Tennessee: Bill Advances that would Require Legislature to Okay Spending on Refugees

And, of course the refugee industry as represented by the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights cabal (TIRRC) is steaming!

By the way, this legislation is a possible model for you in states where your Republican governor has caved to the Open Borders Left and said yes to more refugees for your state.  Of course it could only work in states where the legislature has a Republican majority with some guts.

First here is the news, then we’ll learn a bit more about TIRRC which has 6 paid lobbyists included in a staff of 14 while those organizing grassroots on the side of restraining more migration, in pockets of resistance, must do so with no funding support.

From Fox 17 Nashville:

Tennessee committee advances bill seeking to halt refugee resettlement

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–The Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) is calling a Tennessee House of Representatives bill recommended for passage “hateful.”

TIRRC says Rep. Weaver is appealing to “hateful” voters with her bill.

HJR 741 targets state funds used to resettle refugees as part of a federal program which allows states to opt-in to accept refugee resettlement.

Under the bill originally filed by Rep. Teri Lynn Weaver (R-Lancaster), HJR 741 calls for no action to be taken by Governor Bill Lee when it comes to resettlement unless authorized by a joint resolution of the General Assembly.

The bill targets Governor Lee due to his decision to continue to accept refugees in the state in response to an Executive Order issued by President Donald J. Trump last year. President Trump had issued the “Enhancing State and Local Involvement in Refugee Resettlement” order in September.

Under the Executive Order, the Federal Government would only be able to resettle refugees in specific areas where state and local governments agree to accept refugees.

One of TIRRC’s paid staffers is happy to lob the “hate” label. But, Ms. Clerjeune loves the governor now! See here: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2019/12/20/tennessee-republican-governor-bill-lee-caves-says-tennessee-will-invite-more-refugees/

However, the decision is ultimately in the hands of each state’s governor and Lee made the decision to continue participation.

Rep. Weaver’s resolution says Governor Lee’s decision obligates public money “in violation of the Tennessee General Assembly’s constitutional duty.” The resolution was recommended for passage on Tuesday by the Departments & Agencies Subcommittee.

TIRRC is calling the advancement part of a “classic hateful playbook.” TIRRC Votes Police and Legislative Affairs Manager Judith Clerjeune issued the following statement in response to the resolution…

You can read it yourself here.

Who is TIRRC?

A few days ago Tennessee’s Dailyrollcall reported on TIRRC and its fellow travelers that include the Koch’s Americans for Prosperity!

Tennessee Elected Officials – is it the Tenth or TIRRC For You?

Republican governors, like Tennessee’s Bill Lee, have given up any pretense of caring about the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution by allowing the federal government to dictate how Tennesseans will spend their tax dollars.


TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition’s political arm called TIRRC VOTES, has SIX paid lobbyists. TIRRC itself has 14 on staff, Soros money and is running multiple email disinformation campaigns on refugee resettlement, targeting state legislators, local county commissioners and any other locally elected official.

At it’s core, TIRRC’s agenda aligns with that of the New American Economy (NAE, formerly named the Partnership for a New American Economy) outfit, along with the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity (AFP), two big dollar organizations mobilized to push more legal and illegal immigrants into communities. Like TIRRC, NAE and AFP are pushing back on key Trump immigration policies intended to help American citizens prosper.

NAE, AFP and TIRRC like to push the false economic-enhancing narrative of legal immigrants like refugees and illegal aliens. TIRRC also thinks name-calling like xenophobe, racist and hater, is an effective tool to silence anyone who disagrees with their agenda.

While TIRRC’s coalition member the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) parades refugees turned Tennesseans, NAE puts out reports claiming that after living in the U.S. between 16-25 years, refugees are earn “well above the income of refugees who have been here for five years or less.” They also claim that refugees are the answer to reviving aging and declining communities.

TIRRC parrots these same points trying to deflect from the Tennessee issues. With regard to the federal refugee program, Tennessee legislators and advocates have raised the core Constitutional issue of federalism on the one hand, and the role of the state’s legislature to appropriate public money, on the other.

On these important state issues, it appears that Governor Lee has aligned himself lock, stock and barrel with TIRRC as opposed to advocating for the state’s Tenth Amendment rights and Tennessee’s Constitutional powers and duties.

Much more here.

After Maryland Judge’s Decision, What is Next?

I don’t know.  I guess we wait for the Justice Department’s response to the decision that halted the President’s first effort to reform the US Refugee Admissions Program.

Here is a brief statement from the White House immediately after learning of the decision.

