UACs to Tennessee Update: Republican Lawmaker Welcomes Them!

This is our problem—Republicans soft on not just legal immigration, but on illegal immigration too!

Lately I have been seeing news that as conservatives are escaping ‘woke’ states and looking for a safe state in which to make their home, Tennessee is mentioned as an option.

Well, not so fast!  Don’t assume that just because Tennessee is the home of country music that it leaders are somehow conservative America Firsters!

It seems to me that they have a basket full of RINO Republicans that you wouldn’t know about unless you read Tennessee’s

And, that reminds me, where is your state blog or website that is willing to go after state and local Republicans who have joined the Democrats’ death wish for America by opening our borders to all comers?

This is an update of my recent posts about how the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) are being secretively placed in Tennessee.

Tennessee Republicans Blustering about UAC Drop in the State

The Republican-led Tennessee General Assembly is forming a “study committee” to see what they might do about the dumping of UACs on the state.

In other words, lawmakers are pretending to do something about the problem in order to hoodwink the citizenry.

From the Dailyrollcall:

Bill Lee and Todd Gardenhire – The Foxes Guarding Our Immigration Hen House


Republican Governor Bill Lee thumbed his nose at Trump’s efforts to give states more say when refugees are placed by the feds in a state.

It’s bad enough that Bill Lee wants more legal immigration to Tennessee in the form of refugee resettlement. Never mind that it forces state taxpayers to pay both the state and federal cost of the voluntary federal program. Never mind that it violates the Tenth Amendment. And, never mind that it illegally usurps the exclusive power of the state legislature to appropriate state funds, and these aren’t even the worst aspects of Bill Lee’s avid support for the federal program.

Even more odious, is Todd Gardenhire’s push for more illegal immigration to Tennessee even if it means encouraging more human smuggling and trafficking of children 18 years old and younger which is more often than not, financed by the parents who themselves are in the U.S. in violation of the immigration laws.

Sen. Gardenhire of Chattanooga is obviously willing to help finance the Mexican cartels trafficking children while hiding behind his Christian zeal.

Gardenhire has long been a cheerleader for illegal immigration to Tennessee going so far as to adopt the left’s politically deceptive label of “undocumented” instead of the accurate statutory label of illegal alien.

Gardenhire has tried four times to magnetize the state by rewarding illegal alien students with taxpayer subsidized in-state college tuition. When he couldn’t get his first bill passed, he tried rewarding the recipients of Obama’s unconstitutional DACA program with in-state college tuition. And when that failed, he tried broadening the scope of his next bill to cover UACs – Unaccompanied Alien Children who generate huge profits for the cartels and other human smugglers.

The UACs enter the country illegally and Gardenhire believes they are the model students Tennessee taxpayers should support.

Gardenhire gets thoroughly worked over! Continue reading here.  

And, I will ask again: Where is your state website or blog willing to do what the Dailyrollcall is doing in Tennessee?

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