UN Says the Refugee Flow has Stopped, Yet US Admits 182 Since Monday!

What the heck!  We have been admitting 400-500 a week recently and so it seems we are right on schedule if 182 arrived in the last three days.

***Update March 20*** Total since Monday is now 214, presume that is it until April 6th when they expect to resume the movement of third worlders to America. We will keep an eye on it!

See my post here  yesterday.

COVID-19 News: UN Suspends Refugee Travel; However, 69 New Refugees Arrived in US Since Monday

When I checked the Refugee Processing Center this morning I expected to see the number of new refugee arrivals stalled at 69, not more than doubled!

Of the 182 ‘new Americans’ arriving just this week, 124 are from the DR Congo.

Top ‘welcoming’ states are Texas, Massachusetts, Idaho, Tennessee and Georgia.

According to contractual arrangements with the State Department, workers and volunteers for resettlement ‘charities’ must meet the new arrivals at airports and get them settled in their new apartments and sign them up for myriad welfare and healthcare programs available to them.

Guess those do-gooders will be out and about while the rest of us are told to stay home!




No Slowdown in Refugee Arrivals as Borders Close and Travel Bans Grow Worldwide

I’ve been mentioning in recent posts*** that I have seen no news about curtailing refugee arrivals as travel bans grow world wide, so I just checked the arrival data at the Refugee Processing Center and sure enough there is no slowing of refugee arrivals.

***Update*** UN suspends refugee travel for at least a few weeks so as not to expose refugees to coronavirus.


Here (below) is a map of where 1,768 refugees who arrived in the US were placed between February 15th and yesterday.

Thinking maybe a slowdown was evident if I checked the numbers for the last week, I found that we ‘welcomed’ 488 refugees to your towns and cities in the last seven days. No slowdown.  All traveled through airports in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Of the 1,768 ‘new Americans’ who arrived in the last month, the largest numbers came from the DR Congo (728) followed by Ukraine (278), Burma(136), Iraq (130) and Pakistan (50).

Top welcoming states were:  California, Washington, Texas, New York, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Georgia.



If you want to research the data at the Refugee Processing Center yourself, I gave instructions on how to do that in Knowledge is Power IV.

***See my tag for COVID-19 to find other posts on the subject here at RRW.


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CIS: US Remains Top Refugee Resettlement Country in the World; See Top US Cities

You would never know that if all you ever read is the mainstream media eager to show that Donald Trump’s America is mean while other western countries are ‘welcoming.’

From the Center for Immigration Studies:

And most likely will be in 2020, as well

New data released by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on its 2019 resettlement activities shows that the United States remains the top country for refugee resettlement. Furthermore, just like in previous years, the vast majority of refugees referred by UNHCR for resettlement in third countries in 2019 were not the most vulnerable or in urgent need of relocation. This contradicts the UN refugee agency’s constant claims that resettlement is a “life-saving tool”, a “critical lifeline” for refugees that needs strengthening. This also casts some doubt on UNHCR referral processes.


The statistical snapshot provided by UNHCR on its 2019 resettlement activities (figures are for the calendar year) has the United States as the top resettlement submission and destination country in 2019 (as it was in 2017 and 2018 under the Trump administration, see here and here):

Now see below which countries actually took in fewer by larger margins than the US.

Continue reading all of Nayla Rush’s detailed report.

How are your cities doing?

There is some very cool data on which US cities get the most refugees on a per capita basis here at American Public Media Research Lab.

I chose the data for the Top 25 US cities ‘welcoming’ 100 or more refugees each year between 2015 and 2019.  The maps are interactive so when you visit you can click on the city and learn more details.

That smashed together location in Georgia is Atlanta and Clarkston. Clarkston is the number one city in the country on a per capita basis.


Since it is such a muddle there in the Northeast, here is a blow-up of that section of the map:

You might want to go visit and see if your city is in the Top 100.

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Smallest Number of Refugees Entering the US in Last Ten Years

As you know President Donald Trump set the ceiling (as it is his right to do under the Refugee Act of 1980) at 18,000 for fiscal year 2020.

