Over 1000 Afghan ‘Refugees’ Flown into US in Last Four Weeks

While you have been incarcerated at home, discouraged from traveling at all, the US government has flown 1,003 so-called Special Immigrant Visa holders into the US and distributed them around the country.

On March 16th, just as the regular refugee admissions program was about to be shut down (although it wasn’t completely suspended), I made note that we were at 6,867 special refugees from Afghanistan at that point for fiscal year 2020.

As of April 13th we are at 7,870, a gain of 1,003 in that 4 week period!

Knowledge is Power VIII.

Where do I find these numbers (for readers who think I make this up!)?

Go to the Refugee Processing Center by clicking here.  This screen appears. Click on the link I have designated with an arrow and a spread sheet opens up and you can see the numbers I am talking about.  You can also see which states ‘welcomed’ them!

I’ve filed this as a Knowledge is Power post. See my whole series here.

To learn more about Special Immigrant Visas see previous posts.  

I’ve written a few posts at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ about SIVs as well, see here.

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24 thoughts on “Over 1000 Afghan ‘Refugees’ Flown into US in Last Four Weeks

  1. Why is this being done while every citizen is expected to stay indoors and
    there hasn’t been a damned thing about it in the news. We are always getting
    screwed but it’s happening a helluva lot more often. Gov’t overreach is way outta
    hand . People are tired of this bullshit.

    1. Thank you. I had found that photo related to our special immigrant visa holders some time ago. But, I had no idea how to find out where it was from. I’ll remove it.

  2. What government agency is behind this? How do we find who the decision level shot caller is?
    How do we find the political lineage from the bureaucrat to the political appointee?

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