Taxpayer Funded Refugee Resettlement Contractors Doing Well even with Trump in the White House

When President Trump arrived in the Oval Office I had a lot of hope that the new Administration would begin to turn off the funding for the nine federal resettlement agencies that have been for decades monopolizing all refugee placement in the US.

But, alas, even as refugee numbers have plummeted, the contractors are still sucking down millions of federal dollars each month, in most cases on par with what they were getting during the Obama years.

And, as they complain that they have had to close offices and fire staff they are still doing well (Ha! By doing good?) and will be well-positioned to ramp-up as soon as the Dems regain the White House (whenever that is!).

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has already signaled he wants over 100,000 refugees admitted each year (a figure Obama never achieved).

Of course, it isn’t all on Trump, Congress is a major player and there is no will there to slow or reform the refugee program. Oh, some do want to ‘reform’— by expanding it!

For the umpteenth time, the flawed structure of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program has not been reformed one significant bit in the last 3 years.

What are these ‘charities’ doing with all this money?

Using data at ,*** I’ve gathered in one place the federal payout to the nine federal refugee grantees/contractors which, as I said, have monopolized all refugee resettlement in America for decades.


When looking at the screenshots below, for relative comparison of the size of the ‘non-profits,’ that number in the left hand corner is useful. It is what they received in the last twelve months from the US Treasury—the US taxpayer.

Know that FY2008 was Bush’s last year and that FY2016 was Obama’s last year in office.

Church World Service


That $45 million is what they received in the last 12 months from you, involuntarily via the US Treasury.
2008 was a Bush year. And for FY2020 remember we are only 7 months into the fiscal year which ends on September 30th.


Ethiopian Community Development Council


Don’t ask me why they show no federal funding for those previous years, they have been around for a long time.


Episcopal Migration Ministries

(This one is tricky because they have another name!)


HIAS (aka Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)


Notice that HIAS has had its best year in over a decade during the Trump Administration.


International Rescue Committee


There were additional transactions for the IRC under different duns numbers.
They are down a little under Trump, but they are up more than double what they were getting under Bush!


U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants



Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service



United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

(By the way, in addition to the monies here mostly for the refugee program, the Bishops received a whopping $400 million for Catholic Relief Services.)


The Bishops have taken a significant drop in funding since their top Obama year.


World Relief Corporation




So what are the contractors whining about, they are all still better off now than they were ten years ago.  And, they are positioned well to expand when the Dems retake the White House.

This post is filed in two categories:  Where to find information and Knowledge is Power.

*** is a relatively new undertaking of the US government that creates transparency for all of us and it was created in the Obama Administration.

Over 1000 Afghan ‘Refugees’ Flown into US in Last Four Weeks

While you have been incarcerated at home, discouraged from traveling at all, the US government has flown 1,003 so-called Special Immigrant Visa holders into the US and distributed them around the country.

On March 16th, just as the regular refugee admissions program was about to be shut down (although it wasn’t completely suspended), I made note that we were at 6,867 special refugees from Afghanistan at that point for fiscal year 2020.

As of April 13th we are at 7,870, a gain of 1,003 in that 4 week period!

Knowledge is Power VIII.

Where do I find these numbers (for readers who think I make this up!)?

Go to the Refugee Processing Center by clicking here.  This screen appears. Click on the link I have designated with an arrow and a spread sheet opens up and you can see the numbers I am talking about.  You can also see which states ‘welcomed’ them!

I’ve filed this as a Knowledge is Power post. See my whole series here.

To learn more about Special Immigrant Visas see previous posts.  

I’ve written a few posts at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ about SIVs as well, see here.

Knowledge is Power VII: ORR Annual Reports to Congress are Valuable Resources

Editor:  This is the seventh in my ‘Knowledge is Power’ series. Although there is a lot of knowledge provided here daily my goal with this series is to supply readers with sources of information so that (LOL!) I don’t have to continually answer basic questions and you can get to work where you live to help educate your friends, neighbors, elected officials and the media about the expensive, dysfunctional program that is changing America by changing the people!

