From the Swamp: Libertarian Think Tank Bemoans Loss of Refugee Laborers

The Washington DC based Niskanen Center is sad to report that between Trump’s policies and the Chinese Virus the refugee numbers for fiscal year 2020 have shrunk to unimaginably low numbers.

I know it seems like an eternity ago when the President set the refugee admission ceiling for fiscal year 2020 at 18,000 the lowest ceiling ever proposed by any President since the Refugee Admissions Program became law in 1980.

The fiscal year ends on September 30th so there is no chance for any serious recovery of the numbers as the virus is not going away and there are only a little over 90 days before the year ends.  We will be watching however as September rolls around and Donald Trump sets the ceiling for FY2021!

Remember her? Linda Chavez. She is a senior follow at the Niskanen Center and a never-Trumper:

Here is the Niskanen Center described at Wikipedia as being “aligned with left-libertarian causes.”  Read about them and see what we are up against (as if extreme fake humanitarian Leftists weren’t enough of a problem).

These types are always trumpeting that the refugee program has gotten wide support on both sides of the aisle, but they never say that most Republicans who back the program do so at the behest of Chambers of Commerce and big companies looking for cheap legal labor!


2020 Sees Record Low Refugee Resettlement From COVID-19 and Previous Policy

As of World Refugee Day 2020 [June 20th—ed], the U.S. has resettled 7,684 refugees in fiscal year 2020,which began in October 2019. Since the suspension of the program, the U.S. resettled just 304 emergency cases. To compare, the FY 2019 program resettled nearly 20,000 refugees through mid-June — and that was still historically low given resettlement standards over the decades.

But the low admissions totals can’t just be considered a result of COVID-19 suspensions. President Trump limited resettlement to just 18,000 slots this year — the lowest ever. And as we detailed last year, a variety of changes to U.S. refugee policy would make reaching even the 18,000 mark highly difficult without the pandemic.

I published this mostly for their handy graph below (and because I want you to know about another well-funded swamp creature working against President Trump).

Here is just a bit of what Wikipedia says about the Niskanen Center that spun off from the Cato Institute when the Koch Brothers took control of Cato.

The Niskanen Center is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank that advocates environmentalism, immigration reform, civil liberties, and strengthening social insurance based on market principles. The center is named after William A. Niskanen, an economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan. The Center states that its “main audience is Washington insiders,” and characterizes itself as a moderate think tank.

Nearly 400 Refugees Arrive in US During Supposed VIRUS Moratorium

I know there is a lot occupying your minds in these challenging times, but just thought some of you might like to know where the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is these days.

In mid-March the UN stopped, or so they said, refugee travel worldwide due to the Chinese virus crisis, but obviously our US State Department is still admitting refugees although way below the normal numbers.

This morning I checked the data base at the Refugee Processing Center and was surprised to see that since the moratorium was announced in the middle of March we admitted 382 refugees.

134 of those came between May first and today, June first.  79 of the 134 are Muslims (THERE IS NO MUSLIM BAN).

There has been no official word that the travel restrictions have been lifted, or none I have seen I should say.

The top sending countries for May were Burma (22), Iran (18), Pakistan (16), Sudan (14) and Syria (14).   21 of the Burmese are Rohingya Muslims.

Of the 18 Iranians, only 2 are Muslim. Of the 16 Pakistanis, 11 are Muslims and all of the Sudanese and Syrians are Muslims.  6 Somali Muslims were ‘welcomed’ too.

Here (below) is a map where the 382 refugees, who have been admitted since we supposedly weren’t admitting refugees, were placed.

I’ve never seen Idaho in the top ten ‘welcoming’ states, but at the moment it is 5th.


I know the print is small so here are the top ten states which are adding refugees to their already COVID-stressed communities.

Texas (is always number one!)



North Carolina



New York




As for the Special Immigrant Visas from Afghanistan, I see that we admitted only 40 in the months of April and May when the number for March was 1,594.  After admitting 67,731 since 2007, is it possible we now have ‘rescued’ them all?

