word such as ‘Somalis’ or be prepared for hours of reading.)

And, the best news is that I plan to post here from time to time because there is increasingly a lot of news on refugees that I have been posting at my other blog—Frauds, Crooks and Criminals  (see all posts relating to refugees at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ by clicking here.)

The bad news is that did not send me my subscribers or most my photos/graphs/charts etc.  So you will see a photo caption in many posts, but no photo.

More bad news is that at least so far there is no e-mail subscription capability here that I know of.  So therefore, please book mark my new url which is and visit often!

***Update***  Subscriptions are now possible!  See here.

And, one more thing, there is no opportunity to comment at the moment.

***Update***  Comments are now being accepted after moderation.  But, please see rules of the road for commenting by clicking here.

My facebook page is still here at:

And, as for Twitter, (@RefugeeWatcher) I rarely post there or even visit because I got so disgusted with them messing with my account, but I continue to be grateful to all of you who post my material from time to time.

Welcome back!

Yours truly,

Ann Corcoran

(p.s. This post will be visible here on the front page for a few weeks.)

Find me on Facebook and at my other blog, Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

If you have missed news about refugees, I’m still writing about them at Frauds and Crooks and as of last night I am back up and running at Refugee Resettlement Watch’s Facebook page.

You can find the page here (48,000 likes!). I’ll post refugee news there that I might not use at Frauds and Crooks.  

See Frauds and Crooks by clicking here.

Although I’m not actively writing here at RRW, I see that hundreds of readers are still coming every day to access older posts—there are nearly 9,000 posts here spanning over a decade!  Use the search window, enter a few key words and I think you will find some useful information.