June Refugee Numbers: 43 States ‘Welcomed’ Refugees, but None Placed in Delaware

As regular readers know, Comrade Joe has promised to aim for 62,500 refugees to be admitted to the US through the US Refugee Admissions Program by the end of this September.

For new readers, these are ‘refugees’ chosen by the UN from largely Africa, Asia and the Middle East and do NOT include the hundreds of thousands of border invaders.

1,530 impoverished third worlders were admitted in June which brings the total for the first nine months of Fiscal year 2021 to 4,780.  At this rate they will have to do some serious ‘welcoming’ to reach even Trump’s lowest admission record of all time—11,814.

You can see the limited data available at the Refugee Processing Center.

At the end of the Trump administration the data was voluminous, but now is limited to only the most cursory information.

The first thing I noticed when looking at the data was that it sure looks like we are still moving the entirety of the Democratic Republic of Congo to America!  More on that in a minute.

And, I noticed that some of the usual top ‘welcoming’ states were not at the top any longer and some others had crept into the top ten.

The regulars Texas, New York, Michigan and California are there, but Kentucky! beats out California for a spot in the top five when it comes to admitting the Congolese.  Big Poultry must need workers!

Kentucky got 92 refugees in June and 81 were from the DR Congo!

Six states and the District of Columbia got zip, zero, nada refugees. West Virginia got one refugee this year.

Joe Biden’s Delaware was one of the six that have none.

In fact, long time readers know that Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy created the refugee program back in 1979, and yet Delaware has only received a handful of refugees over the last 40 years.

Here are the states (and the District of Columbia) which had no resettlements this fiscal year:  Alabama, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Wyoming.  New readers are always fascinated to hear that Wyoming has never allowed any refugee resettlement.

Here is the top ten line up.  Although the numbers are small so far, you should consider these as leading contenders for the big flood Biden promises for FY22 (125,000 anticipated) which begins on October 1, 2021—in less than three months.

NY (117)

MI (100)

KY (92)

TX (82)

WI (78)  This is the first time I have seen Wisconsin even in the top ten!

CA (74)

AZ (71)

GA (65)

TN (65)

CO (62)  I don’t recall Colorado ever being in the top ten either.

More than 50% of this month’s ‘new American refugees’ (829) are from the DR Congo.

And, because it is so easy to go down memory lane and bring you older posts (from when the data was still available at the Refugee Processing Center), here is a 2019 post (with screenshots) in which I reminded readers that it was the Obama administration that in 2013 promised the United Nations we would move 50,000 Congolese to a town near you over the following five years.

In 2019 we were already 8,999 over that cap!  I said then that I doubted even the Trump State Department remembered there was a cap of 50,000.

We could easily be pushing 70,000 now, but the data is not available.

Obama Told UN We Would Take 50,000 Congolese Refugees in Five Years! Time is up!

Data Watch: Biden on Track for Lowest Annual Number of Refugees Admitted to the US

That is likely because the administration is too busy admitting illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not upset by potentially the lowest resettlement year in the history of the four-decades-old program, but it is puzzling that he and Kamala went through the charade of setting a legal refugee admissions ceiling of 62,500 to be admitted by September 30th when they struggled in May to admit 916 refugees (271 were admitted in April).

For this fiscal year, limited data available at the Refugee Processing Center was updated yesterday to show that with the 916 added in May our total for this fiscal year now stands at 3,250 legal refugees.

If that rate continues Biden beats Trump to the lowest annual admissions since 1980.

Trump admitted 11,814 in his last full fiscal year in the White House


By the way, at a quick glance down the admissions list, it looks like the Africans from the DR Congo still lead in the resettlement sweeps.

In 2013 Obama promised the United Nations we would take 50,000 from the DR Congo, a number we have far surpassed now (the extensive data we could mine for such information is now gone).

However, as of last July we were up to 74,000 from the DR Congo and they are still coming!

Texas is the top ‘welcoming’ state and it has been for years!

Here are the top ten states so far in FY21:

Texas (100)

California (72)

North Carolina (56)

Michigan (53)

New York (49)

Georgia (46)

Kentucky (45)

Ohio (41)

Virginia (37)

Illinois (34)

Getting ready for October!

Right now, the big nine refugee resettlement contractors (below) are out scouring America for new resettlement sites so that when October first comes around they will be ready to move 125,000 impoverished people (Harris/Biden have promised) from the Middle East, Africa and Asia into Anytown, USA where they can gain a foothold and open an office.