COVID in the camps?

One more thing, if you have been waiting with bated breath to hear whether the COVID “wildfire” has arrived in the big refugee camps worldwide, I can report this morning that no, the media is still waiting in anticipation of the “catastrophe” that has not materialized so far.


Refugees are Still Arriving in the US, What Happened to Supposed Suspension?

All data is from the Refugee Processing Center. I gave instructions on how to use the federal data base here:

The numbers are lower, but they are still coming!

In mid March we reported that the UN’s International Organization for Migration had halted refugee travel due to the virus crisis, so imagine my surprise this morning when I checked the data for the last two weeks of March and learned we admitted 221 regular refugees and 373 Special Immigrant Visas from Afghanistan in those two weeks.

For the entire month of March we admitted 1,110 regular refugees and 844 SIVs mostly from Afghanistan that are treated just like refugees except some can choose where they want to live in the US.

So we can’t safely fly, but nearly 2,000 ‘refugees’  were being flown into the US during March.

The refugee admissions program is scheduled (so far) to resume this week after April 7th, but it never really stopped!

Here is where the 1,110 were placed in March:

Top ten ‘welcoming’ states are:  TX, OH, NY, IL, WA, KY, MA, CA, MO, and TN.


Now see this map (below) for where the 221 regular refugees were placed since the supposed suspension of travel.  They must have been transported across America on near empty flights.


The vast majority of the arrivals in the last two weeks are from the DR Congo (161).  See my post about how many we have now taken since Obama agreed to take tens of thousands of Congolese.  We are way past 50,000 but they are still coming!

More unemployed and more hungry mouths to feed as America suffers…..

UN Says the Refugee Flow has Stopped, Yet US Admits 182 Since Monday!

What the heck!  We have been admitting 400-500 a week recently and so it seems we are right on schedule if 182 arrived in the last three days.

***Update March 20*** Total since Monday is now 214, presume that is it until April 6th when they expect to resume the movement of third worlders to America. We will keep an eye on it!

See my post here  yesterday.

COVID-19 News: UN Suspends Refugee Travel; However, 69 New Refugees Arrived in US Since Monday

When I checked the Refugee Processing Center this morning I expected to see the number of new refugee arrivals stalled at 69, not more than doubled!

Of the 182 ‘new Americans’ arriving just this week, 124 are from the DR Congo.

Top ‘welcoming’ states are Texas, Massachusetts, Idaho, Tennessee and Georgia.

According to contractual arrangements with the State Department, workers and volunteers for resettlement ‘charities’ must meet the new arrivals at airports and get them settled in their new apartments and sign them up for myriad welfare and healthcare programs available to them.

Guess those do-gooders will be out and about while the rest of us are told to stay home!




No Slowdown in Refugee Arrivals as Borders Close and Travel Bans Grow Worldwide

I’ve been mentioning in recent posts*** that I have seen no news about curtailing refugee arrivals as travel bans grow world wide, so I just checked the arrival data at the Refugee Processing Center and sure enough there is no slowing of refugee arrivals.

***Update*** UN suspends refugee travel for at least a few weeks so as not to expose refugees to coronavirus.


Here (below) is a map of where 1,768 refugees who arrived in the US were placed between February 15th and yesterday.

Thinking maybe a slowdown was evident if I checked the numbers for the last week, I found that we ‘welcomed’ 488 refugees to your towns and cities in the last seven days. No slowdown.  All traveled through airports in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Of the 1,768 ‘new Americans’ who arrived in the last month, the largest numbers came from the DR Congo (728) followed by Ukraine (278), Burma(136), Iraq (130) and Pakistan (50).

Top welcoming states were:  California, Washington, Texas, New York, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Georgia.



If you want to research the data at the Refugee Processing Center yourself, I gave instructions on how to do that in Knowledge is Power IV.

***See my tag for COVID-19 to find other posts on the subject here at RRW.


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