Refugees are Still Arriving in the US, What Happened to Supposed Suspension?

All data is from the Refugee Processing Center. I gave instructions on how to use the federal data base here:

The numbers are lower, but they are still coming!

In mid March we reported that the UN’s International Organization for Migration had halted refugee travel due to the virus crisis, so imagine my surprise this morning when I checked the data for the last two weeks of March and learned we admitted 221 regular refugees and 373 Special Immigrant Visas from Afghanistan in those two weeks.

For the entire month of March we admitted 1,110 regular refugees and 844 SIVs mostly from Afghanistan that are treated just like refugees except some can choose where they want to live in the US.

So we can’t safely fly, but nearly 2,000 ‘refugees’  were being flown into the US during March.

The refugee admissions program is scheduled (so far) to resume this week after April 7th, but it never really stopped!

Here is where the 1,110 were placed in March:

Top ten ‘welcoming’ states are:  TX, OH, NY, IL, WA, KY, MA, CA, MO, and TN.


Now see this map (below) for where the 221 regular refugees were placed since the supposed suspension of travel.  They must have been transported across America on near empty flights.


The vast majority of the arrivals in the last two weeks are from the DR Congo (161).  See my post about how many we have now taken since Obama agreed to take tens of thousands of Congolese.  We are way past 50,000 but they are still coming!

More unemployed and more hungry mouths to feed as America suffers…..

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    1. Where are you getting the 60,000??? You probably didn’t read the post carefully. Or, follow the link back to the story about how the Congolese numbers are from 2013 to the present time. And, you likely didn’t go to the Refugee Processing Center, the federal data base I did link where all the numbers come from. So maybe go back and read more carefully and follow links. Do you know how to click on the blue highlighted places that are links?

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