Another lawless district court has asserted its own preferred immigration policy in place of the laws of the United States – and, in so doing, robbed millions of American citizens of their voice and their say in a vital issue directly affecting their communities. President Trump rightly and justly recognized that your communities are unique, and while some cities have the resources to adequately support refugees and help them be successful, not all communities can sustain the substantial and costly burden. Knowing that, the Trump Administration fulfilled a key promise by giving States and localities a seat at the table in deciding whether or not refugees will be placed in your communities. In addition, under the Refugee Act of 1980, Congress explicitly afforded the President authority over the refugee resettlement process, including by taking local consultation into account. This is a preposterous ruling, one more example of nationwide district court injunctions run amok, and we are expeditiously reviewing all options to protect our communities and preserve the integrity of the refugee resettlement process.

So what happens to the Executive Order and the process it spawned to obtain consents, or non-consents, for the placement of refugees in states and counties?  I’m assuming it all grinds to a halt for now.

Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review suggests that the President is a lame duck right now if he doesn’t challenge these rogue court decisions, see here.

News reports are coming in about how county elected officials are sighing with relief that they don’t have to go on record as for or against refugee arrivals for their towns and cities because of the court ruling.

Why did my Republican governor cave and consent to taking on an extra burden for taxpayers and more social/cultural unrest by telling the Dept. of State to send more refugees?

That is a question I got from a reader this morning.

Many reasons (pick one, or more!):

~Fear of being called an unwelcoming racist.

~He/she was getting pressure from groups on the religious Left (including the contractors) many of which financially benefit from refugee arrivals, or will benefit because they are Leftists who see a new voting block. Many are one-worlders working to destroy national sovereignty.

In some states CAIR was active (Minnesota and Maryland for sure) with their usual hammer—any gov who said no would surely be called an Islamophobe.

~Pressure from the Chamber of Commerce and their ilk which wants more refugees because refugees need housing and buy cars.

~Lobbying (and likely campaign donations) from large corporations including, global corporations that need the steady supply of cheap subservient labor—BIG MEAT and BIG POULTRY, for example.

And, I’m sure there are other less obvious reasons.

But, most importantly the governor knew that there were more in his/her state on the side of inviting refugees than there are of you who want to see the program constrained or flat out abolished.

Now that isn’t so everywhere. Here is a story from Tennessee yesterday about how one county commission struggled with the decision and ultimately did nothing on the same day that the Maryland judge slapped the President down.

It is an opinion piece (for more refugees) critical of the non-action taken at a county meeting this week. One line jumped out at me, from the Chattanooga Times Free Press as the reason the meeting ended with no action:

Their reticence to vote for the resolution, like Coppinger’s, was likely born because, as the mayor said, “you cannot overcome social media.”

Clearly the opposition to more refugees being placed in Hamilton County was of sufficient magnitude to at least stop the consent train.

The opposition to more resettlement in Tennessee may be the strongest and best organized in the nation.  The problem is every state doesn’t have the grassroots network that Tennessee has developed over the years.

We have to change that, if we expect to do battle with the juggernaut of Leftwing/Dems working with big business interests and RINO governors that are changing America by changing the people.

But, your first order of business is to buy more time by getting Donald Trump re-elected.

Send me an e-mail with the subject line, grassroots organizing, and I’ll try to put you together with others in your state.


Tennessee Counties Feeling Betrayed by ‘Biblical Bill’ Planning Rebuke

When Tennessee Governor Lee foolishly caved to pressure from Leftwingers and asserted that Yup! Tennessee would welcome a fresh batch of refugees in the coming year, many Republicans who elected him felt betrayed.

TN Gov Bill Lee joins ‘religious Left’ in opposition to the President on refugee resettlement!

In other states where your Republican governor has turned against the President on refugees, you might feel betrayed too, but in Tennessee passions are apparently much higher.

During the term of Tennessee’s previous governor, the state filed a Tenth Amendment lawsuit against the feds over the refugee program there and Lee said, while campaigning for his new job, that he supported that case still winding its way through the courts.

Now, Lee (dubbed ‘Biblical Bill’  by a Tennessee-based website), conservatives feel has double-crossed the people who put him in office.

Breitbart  reporter John Binder reported late last night that action against the governor is underway.

Exclusive: Tennessee Counties Consider Rebuking Gov. Bill Lee’s Approval of More Refugee Resettlement

About a third of Tennessee’s 95 counties, thus far, are considering rebuking Republican Gov. Bill Lee’s approval for the State Department to resettle more refugees in the state next year, Breitbart News has exclusively learned.


