As They Call for Senate Hearings, Republican Governors’ Outrage is a Joke

Governors Kim Reynolds of Iowa and Bill Lee of Tennessee want the Senate to hold hearings on what they see as an outrageous affront to states’ rights as the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement is flying Unaccompanied Alien Children (refugee wannabes) in and out of their states with no communication with the governor or state officials.

We all know that a Senate hearing is nothing but a useless piece of political theater that won’t accomplish smack, but these grandstanding Republican governors obviously think they can trick you into believing they are doing something!

Is it any wonder we have such disdain for Republican governors like Reynolds.

And, what makes me steam over this little temper tantrum by Reynolds and Lee is that they had a chance to take a stand for states’ rights on the issue of the federal government dumping refugees on states and communities back when Trump was attempting to give them more rights (actually give them the rights they are due under our US Constitution) and they snubbed their noses at him.

Trump was trying to give them a chance to say they needed a break from refugees being placed in their states by the feds and unelected non-profit group actors, and they turned him down.

Only Governor Abbott of Texas outright supported Trump’s reform effort and said he would not consent for 2020.

Here is Reynold’s attempting to make you think she is working for Iowans by demanding a Senate hearing—what a joke!—typical oily political move.

From the Ames Tribune:

19 migrant children had a layover in an Iowa airport. Gov. Kim Reynolds wants Congress to get answers

With no notice to the state, at least 19 unaccompanied children were transported in an overnight flight through Des Moines from California in April, Gov. Kim Reynolds confirmed Thursday, saying she wants to know more details.

After deplaning, the children were taken on two buses to be transported to various locations for unification, according to a Thursday news release from Reynolds’ office.

“We weren’t able to get any answers about why there were chartered planes coming in the middle of night — chartered buses — and unaccompanied minors removed from the plane and then transported outside of the state,” Reynolds told reporters Thursday.


In April, a total of 163 unaccompanied migrant children were released to sponsors in Iowa, according to the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement statistics.


Good ol’ country boy, Lee with his pick ’em up truck.

Reynolds and  Lee — who says unaccompanied minor children were brought to his state in May without any notification — wrote the joint letter to Grassley in support of the senator’s demands for a Senate Judiciary Hearing into the situation on the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

More: Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee wants U.S. Senate to hold hearings on unaccompanied minors

Gov. Bill Lee is asking the U.S. Senate to investigate the arrival of unaccompanied migrant children in Tennessee, a request that comes as the Republican governor continues to slam the Biden administration over a lack of transparency on the issue.

Lee and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, a fellow Republican, sent the letter on Thursday to U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa. Grassley in April requested that Senate Democrats hold hearings to discuss the influx of migrants at the southern border since President Joe Biden took office.


Their demand for a hearing is easy. 

Their demand for “transparency” is their way of making you, voting citizens of Iowa and Tennessee, think that they are doing something, but when given a chance to really take a stand for a state’s right to know who is being placed in their states by the feds, and have an opportunity to say no, they just didn’t have the guts.

Albeit it was a different type of ‘refugee’…they are all refugees now, right!  This letter below is what Reynolds sent to Trump’s Secretary of State.

Notice no interest even in finding out who is coming and how many.

So why would the present administration think they had to confer with these heretofore ‘welcoming’ Republican governors?


And, here is Lee’s letter that caused an uproar in Tennessee.



Texas Governor Abbot wrote a detailed letter that ended with him not giving consent to refugees being placed by the feds in Texas for FY2020.

Both Kemp of Georgia and DeSantis of Florida remained silent.

Word is that the Trump people were very shocked and disappointed that most Republican governors turned down the President’s attempt to give them more say, to give them some modicum of states’ rights, in advance of a refugee drop.

If you are wondering whatever happened to that reform effort via a Trump executive order, the refugee resettlement contractors (below) sued and stopped the initiative dead in its tracks.


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6 thoughts on “As They Call for Senate Hearings, Republican Governors’ Outrage is a Joke

  1. Gov Lee talks out of both sides of his mouth. He was quoted as saying he wanted more illegals! Then he gets a backlash from Tennesseans, and now he’s whining.

    I pray to God that he is not re-elected by the people Tennessee. Time to find a candidate who is a true blue supporter of TN and her citizens….because it ain’t Lee.

    He touts cheap labor from illegals….. while citizens can’t take care of their own kids and earn a living… hell with what they bring to us.

    I read a story yesterday where an illegal in Fargo South Dakota stabbed a young woman 25 times….and then claimed he had mental problems as his defense….she was taken off life support yesterday by her parents and allowed to die.

    It’s Mollie Tibbit all over again. Stay tune…more to come.

      1. I’ve still not seen/found definitive info re Arthur Prince Kollie, i.e. if he’s an immigrant/refugee or not (this will come out eventually) — but here is a story about someone else/a family with the same last name, and they are from Liberia:

        [John and Rita Kollie came to America from Liberia when he was very young. He estimated that he was one year old when his family came to the United States in 2004 or 2005.]

        I often see this bland wording: ‘came to’ — what does that mean? — did they come as immigrants? — why does the US need immigrants from Liberia?! — maybe via the ‘diversity’ visa lottery? — Liberians need a visa to visit the US, e.g. as tourists — did they come as tourists, then overstay and have their status ‘adjusted’ (a nice euphemism)?

        Here are the first two sentences about the economy of Liberia from the CIA World Factbook:

        [Liberia is a low-income country that relies heavily on foreign assistance and remittances from the diaspora. It is richly endowed with water, mineral resources, forests, and a climate favorable to agriculture.]

        In other words, the country has significant economic potential, but the people who live there have been unable to take advantage of it — compare the economy of Liberia to that of California, which would be the 5th largest were California a country — then note that Liberia has been independent since before California became a state.

        Little known fact re Liberia: Whites are not allowed to be citizens — look it up, it’s in their constitution.

  2. Via one issue, that of gay marriage, the following tweet nicely encapsulates the uselessness of the GOP, as well as what a charade modern electoral politics is:
    [Now 55% of Republicans support gay marriage, up from about 20% in 2008. What are our political debates even about if whatever conservatives are fighting against now they’ll support in 10 years? It’s reality TV for most of the public.]

    And re immigration, remember it was ‘conservative’ icon Ronald Reagan who signed a mass amnesty in 1986.

  3. All those so-called ministries should have every dime of their finances investigated, sourced and frozen. This is a profitable business for them. Swift Air is a company that flies these illegals directly from either Mexico or Texas (usually El Paso) to the rest of the country. IF we only rely on our so-called leaders we may was well suicide now and get it over with; some might prefer it. Governors should here from us en masse, and we should obstruct every step of the illegal immigration process, from blocking unofficial processing centers to disabling transportation.

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