You need to be alert for any sign that the contractors and their hundred or so subcontractors are preparing their paperwork for your town or city (it is called an R & P Abstract) to open an office where you live.  This is the time of the year they get those documents ready to submit to the US State Department so they can get their allotment of paying “clients” (aka refugees) for the new fiscal year.

And, incidentally, once refugee offices are open, I’ve noticed that illegal aliens tend to congregate in those towns and cities as well.

Your job is to make political noise if they have targeted your town!  The only hope I see is if enough political turmoil is created, they may move on to a town/county/city they can pushover more easily.

Hold them off for a year or so and then work like hell to get the Dems out of the White House.

Here are the nine Foreigners First! organizations that are changing America by changing the people.

(LOL! For my faithful readers you probably wonder why I keep showing this list.  I was told once that people need to see something seven times before they remember it.  Well I figure seven times seven is better than a measly seven!)


Is the US Government Importing More Black Lives Matter Activists Through the Refugee Program

Sure looks like it!

In a puff-piece story from Idaho about how the state celebrated World Refugee Day, a refugee from the DR Congo trumpets his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Every corner we look, they are there,” Wangoi said, referring to “people with racism and hatred in their hearts.”

You know this is insane! Are we importing more angry Africans?

According to the Refugee Processing Center, the US State Department and its contractors have ‘welcomed’ 61,000 refugees  (as of yesterday!) from the DR Congo since President Obama said we were admitting 50,000 over 5 years.

The UN has sent 61,000 as of yesterday and that is only the Africans from the DR Congo.

Screenshot of RPC data: 61,000 potentially angry Congolese admitted to the US in last seven years!


The DR Congolese are still coming in in large numbers during the Trump Administration. The only states that did not receive DR Congolese are West Virginia and Wyoming.

Here is the story from Idaho that has me steamed this morning!

From the Idaho Press:

Idaho refugees celebrate virtual World Refugee Day

This year, the World Refugee Day celebration was held virtually on Saturday, in an effort to protect the Treasure Valley community from the spread of COVID-19. The change was to protect the community and also the refugees who work in health care, on the front lines battling the pandemic’s spread in the valley.

The refugee speakers and performers were asked to submit videos of themselves to celebration organizers, who then compiled them into one presentation.


Georgette Siqueiros, community engagement coordinator for IRC Boise, said the World Refugee Day committee had been planning for how to organize the virtual celebration for several weeks ahead of the event.

Georgette Siqueiros works for “moneybags Miliband” of the International Rescue Committee

The video featured seven community speakers and several performances from refugee performance groups.

Siqueiros said the goal of the event was to celebrate the refugee community and the refugees who are in the health care industry and to acknowledge the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Patrick Wangoi, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, spoke in the virtual celebration about the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and his experience with racism in Boise.

Did Wangoi report the incident to the police—white guys, confederate flag, pick up truck. Hmmmm?

“Every corner we look, they are there,” Wangoi said, referring to “people with racism and hatred in their hearts.”

“Their message is, ‘You are not wanted,’” he said. “They wish every black person would disappear.”

Wangoi recalled an incident when he was followed by a group of white teenagers carrying confederate flags in their pickup truck.

He said the group stood outside his house for more than an hour.

“I wonder, if those young boys had a gun, where would I be today?” Wangoi said.

Wangoi ended his video with a call to action for people to be anti-racist.

More here.

The video is available on the IRC’s Facebook page.

Wangoi live (begin around the 14 minute mark).

If you are interested, look around on the internet and you will see that Wangoi is a refugee star in Boise and has done very well for a supposedly discriminated-against black man.

See my previous post on another black man in Idaho.

COVID-19 News: UN Suspends Refugee Travel; However, 69 New Refugees Arrived in US Since Monday

The International Organization for Migration, a wing of the UN, announced refugee travel was being suspended. “This is a temporary measure that will be in place only for as long as it remains essential, ” said the IOM in a statement released yesterday.

I am still not seeing any official announcement from the US State Department and no commentary, so far, from the refugee contractors.  See below that 69 new refugee arrivals were ‘welcomed’ to America since Monday.

Here is IOM:

IOM, UNHCR announce temporary suspension of resettlement travel for refugees

If you see the distinctive IOM blue bags at the airport, it is a sure sign of refugee arrivals. IOM arranges the plane tickets that you, taxpayers, pay for!

