Over 1000 Afghan ‘Refugees’ Flown into US in Last Four Weeks

While you have been incarcerated at home, discouraged from traveling at all, the US government has flown 1,003 so-called Special Immigrant Visa holders into the US and distributed them around the country.

On March 16th, just as the regular refugee admissions program was about to be shut down (although it wasn’t completely suspended), I made note that we were at 6,867 special refugees from Afghanistan at that point for fiscal year 2020.

As of April 13th we are at 7,870, a gain of 1,003 in that 4 week period!

Knowledge is Power VIII.

Where do I find these numbers (for readers who think I make this up!)?

Go to the Refugee Processing Center by clicking here.  This screen appears. Click on the link I have designated with an arrow and a spread sheet opens up and you can see the numbers I am talking about.  You can also see which states ‘welcomed’ them!

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To learn more about Special Immigrant Visas see previous posts.  

I’ve written a few posts at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ about SIVs as well, see here.

Afghans Living in COVID-Saturated Iran Flee Across Border, Headed Home

If you are looking at that headline and saying, so what, consider this….

We are still admitting Special Immigrant Visa holders from Afghanistan to the US—821 in March— but the average is over 1,200 for each of the six months in this fiscal year.  (Go to the Refugee Processing Center to see where I get the SIV numbers.)

Are they being tested, or required to quarantine as they are being flown into the US RIGHT NOW?

Here is the news that caught my eye this morning.  Read this and then I have a question.

From the AP and published at the Chicago Tribune:

Hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees flee from Iran’s hot zone, spreading the coronavirus

Mahdi Noori, a young Afghan refugee in Iran, was left jobless when the factory where he’d worked cutting stone was shut down because of the coronavirus outbreak. He had no money, was afraid of contracting the virus and had no options. So he headed home.

At one point, 15,000 a day were crossing back into Afghanistan!

He joined a large migration of some 200,000 Afghans and counting who have been flowing home across the border for weeks — from a country that is one of the world’s biggest epicenters of the pandemic to an impoverished homeland that is woefully unprepared to deal with it.

At the border, Noori lined up with thousands of other returning refugees earlier this month, crowded together waiting to cross. “I saw women and children on the border, and I was thinking, What if they get infected now, here?” the 20-year-old told The Associated Press.

The NYT reported in mid March that Afghans returning from India had temps taken, but that is not happening at the border of Iran and Afghanistan. And then, as we all know now, fevers do not appear in a large number of those infected. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/16/world/asia/afghanistan-coronavirus.html

The massive influx of returnees, who are going back untested and unmonitored to cities, towns and villages around the country, threatens to create a greater outbreak in Afghanistan that could overwhelm its health infrastructure wrecked by decades of war.

So far, Afghan authorities have confirmed 273 cases*** of the new coronavirus, more than 210 of them in people who returned from Iran. Four deaths have been recorded.

Afghan Health Minister Ferozudin Feroz says the virus has already spread because of the returnees. “If the cases increase, then it will be out of control and we will need help,” he said.

He and other Afghan officials expressed concern that Iran would push out the more than 1 million Afghans working illegally in the country. Iran has already barred entry from Afghanistan, preventing any who left from coming back. Iran has had more than 58,000 coronavirus cases and more than 3,600 deaths.

***This morning (4/7) Worldometer has Iran at 62,589 cases and Afghanistan has 423.

More here.

Now here is my question:

Suppose we are good American citizens and self-isolate and manage to flatten that magical curve in the next two weeks or so, what is to stop another outbreak beginning say in May or June as we bring in refugees from countries who are weeks behind us and have not yet flattened their curve (if that is even possible in Afghanistan)?

Check out that NYT story about how sick, infected Afghans are escaping hospitals to go home.

Actually my question applies to any country in the world that has not yet been widely infected.

We clean up the US and then import new cases from parts of the world that are late to the game, and end up with new pockets in states that thought they were through the worst.

Top ‘welcoming’ states for these special refugees from Afghanistan are California, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

Special Afghan Refugees Still Arriving in US Says Resettlement Contractor

Although as you know by now the arrival of refugees has all but stopped due to travel restrictions put in place worldwide.

The UN halted refugee travel a few days ago and the US State Department has reported that no new refugees will arrive now before April 6th.

However, I have been on the hunt to find out if Special Immigrant Visas are still coming in and sure enough they are.

Thanks to a reader for spotting this e-mail from Lutheran Social Services National Capital Area:

Now check this out!  They want a piece of a House goody bag! You’ve been reading that Nancy and her Democrat pals are working on a massive giveaway that apparently the refugee contractors expect to benefit from!


I have been checking the data at Wrapsnet (Refugee Processing Center) and sure enough 211 Afghans (who receive all the benefits regular refugees are entitled to) arrived this week bringing the total for the month of March (3 weeks) to 660 from Afghanistan.

That brings the overall total to over 66,000 since FY2008 when this effort to bring Afghan ‘interpreters’ to American towns began.

Although there is no data readily available on where the 211 were placed in the last week, one might expect they were placed in the usual top sites—obviously in Virginia and Maryland as LSS reported in its e-mail.

In this fiscal year (FY2020) that began on October 1, 2019 these are the top five states that ‘welcomed’ Afghan interpreters and their relatives.

California (2,697)

Texas (1,280)

Virginia (730)

Maryland (510)

Washington (489)

So, as your travel is being restricted, planes are still in the air bringing Afghans here for American taxpayers to support!

And, btw, Afghanistan has COVID-19. Are the arriving special refugees being tested?

Five Months Into Fiscal Year, 6,273 Refugees Admitted; Big Story is Number of Afghans

As you all know by now the President submitted a refugee cap of 18,000 refugees to be admitted to the US between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020 (FY2020).  Five months into the fiscal year, the number stands at just over 6,000 according to the Refugee Processing Center.

