Was “man” Who Slaughtered Teen in North Dakota a Refugee?

That is the question I’ve had more than once in the last couple of days.

If you don’t know what happened see my post yesterday at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ here:

Fargo, North Dakota: “Man” Attacks Skateboarder in Deadly Knife Assault

You will see that I put the word “man” in quotes  and that is because that is what the media does, use the word man, when the alleged killer, rapist or criminal is of a race or nationality that doesn’t fit the corporate media message that diversity is beautiful.

But, I can’t always fault reporters who don’t dig deeper because frankly unless the man accused of a crime mentions his immigration status (often as part of his defense) there is almost no way for citizens to know if someone is here via the US Refugee Admissions Program, Temporary Protected Status, Special Immigrant Visa, the Green Card Lottery, as an Unaccompanied Alien Child, or on a worker visa, and the list goes on.

Or, is the perp a run-of-the mill border jumper or did he overstay a visa and just disappear into America?

The Trump Administration ended our ability to learn more about the refugees coming to your towns and cities.

For years we could at least make an educated guess if a criminal in the news was a refugee. 

We could narrow the field because the US State Department had a data clearinghouse where we could see what nationalities refugees were and where they were being placed right down to the city in which they were resettled.

Limited information is available, but that extensive data is no longer accessible to the public.

By the way, as for the creep in North Dakota, Heavy says there is no information on where he is from (I guessed Liberia in my post):

According to police, Kollie did not have a permanent address and information about his family and other details of his background were not immediately available.

I’m thinking that the average American, not an immigration policy wonk like you and me, doesn’t care which “program” admitted the criminal, most people just want less of them admitted.

However, if we are ever going to improve immigration in America we need to know where the holes are where criminals, terrorists and the mentally ill and others who just want to suck off the US taxpayers are getting through the system and arriving in places like Fargo, North Dakota.

I’m dreaming!

I’ve said this before, but how about a federal law that requires all law enforcement to publish the immigration status of any criminal charged with a felony?  And, not just whether they are legally here or not, but through which route they came to be living in the community where they have committed a serious crime.

Back to my headline question….

The Leftwing media (even law enforcement) expects us to stay silent when they keep quiet about the immigration status of a criminal.

I will bet law enforcement in Fargo knows Kollie’s status and maybe an enterprising local reporter will unearth the information. He could, after all, be a born and bred African-American.

But, as long as no one is confirming if Kollie is a refugee (or not a refugee) from West Africa, then go ahead and call him a refugee!

After all, everyone is a refugee these days! 

I am referring to the Leftwing propagandists and all of the political leaders here and around the world who have used the refugee label to put a positive spin on anyone on the move for any reason anywhere.

If we call all the evil doers refugees, then maybe, just maybe, the need for clarity in the use of the word will dawn on them!

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8 thoughts on “Was “man” Who Slaughtered Teen in North Dakota a Refugee?

  1. I LOVE that suggestion (to call them ALL “Refugees”) just like THEY call everyone an “IMMIGRANT” even if they’re here ILLEGALLY. They are not the only ones who can FORCE their will on others to CONTROL the LANGUAGE.
    But…WHY did Trump eliminate public access to that database?! Was it a cost-cutting measure??
    Lastly…if the fantasy came true and reporting could occur, should their identities and immigration status be reported when they are CHARGED with a crime or when they are convicted?

  2. Thanks — I hope you will keep this case in mind.

    >… but that extensive data is no longer accessible to the public.

    Actually I’m surprised such data was ever available — but now that people are looking more critically at refugee resettlement (you have played a part in this), it’s also no surprise that it is not accessible anymore.

    Sometimes I wonder how you keep going — you’ve been working indefatigably to raise awareness of this issue for many, many years now, yet little has changed: they keep coming — when I read factoids here like DRC is the source of most refugees, I have to ask how the situation could be much worse.

    Years ago I saw a milquetoast story about refugees on WND by Leo Hohmann — he mentioned ‘charities’, but generally seemed to have no clue about the refugee program — so I emailed him to say the ‘charities’ were in reality government contractors, and included a link to your (old) site, which I had been following for a few years, encouraging him to look into it — he wrote back, and after that we exchanged a few emails — he then produced a series of very good articles exposing the refugee racket, later even writing a book ‘Stealth Invasion’ — but such success stories when contacting reporters are rare — most don’t seem to care, or are afraid to write (too) critically about the subject.

    Anyway, many thanks for your remarkable efforts.

    1. Thanks, However I am not indefatigable! I’ve gotten lazy and so much just passes me by. I ask myself every day if this is nuts—to continue writing about refugees. A form of insanity one might conclude? By the way, Leo and I are friends and have been for years. Good to know you had an early influence on his work.

  3. Found a ND story from a few years about another person named Kollie:



    I find it very hard to believe that either of these two, Jallah Kollie and Varfee Kamara, were born in the US — and given that ND has been targeted for resettlement, it would be an amazing coincidence if all of these men with *very foreign sounding names* were all born in the US rather than having been resettled here.

    And per the following link, Kollie is actually the most common surname in Liberia, while Kamara is the 3rd most popular:


    At this point, I feel it is a virtual certainty that all three of them are from Africa, probably brought to the US as refugees — I hope the truth will come out, and someone in the mainstream will have the guts to publish it.

    Imagine having a relative in a care home, then learning that they’d hired apes like these, who went on to horribly abuse your loved one.

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