Four months into the year (the fiscal year began on October 1, 2019) we have admitted 4,686 refugees from leading sending countries of Afghanistan, Burma, DR Congo, Eritrea, Moldova and Ukraine.  Smaller numbers came from dozens of countries. About 918 of the 4,686 are Muslims.

Here is the big however—Special Immigrant Visa holders from Afghanistan numbered 4,585 in just the last four months bringing the total to 64,280 since 2006. And, those majority Muslim Afghans that supposedly helped us somehow in Afghanistan are given the same privileges as regular refugees. Iraqi SIVs numbered 129 (18,677 since 2006).

Before I get to the details of where they were all placed, don’t miss John Binder’s Friday Breitbart story where he provides the astronomical numbers of migrants coming into the US through myriad legal pathways from the President’s travel restricted countries.

See how many regular refugees were admitted to the US in the last ten years. Note that Obama didn’t set an extremely high ceiling until he was leaving office in 2016 and setting the ceiling for 2017.

Every time I see the deceivers in the media tout Obama’s 110,000 I want to scream at them to tell the whole truth! Don’t forget that the Dem candidates for President are talking 125,000 and up for their refugee importation plans.


Here is a map from the Refugee Processing Center for the first 4 months of this fiscal year.  I showed you how to find this kind of information yourself in Knowledge is Power IV.

You might want to compare this map of where new refugees are being placed right now with the map in my previous post which shows some states that don’t want any, or have not yet made a decision, but are definitely getting some.


The top five states ‘welcoming’ regular refugees (4,686) are Washington, California, Texas, New York and Minnesota.  Minnesota doesn’t usually rank this high.

The top five states that are unknowingly getting the Special Immigrant Visa holders from Afghanistan (4,585 nationally in the last 4 months) are California, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Maryland.

Using my instructions I gave you in Knowledge is Power IV, you can find the towns and cities that host new refugees. For the SIVs you can find only the states by first going here and clicking on “Cumulative arrivals…” (or see below) to find how many went to your state.

Play with the data at the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center, it is fun (sort of) as a cold winter day project!

Cumulative Arrivals by State for Refugees and SIV Reception and Placement (R&P) Recipients – Afghan

Republican Governors All Talk No Action (Memory Lane!)

Do you remember this headline only four short years ago?  Probably not.  I hadn’t, although I surely wrote about it at the time.  It was right after one of those horrible Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe and it woke from slumber some Republican governors for a few minutes.

30 Governors Call For Halt To U.S. Resettlement Of Syrian Refugees

My how things have changed.

They talked tough then (mostly because Obama was in office and they knew they had no voice), but now when the President has actually presented them with an opportunity to put up or shut up and go on record saying NO to more refugees from the Middle East and elsewhere, well now they are worried about their “workforce” and they tuck their tails and run fearing they will be perceived as mean and unwelcoming by the Dems.

Here is a very cool graphic from NPR at the time.


Nothing has changed by the way!  We bring fewer Syrians these days, but the vast majority of Syrians who do come are Muslims.

And, not just Syrians, but Iraqis, Somalis, Burmese Rohingya and literally tens of thousands of Afghans.

The vetting can’t really be improved because as Senator Marco Rubio said at the time:

“There is no background-check system in the world that allows us to find that out, because who do you call in Syria to background-check them?”

That same common sense applies to most places in the Middle East, Asia and Africa—who you gonna call?

Although I should be writing on all sorts of things on this subject, not to mention that my other blogFrauds and Crooks’ is suffering from lack of attention, I found myself rummaging around Wrapsnet (the Refugee Processing Center) and holy cow!

Four years: 19,514 Syrians!

In the 4 years since NPR posted their story (from November 17, 2015 to today December 11, 2019) we admitted 19,514 Syrians—19,514!  19,195 of those are Muslims!

Although most of those came as Obama was leaving town, 6,413 of the Syrian Muslims came in Trump’s first (partial) year with 602 since.

Here is where the nearly 20,000 Syrians were placed:

Amazing how we forget!  

Don’t miss Daniel Horowitz today at Conservative Review:

GOP governors betraying constituents by pushing refugee resettlement

He linked a list of today’s Republican Governors and so far that we know of (some might be hiding!), Republican governors of Utah, New Hampshire, Arizona and North Dakota are opposing the President (and America Firsters) on the issue of Refugee Resettlement.