Last week, Lee gave official approval to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to resettle more refugees in the state of Tennessee next year despite a high-profile Tenth Amendment lawsuit that questions the constitutionality of the refugee resettlement program.

Now, at least 31 counties in Tennessee are considering adopting a resolution that rebukes Lee’s approval for more refugees and demands that refugees not be resettled in non-consenting counties. The resolution contends that even if some counties do not consent to refugee resettlement, neighboring consenting counties will be allowed to resettle refugees in those non-consenting counties’ borders.

That reference to non-consenting counties potentially receiving refugees refers to the US State Department rule that contractors may place refugees within a one-hundred-mile radius of their local subcontractor’s office.

The Dailyrollcall.com published this map to show how the 4 federally contracted resettlement offices operating in the state in fact are allowed (according to the feds!) to spread refugees in almost the entire state!

I reported on the map here.

Breitbart continues….

Breitbart News exclusively obtained the resolution, which reads:

BE IT RESOLVED that [County Name] does not want to be forced into participating in the federal refugee resettlement program due to either Governor Lee’s consent and/or being within the permissible placement radius of a resettlement agency office. [Emphasis added]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that [County Name] requests that Governor Lee retract his consent for initial resettlement in Tennessee for both the one year period of time as stated in his letter and/or the actual consent period required by the Funding Notice. [Emphasis added]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that [County Name] requests that in the event Governor Lee does not retract his consent for initial refugee resettlement, that [Lee] submit a revised letter of consent to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and to Lt. Governor Randy McNally and House Speaker Cameron Sexton exempting non-consenting counties from forced participation in the initial resettlement of refugees in Tennessee. [Emphasis added]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that [County Name] requests that Governor Lee by written notice inform the resettlement agencies which maintain offices and operations in Tennessee that they may not place arriving refugees in non-consenting counties. [Emphasis added]

Read it all.  

Whether you live in a Democrat run state or in one of the 15 states where the Republicans have turned on the President, you too could use this resolution model where you live. Obviously change the names and some of the facts.

I wasn’t going to list the states where Republican governors have gone against the President until they appeared on the US State Department’s official list, but since the DOS is dragging its feet getting its list up-to-date, below is the list of Rs who are welcoming more poverty to your state.

You might well characterize these Republicans as particularly dumb for consenting long before they have to according to the Funding Guidance, but I suspect they thought they might get brownie points from the Open Borders agitators led by the refugee resettlement contractors in their states.

I’m hoping that you won’t hold back in telling them what you think!

BTW, I should have made it clear above that according to the Funding Guidance, counties must opt-in as well as the governor.  If the governor is out, than that settles it for a small portion of FY2020 (from June to end of September), no refugees would be permitted placement (with a few exceptions).

From Daniel Horowitz here yesterday:

There could be more weak Republicans this morning turning on the President on a key 2016 campaign promise.  I haven’t looked yet.

What Was Secretary of State Pompeo Doing in Tennessee?

As you know Republican governors*** are turning against the President on the issue of refugee admissions and the President’s Executive Order that permits governors and county commissioners to say no thanks to refugee resettlement later in 2020.

‘Send us more poverty we have run out of poor people for the churches (and taxpayers!) to care for,’ said Tennessee Governor Bill Lee when he said his Christian faith led him to decide to reach out with open arms to the third world in order to move more poverty closer to home.

Or, was he persuaded for ‘foreign’ policy reasons to cave because of Little Kurdistan in his midst.

“Bill and Pompeo working on the refugee resettlement issues.”


Thanks to the ever-watchful dailyrollcall.com, a website in Nashville, we learned that Secretary of State Pompeo visited the governor (dubbed ‘Biblical Bill’) in October to “canoodle” about the refugee program.  That was only a few weeks after the release of the President’s EO.

Because Tennesseans are better organized to resist refugees and have maintained strong and vocal support for a state’s rights lawsuit the state filed against the federal government, citizens are alert and learned of Pompeo’s visit to the governor.

Is Secretary of State Pompeo undermining the Prez?

Frankly I smell a rat! Was Pompeo looking for a key governor (some might argue the most important governor because of the lawsuit) to lead other Republican governors to consent to refugee placement in their states?

Or, is it possible that Pompeo was out having additional chit-chats with governors that we don’t know about.

By the way, any Republican governor who jumps on the consent bandwagon this early is dumb, because according to the Funding rules that are the guidance for the President’s concept to allow governors to opt-in or opt-out, they have well into 2020 to decide because of the leeway granted by the loose language of the guidance.