Stop reading here if you don’t want to know more!  If you do, then read this post, check out the 2017 annual report and go to the category specifically set up to archive this series of posts for more information—Knowledge is Power.

The Refugee Act of 1980 requires the HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement to submit an annual report to Congress within three months of the close of the previous fiscal year (fiscal years close on September 30 of the previous year), but they perennially seem incapable of producing the document on time and often don’t publish one for years.

The Trump ORR hasn’t gotten it done on time either!

Well hallelujah, the 2017 report came out just about a week ago. 

If they followed the law we should be seeing the 2019 report by now.  By the way, I once did an analysis of those reports and when they were submitted and learned that during the Reagan and George HW Bush administrations the ORR followed the law, but when Clinton came in and Lavinia Limon (see post yesterday) became the head of the office they went off track and have never been on time since.

In FY17 the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s funding was $1.6 BILLION! 

And no where in the report did I find the cost of the US State Department’s share of the budgetary burden or the Dept. of Homeland Security share (it could be there, it usually is reported in the annual reports, but I didn’t see it).

Page 4. By the way, appropriations are made by Congress and usually dumped into big appropriations bills making it virtually impossible for a President to veto the funds for specific programs.


Again, I haven’t analyzed it carefully yet, but did have a look at the pages on welfare use and as usual it’s an eye-opener.

Of those who willingly reported in a survey for FY16 (page 20) here are some examples:

35% were on some form of cash assistance

14% TANF

16%  SSI (Supplemental Security Income, Social Security)

67% Food Stamps

24% Housing Assistance

Go to the report to see how much federal boodle the contractors get for myriad projects.

See a list of all of the annual reports.

I found them all useful when I wanted to find out how many Somalis we admitted since the program began, because, as you know if you have been using the Refugee Processing Center data (Knowledge is Power IV), that data only extends back to 2002.  Before 2002 you can do the laborious work of looking at the data provided on admissions in each annual report before 2002.

See that 2008 post about Somali numbers since the Refugee Admissions Program began. I used annual reports to find the numbers for much of it.  I was updating for awhile and I guess I better not be lazy and add 2017, 2018, and 2019 one of these days!

Again, today’s post is archived in a category set up for only this series of posts I call—Knowledge is Power.

Knowledge is Power VI: Secrecy is Standard Operating Principle for VOLAGs

Editor:  This is the next installment of my ‘Knowledge is Power’ series designed to help new readers and interested media get up to speed on how the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program works (because I simply can’t answer all of the incoming e-mails!).

As I told you in ‘Knowledge is Power I, VOLAG stands for Voluntary Agency and is the acronym favored over the years by the nine federal refugee contractors*** that monopolize all refugee resettlement in the US.

This 2012 GAO study revealed that the VOLAGs were not holding regular stakeholder meetings to consult with local agencies and elected officials.

My plan this morning was to expound on two things the VOLAGs don’t want you to know about and those are local “stakeholder” meetings and R & P Abstracts, but as I went back through literally dozens of posts over the years on those two supposed opportunities for citizens to find out what is happening to your resettlement sites, your towns (see the present sites here), I realized it is way too much for new readers to absorb.

Just know this about the quarterly stakeholder meetings that your local subcontractors are supposed to be holding in your community—you will have a helluva time getting into one!

The meetings are to ‘consult’ with various agencies that must interface with the new refugees—like the school system and the health department—but they don’t want you, the taxpayer, the ultimate stakeholder, to be in attendance.  Interestingly, they will often invite former refugees, leaders of local ethnic groups.

In ‘Knowledge is Power I’ I told you how to find your state refugee coordinator.  Call him or her and ask when the various subcontractors (call them refugee agencies) in your state will be holding their upcoming quarterly stakeholder meetings and try to get in.  The state coordinator is supposed to be the go-between for the state, the citizens and the feds (and their contractors).

