Refugee Contractor Notices Refugee Data is No Longer Available

I know, I know, it is a little hard to pay attention to peripheral issues like refugee resettlement when the future of the country is at stake in a little over two weeks (or longer if the Dems commit massive voter fraud through mail-in balloting).

However, someone has to keep a little watch on refugee admissions. After over 13 years of following the program,  I guess that is me as I drag myself from the disgusting ‘train-wreck’ news about the Biden crime family’s financial dealings in Ukraine and China.

As I mentioned here on the first of October, the State Department has decided to keep from the public major data about the refugees entering the US—data that citizens and the media have relied on for about ten years.

But, that data has not always been available to anyone who wants to look at it.  When I started writing RRW in 2007 the data at the Refugee Processing Center was password-protected and only insiders could see it.  I know because early-on a State Department official gave me one-time access to see data on Maryland.

A few years later, that data was open to the public and has remained so until now.

Refugee contractor World Relief has noticed that religion data is no longer available.  They claim they can’t check to see how many persecuted Christians are getting in. But, you can’t check how many Muslims are gaining entry either.

And, you can’t find out in which towns and cities the refugees have been placed!

From Religion News Service:

State Department refugee data on religion disappears

WASHINGTON (RNS)—The State Department no longer is making publicly available a number of statistics about refugees admitted into the United States, including their religious affiliation.

A spokesperson for the department cited two main reasons for the changes, which took place Oct. 9—the development of a new information technology system, which won’t be completed until December 2021, and concerns about privacy.

The department eventually will produce more reports after the system is completed, but the spokesperson could not confirm whether they would include religion data. Meanwhile, the “interactive reporting feature” that contained religion-related data on refugees already has vanished.

More here.  I can’t believe I have a point of agreement with a refugee contractor—World Relief.

Frankly, I see this as a move put in motion by the deep state actors that have hung on at the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration because they anticipate a Biden presidency and don’t want us to know who exactly is getting into the country as Biden has promised 125,000 in his first year in office.

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