Geneva – As countries drastically reduce entry into their territories owing to the COVID-19 global health crisis, and restrictions around international air travel are introduced, travel arrangements for resettling refugees are currently subject to severe disruptions. Some States have also placed a hold on resettlement arrivals given their public health situation, which impacts on their capacity to receive newly resettled refugees.

Refugee families are being directly impacted by these quickly evolving regulations in the course of their travel, with some experiencing extensive delays while others have been stranded or separated from family members.

In addition, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and IOM, the International Organization for Migration, are concerned that international travel could increase the exposure of refugees to the virus.

As a result, IOM and UNHCR are taking steps to suspend resettlement departures for refugees. This is a temporary measure that will be in place only for as long as it remains essential.


Both agencies look forward to resuming full resettlement travel as soon as prudence and logistics permit.

More here.

I decided to check to see if we were still seeing refugee arrivals since I reported, here, that as of a week ago, there was not a slowdown.

Here are the numbers this morning at the Refugee Processing Center from Monday (the 13th) to this morning.

We had 69 arrivals, 62 of those from the DR Congo.

In 2013, Anne Richard, Obama’s head honcho for refugees, told then UNHCR that we would ‘welcome’ 50,000 impoverished Congolese to America.

Just to review, in 2013 the Obama Administration told the UN that we we would take 50,000 needy people from the DR Congo over five years.

In 2020, we are at 60,880 and they are still coming in in large numbers.

In fact, since Trump took office we have admitted 32,000 from the DR Congo and distributed them throughout America.

Here is a map from the Refugee Processing Center showing where 69 refugees were placed since Monday.  62 hailed from the DR Congo (including the 13 who went to Idaho and 21 of 22 who were placed in Texas).

In addition to the 62 from the DR Congo, 3 refugees arrived from Iraq, 2 from Eritrea and one each from India and Somalia.

These numbers do not include the Special Immigrant Visa holders arriving from Afghanistan and Iraq and treated like refugees.  There is no daily breakdown that I know of for their arrival.  Make note that since October 1, 2019 to yesterday we admitted 6,867 special refugees from Afghanistan and 152 from Iraq.  Will check in a few days and see how the number changes.


Obama Told UN We Would Take 50,000 Congolese Refugees in Five Years! Time is up!

A story two days ago posted by Jesuit Refugee Service in Africa, joyfully reporting that things are improving in the DR Congo and refugees are moving home, reminded me to tell you where we stand with the movement of DR Congolese to American towns and cities.

See the news here :

Angola: Congolese refugees turning back home

However, you can bet the Congolese (numbering over 50,000) that our US State Department has moved to America are not going home!

Anne Richard, Obama’s Asst. Sec. of State for Population, Refugees and Migration*** told then UNHCR Guterres that we would take 50,000 DR Congolese refugees off their hands. That number has now been surpassed.

In 2013 I reported that Obama’s top Refugee official at the State Department, Anne Richard, promised the UN that we would take 50,000 refugees from the DR Congo over a five year period.

Well, time is up!

From fiscal year 2014 to today we have admitted 58,999 and there is no sign of the migration stopping.

In fact, in the fiscal year just ended, the Trump Administration admitted 12,958 from the DR Congo, by far the largest ethnic group of refugees admitted.  

I will bet the Trump officials have NO CLUE that number was to be capped at 50,000, but I remember!

This is a pattern I have observed over the last decade!

We tell the UN we will take a certain number and then the number is ultimately exceeded by tens of thousands and the wholesale movement of an African, Asian or Middle Eastern ethnic group continues long after it was supposed to end.

Do you know that most Americans are still under the impression that we take refugees until their country improves—Nope! Refugees are here permanently and on track to become voting citizens.

Here is where the nearly 59,000 impoverished, largely uneducated third world Africans have been placed. Data from the Refugee Processing Center.



Since the numbers are difficult to read, here are the top ten resettlement states that have welcomed more poverty from Africa.


Missouri is a big surprise, it is rarely in the top ten in any category.

*** You should know that Anne Richard, former Obama Asst. Secretary of State for PRM was one of those arrested recently on the Capitol steps in an act of “civil disobedience” in support of more refugees. I’m guessing she is trying to stay relevant in hopes of returning to government when Trump is no longer President.

BTW, Trump never did place a political appointee (as Richard was for the Dems) at the helm of the Refugee Program and I think that was a mistake leaving the deep staters there to make mischief (and leak to the media via their old pal Anne!).