No Word Yet on Resumption of Refugee Resettlement Stalled Due to COVID Crisis

I’m looking every day for official word from the US State Department about whether refugees will again be streaming to America after the UN/IOM shut down refugee travel in mid-March.

However, as I pointed out here a few days ago in a post that went viral, refugees have still been coming in, the spigot was never entirely closed.

But, today was the originally designated day for the flow to resume and I am seeing nothing by way of a public announcement one way or another.

You can be sure that the US State Department must have already notified their “partners” (aka paid contractors).

From Fox last month:

We will work with our implementing partners to plan for a resumption of refugee arrivals on or after April 7.

How about letting the public know, after all, we pay for it all one way or another.

And, if they are opening the refugee spigot, we need to know if tests for COVID-19 are being given before the refugee boards a near empty plane for Anytown, USA.

More people who are unemployed, hungry and in need of health care coming to America—what could go wrong!