If you can’t get in, if the meeting is barred to you, then make sure your county or city elected officials will be there.  If local elected officials are not attending these planning meetings, then it is a dereliction of their duty as your representative.

As a matter of fact, right now as you are contacting county commissioners about whether they will consider opting-out of the refugee program this year as part of the President’s reform initiative, ask them if they have ever attended a “stakeholder meeting.”

Use my search window for “stakeholder meetings” and see what I have said over the years.

Now to the R & P Abstracts….

You might call them planning documents that the VOLAGs must submit to the US State Department each year for your town or city.  Of course the contractors don’t want you to see them. But, they are fascinating because they actually list the amenities your community has to offer new refugees—one of my favorites is when they mention the great mental health facilities locally available.

Ask your state refugee coordinator for recent abstracts for each VOLAG working in your state.  You might get older ones, but if they give you a recent one, I would be stunned.

Or, if you know the refugee subcontractors working near you then call and ask directly for recent R & P Abstracts and when their next quarterly stakeholder meeting will be!

Just to show you how secretive the VOLAGs are, I’m posting a 2015 letter leaked to me in which contractor World Relief tells its staff to NOT give out any Abstracts to anyone who calls!

(Refugee Council USA is the lobbying arm for the refugee industry.)

From: Casey Leyva
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2015 5:07 PM
Subject: Potential Anti-Refugee Contacts

Dear Office Directors,

We’ve heard recently from other members of RCUSA (Refugee Council USA) that local affiliates have been contacted by individuals questioning the U.S. refugee program. This is a result of an interview Ann Corcoran, a blogger who runs Refugee Resettlement Watch, with a local news station in Minnesota. She has told her followers to to ask you for your R&P abstract – please do not send it. And please let us know if you are contacted.

Finally, please don’t go searching for this woman’s blog. I give you her information so you know if and when someone calls that this is the same topic. Here are Scott’s tips on interacting with these types of blogs:

Here is an important remember of how blog analytics work. Remember that what feeds the beast essentially are clicks. Ever hear the term “click-bait”? Seeing something in your Facebook feed that says “Velociraptor eats Skittles and your mind will be blown at what happens next!”, would be a dramatized example of that. In other words, while we all don’t really like anything this blogger has to say, every time we share the link, she gets a click. Bloggers have some very useful tools. They are able to tell when people read articles, what they are interested in, and what they search for on the blog. The more times this article is shared, the more the blogger will think they are onto something here and post more about it. Just as a news organization may hammer on a specific story, not because it is a great story, but because it builds up ratings and viewership. What can be done about this?

The best thing I recommend is if a blog such as this is posted by ForRefugees (Chris C.) or Refugee Resettlement Watch (Ann C.) and we believe it is worth sharing for FYI, that the person who locates it simply copy and paste the text from the blog into the e-mail. This will ensure that the clicks are limited. It will get 1 or 2 clicks from WR, versus 20 clicks. Those add up.

Casey Leyva
R&P Program Manager

7 E. Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
T 443.451.1916

Of course it made me laugh to see that they were telling their employees to NOT visit RRW because I wouldn’t get so many ‘clicks’ that way.  In fact, for me, the clicks don’t matter as RRW is not monetized (with advertising etc.).

I suspect the real motivation was to keep their staff from learning some things they might not know.

I’ve posted that letter to show you just how much the contractors want to continue to operate in secrecy—something they have enjoyed for decades.

After all, to them you are just a bunch of “deplorables” while they are the smart, elite, good people who know what is best for your community and for America.


***For new readers these (below) are the nine federally-funded refugee contractors that operate as a huge conveyor belt monopolizing all refugee placement in America.

A ‘religious’ message from CWS one of three federally funded contractors suing to stop the President’s effort to reform the UN-driven Refugee Admissions Program.

And, they do not limit their advocacy toward only legal immigration programs, but are heavily involved in supporting the lawlessness at our borders.

The question isn’t as much about refugees per se, but about who is running federal immigration policy now and into the future?  

(I plan to say this once a day from now on! Oops! I missed yesterday!)

