Data Watch: Biden on Track for Lowest Annual Number of Refugees Admitted to the US

That is likely because the administration is too busy admitting illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not upset by potentially the lowest resettlement year in the history of the four-decades-old program, but it is puzzling that he and Kamala went through the charade of setting a legal refugee admissions ceiling of 62,500 to be admitted by September 30th when they struggled in May to admit 916 refugees (271 were admitted in April).

For this fiscal year, limited data available at the Refugee Processing Center was updated yesterday to show that with the 916 added in May our total for this fiscal year now stands at 3,250 legal refugees.

If that rate continues Biden beats Trump to the lowest annual admissions since 1980.

Trump admitted 11,814 in his last full fiscal year in the White House

By the way, at a quick glance down the admissions list, it looks like the Africans from the DR Congo still lead in the resettlement sweeps.

In 2013 Obama promised the United Nations we would take 50,000 from the DR Congo, a number we have far surpassed now (the extensive data we could mine for such information is now gone).

However, as of last July we were up to 74,000 from the DR Congo and they are still coming!

Texas is the top ‘welcoming’ state and it has been for years!

Here are the top ten states so far in FY21:

Texas (100)

California (72)

North Carolina (56)

Michigan (53)

New York (49)

Georgia (46)

Kentucky (45)

Ohio (41)

Virginia (37)

Illinois (34)

Getting ready for October!

Right now, the big nine refugee resettlement contractors (below) are out scouring America for new resettlement sites so that when October first comes around they will be ready to move 125,000 impoverished people (Harris/Biden have promised) from the Middle East, Africa and Asia into Anytown, USA where they can gain a foothold and open an office.

You need to be alert for any sign that the contractors and their hundred or so subcontractors are preparing their paperwork for your town or city (it is called an R & P Abstract) to open an office where you live.  This is the time of the year they get those documents ready to submit to the US State Department so they can get their allotment of paying “clients” (aka refugees) for the new fiscal year.

And, incidentally, once refugee offices are open, I’ve noticed that illegal aliens tend to congregate in those towns and cities as well.

Your job is to make political noise if they have targeted your town!  The only hope I see is if enough political turmoil is created, they may move on to a town/county/city they can pushover more easily.

Hold them off for a year or so and then work like hell to get the Dems out of the White House.

Here are the nine Foreigners First! organizations that are changing America by changing the people.

(LOL! For my faithful readers you probably wonder why I keep showing this list.  I was told once that people need to see something seven times before they remember it.  Well I figure seven times seven is better than a measly seven!)


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One thought on “Data Watch: Biden on Track for Lowest Annual Number of Refugees Admitted to the US

  1. “That is likely because the administration is too busy admitting illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands.”

    The false/misleading rhetoric around this extremely important issue frustrates me — I believe large numbers of these people are applying for asylum, so it is not accurate to call them ‘illegal aliens’ — recall the tactic of applying for asylum en masse started under Trump with the ‘caravans’ — of course it’s a scam, meaning these are bogus asylum seekers; applying for asylum is a ploy instigated and assisted by NGOs — poverty and/or an over-abundance of ordinary criminality at home has never been, and can never be, seen as grounds for asylum.

    But the US is a signatory of the 1951 refugee treaty, and as such is legally obligated to give due consideration to all applications for asylum — failure to do so will result in successful lawsuits — the Biden administration has considerable leeway in how it handles these applications, including what’s done with the applicants in the meantime — of course ‘catch and release’ is horrible policy in any case, since huge numbers never show up for later hearings — but if it was done on a large scale for ordinary illegal entry, it’s no surprise that it’s also being done for asylum applicants.

    Within the current asylum system, the only solution is a ‘safe third country’ agreement with Mexico — this would allow asylum seekers to be legally turned away at the southern border; since with such an agreement Mexico is also a ‘safe’ country, they would have to apply for asylum in Mexico — a ‘safe third country’ agreement already exists between the US and Canada — the Dublin Accord is basically an EU wide ‘safe third country’ agreement — the 2015 migrant crisis in Europe escalated rapidly after Merkel announced Germany would not enforce the Dublin Accord at its border; after this, other EU nations allowed migrants to enter and cross their territory on the way to Germany.

    Trump was President and the Republicans controlled Congress 2017 – 2019 when the ‘caravan’ crisis was ongoing, yet inexplicably they did nothing to force Mexico to conclude a ‘safe third country’ agreement, although the US has plenty of leverage to do this, e.g. a 50% tax on remittances until the agreement is signed — so Trump is also to blame for the current mess at the southern border.

    White nations will have to abrogate the 1951 refugee treaty as part of their fight for survival — otherwise asylum will be just another source of growing non-white migration that will eventually overwhelm and destroy them demographically.

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