But, not counted in that number is a special category of nationals from Afghanistan and Iraq known as Special Immigrant Visa holders who supposedly worked with us during those two long wars.  They are admitted with their families and are treated as refugees, but rarely mentioned.

(Don’t miss Daniel Greenfield’s piece on the “interpreter scam” where he did a deep dive into the numbers of Special Immigrant Visa holders, mostly Muslims, entering the US.)

Another 6,221 Afghans and 146 Iraqis were admitted (as SIVs) in this fiscal year (so far) bringing the total of those given all the benefits of refugee resettlement to 12,640 in the last five months.

I think we should get used to referring to the refugee numbers that way—adding together the regular refugees and the SIVs.

Here (below) is a map showing where the regular refugees were resettled.

The top ten ‘welcoming’ states are Washington, California, Texas, New York, Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Minnesota, and Ohio.


How many Muslims?

If you are wondering how many of the 6,273 regular refugees are Muslims, the number is 1,233. There is no Muslim ban!

Top Muslim sending countries so far this year:

Afghanistan: 514

Burma: 143

Iraq: 136

Syria: 115

Somalia: 80

Special Immigrant Visas…

So as I said above, so far this fiscal year we have admitted 6,221 Afghan SIVs.

In FY19 the number was 7,703, FY18 9,651 and in Trump’s first year FY17—a whopping 16,866!

There is no breakdown of religions for SIVs, but I suspect that virtually all of the Special Immigrant Visas are Muslims. If I am right and the vast majority are Muslims then 60% of the refugees/SIVs entering the US right now are Muslim.

There is also no map for SIVs, but there is a spreadsheet at the Refugee Processing Center.

See where most of the Afghan SIVs have been placed since FY07. Out of a total admissions number of 65,916. Five states have taken on most of the financial burden of these special ‘refugees.’

California: 24,307

Texas: 9,913

Virginia: 8,849

Washington: 3,806

Maryland: 3,506

Want to dig into these numbers yourself.  See my post Knowledge is Power IV on how to use the Refugee Processing Center.


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Judge Says Trump Admin Not Moving Fast Enough Bringing in Iraqi and Afghan Special Visa Holders

SIVs are nationals of Iraq and Afghanistan who supposedly helped us during our long involvement in the Middle East.  They are most often referred to as “interpreters” but they could have done any menial job connected to our military or connected to non-profit groups operating in those countries and be eligible to come here and be given the same benefits as refugees—which means of course virtually all social services.

And, you are expected to believe that all SIVs we admit are just the salt of the earth like “Steve-O” here who was convicted of a brutal rape in CO in 2014. Real name is Jasim Ramadon and he was even a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show!  That is, before the rape that sent him to prison. https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2014/01/24/iraqi-refugee-rapist-found-guilty-in-colorado-diana-west-reports-the-story-nationally/

So the US goes to war in some hellhole country and then, admitting we didn’t leave them a better government and a safer country, Americans are expected to reach out and welcome tens of thousands of their people to the US so that the next time we go to war, the military can offer a ticket to America in exchange for our largely unwilling presence in their hellhole country.

Sorry, I do respect our military, but this is going too far.

Since October of 2006, and as of a week ago, we have admitted 64,501 Afghan SIVs and another 18,677 Iraqi SIVs and so we are being told that over 83,000 is NOT ENOUGH!

Want to see the numbers for yourself go to the Refugee Processing Center:

Cumulative Arrivals by State for Refugees and SIV Reception and Placement (R&P) Recipients – Afghan

Cumulative Arrivals by State for Refugees and SIV Reception and Placement (R&P) Recipients – Iraqi


83,000 is NOT enough says the International Refugee Assistance Project the same ‘non-profit’ law firm that has fought the Trump Administration in court on every immigration/refugee reform issue the administration has undertaken.

From the Military Times (a report that leaves readers believing that only a trickle have come in so far):

Former interpreters laud court ruling to accelerate special visa decisions

For thousands of Afghan and Iraqi nationals who served as interpreters with the U.S. military, visa applications to gain permanent legal residence in the United States have languished in legal limbo for years. Now there may be help on the way, in the form of a court ruling.


This week, however, a judge granted “class certification” to Afghan and Iraqi nationals suing the federal government for overdue visa decisions, allowing thousands of outstanding cases to be included in a class-action lawsuit.


US District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan,

Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, district judge for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, ruled in favor of the five anonymous Afghan and Iraqi nationals, “who, despite significant personal risk, aided the United States in its time of need and now look to the United States for refuge for themselves and their immediate family members.”

The federal government now has 30 days to submit a plan to adjudicate long-delayed visa applications that have been pending for more than nine months.

“We are thrilled that the judge is holding the government accountable to its obligations to the thousands of men and women who have sacrificed so much in serving the U.S. missions abroad,” said Deepa Alagesan, a supervising attorney at the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), in a press release.


Currently, a total of 22,500 visas could be issued to former Afghan interpreters through the Special Immigrant Visa program — up from the 18,500 limit — after a provision was included in the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act.

There is much more here.

Never forget! The SIV programs for Iraq and Afghanistan were created as riders to must-pass Defense authorization and appropriation bills and thus never went through the committee process to be stand-alone bills sent to the President for his signature.  Snuck on when hardly anyone was looking!

And, if you are wondering about vetting for the SIVs, here is another bunch (besides the CO rapist gang) who clearly slipped through and were busted for running an international fencing ring in California late last year.  There are probably plenty more like that they just haven’t come to my attention yet!

Mark my words, the SIV program is a ticking time bomb!