I continue to argue that these nine contractors are the heart of America’s Open Borders movement and thus there can never be long-lasting reform of US immigration policy when these nine un-elected phony non-profits are paid by the taxpayers to work as community organizers pushing an open borders agenda.


Miami Archbishop Slams Governor Abbott; Brings Me to ‘Knowledge is Power V’

Some years ago I said I would write a post every time I saw a story about US Catholic Bishops lecturing us about “welcoming the stranger” without mentioning the millions of dollars in federal boodle they are paid to do their ‘good works.’

I haven’t written every time, but this story particularly irked me.

And, certainly, I can’t speak for Jesus Christ (as the US Bishops think they can), but I sincerely doubt he ever had in mind that his church would be living off of Caesar’s money.

Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski never mentions the Bishops federal funding. Gee I wonder why?

This morning I see that Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami is slamming Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his decision to forego resettlement for a small portion of this fiscal year.

Of course the Archbishop is playing politics and trying to keep Florida Governor Greg DeSantis from going down that same evil (in their eyes) path.

From Eurasia Review:

Miami Archbishop Promotes Refugee Resettlement


The Archbishop of Miami has emphasized the importance of welcoming refugees, and decried the decision of Texas Governor Greg Abbott not to participate in the federal refugee resettlement program.

Texas Governor Abbott is the only Republican governor so far to support the President’s efforts to reform the UN-driven Refugee Admissions Program.

“Often mentored by church volunteers and given resettlement support, refugees and their family quickly integrate into American society, finding work and making a positive contribution to their adopted country,” said Archbishop Thomas Wenski in a Jan. 16 letter to the editor of the Miami Herald.

Tomorrow is the big day when the Bishops must get their requests for MONEY into the federal government! 

“Submit proposals” means apply for taxpayer MONEY!

Resettlement agencies are preparing to submit proposals to the Office of Refugee Resettlement on Jan. 21 to continue this ministry of ‘welcoming the stranger.’ Catholic Charities look forward to local governments continuing welcoming refugees in those communities where we already serve.”


Archbishop Wenski expressed disappointment in Abbott for discontinuing Texas’ participation in the refugee resettlement program.


“As Catholics, an essential aspect of our faith is to welcome the stranger and care for the alien.”

But, where does it say that the church can extract money from taxpayers so they can act holier-than-thou and pretend they are doing Christian charity!

So here is ‘Knowledge is Power V’

Use to find out exactly how much government boodle (your tax dollars) is going to ‘religious’ charities like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

This is what I learned.

The Bishops over the last twelve months received $62.7 MILLION from you via the US Treasury for their migration programs which includes the US Refugee Admissions Program and their sweet deal to ‘take care of’ Unaccompanied Alien Children.

But, see the graph (below) and note that they are way down from the peak of the Obama years when they were really rolling in dough.

When you do your search, be aware that it might take a few minutes to figure out how the ‘non-profit’ is titled. In the case of my Bishops search I needed to spell out United States rather than enter simply US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

BTW, the Bishops get millions more dollars for other things they do, but I was only interested in their ‘refugee’ funds.

$62.7 Million is what the Bishops received over the last 12 months (to welcome the stranger).

See that their headquarters are in Washington, DC, a short walk from the US Capitol (so they can lobby more easily?)


The screenshot below shows how much of our money involuntarily went to the Bishops in FY2019, $52,867,109.


And, then see why they are hopping mad at President Trump! Their funding has been cut in half since its peak in Obama year 2016!



See what you can find!  Go to USA Spending.

I clicked on ‘Profiles’ and then chose ‘Recipients’ in the drop down.

My plan is to do this for all of the nine federal contractors in the coming days.  I did learn already that Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service did not have such a precipitous loss of federal payout.

And I learned that some of the totals are greater than those in the table I posted in ‘Knowledge is Power II.’

All previous ‘Knowledge is Power’ posts are here.

And, see that I have updated one post in the series when I found the subcontractors that benefit from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops traunch from the US Treasury.