The big lie!  

Could the Secretary of State be telling Lee and his ‘evangelicals’ that they will be admitting mostly the persecuted Christians of the Middle East to your towns and cities?

Does the President know what Pompeo is doing?

Because I’m sick of hearing that we need refugee resettlement to save Christians, I had a look at the numbers this morning.

If you thought the Trump State Department was saving Christians in the Middle East, you are wrong!

I checked the Refugee Processing Center data and learned this about the three major Middle Eastern Islamic countries from which we admit refugees.  I went back to Trump’s inauguration day to today, Christmas eve 2019, and learned this:



We admitted 2,831 refugees.  2,714 of those are Muslims (96%)

In addition to the regular refugees we admitted 37,570 Special Immigrant Visas (get the same benefits as refugees) for those who supposedly helped us there since Trump came into office.  They would naturally all be Muslims, but there is no data on those (that I know of).


We admitted 2,944 refugees. 1,891 of those are Muslims  (64%)

In addition we admitted 3,341 SIVs from Iraq.


We admitted 2,674 refugees. 2,549 are Muslims (95%)

If Gov. Lee thinks we are saving Syrian Christians, we are not!  And, I sure hope that Pompeo wasn’t telling him that we are!

And, by the way, there is a bipartisan effort in the Senate that includes Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) to expand the SIV program to Syrians and Kurds (Muslims), see here.

Over the years, Blackburn has talked big about slowing the flow of refugees, so why has she now done a 180?

A story for another day!  At least the State Department is putting on a show of opposing it!

*** So far besides Lee, that we know of, REPUBLICAN governors of Utah, New Hampshire, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia and Nebraska have abandoned Trump The official list of governors who have consented is here.  Clearly many governors have not gotten their consent letters into the State Department.

Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee Caves, Says Tennessee Will Invite More Refugees

But, he is up against a buzz saw—likely the most significant “Pocket of Resistance” anywhere in the country.

A what? A pocket of resistance?

That is a term one of Obama’s federal Office of Refugee Resettlement employees used at a 2013 refugee contractor pow-wow in Lancaster, PA to describe the citizens who were asking questions about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.

I was in the audience and wrote about it here:

[T]he keynote speaker talked about how ‘Welcoming America’was working to get YOUR minds right about your new refugee neighbors (and, they received a federal grant from ORR to do it!).

Originally from Tennessee, David Lubell launched Welcoming America, a non-profit the feds hired to tamp down what they termed as ‘pockets of resistance.’ Lubell was later awarded Obama’s ‘Champion of Change’ award.

Before Susan Downs-Karkos from ‘Welcoming America’ spoke, we had been alerted by the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s Director of Placement, Mitiku Ashebir that  (gasp!) “three pockets of resistance against new arrivals” had developed.  He assured the gathering it was not widespread and that Pennsylvania, thankfully, was not one of them.   Drum roll please!  Here are the pockets of resistance and Mr. Ashebir’s brief description of the unwelcoming problems:

New Hampshire—some mayors have problems, said Ashebir

Georgia—budget reductions for some service providers

Tennessee—they want to control arrival numbers!  Imagine that!

As far as I know the resistance in Georgia and New Hampshire has been brought under control by Leftwing refugee industry activists, but they have not been able to quell the rebellion by Tennessee patriots who are hopping mad at the governor for going against the President and saying—send us more poor people from across the world.  (Lee caves here.)

Consequently, see this mornings news about the uprising against the governor, a governor conservatives put their faith in and now feel he has betrayed them.

From the Dailyrollcall.com (every state should have a publication like this one to keep especially your Republicans accountable):

Bill Lee Tithes For the Federal Refugee Resettlement Program With Taxpayer Money


Why do millionaires like Bill Lee feel so free to use state tax dollars to live out their personal religious beliefs?

Remember when Bill Lee was campaigning and trying to dazzle gullible voters with his “brilliant” idea for an Office of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives?

Good ol’ country boy Bill Lee bows to Leftists that run the big urban centers of Tennessee.

Once elected he launched this initiative and it may end up being the vehicle for Bill Lee to funnel more state dollars to pad the pocketbooks of federal refugee contractors and other groups that want to get into the lucrative refugee resettlement business.

In fact, Bill Lee told us as much while he was on the campaign trail:

My wife has worked in a ministry that serves Kurdish refugees, I’ve been to Kurdistan and served with refugees from ISIS in refugee camps,” Lee replied. “I believe that the work of nonprofits is powerful and important, and that’s what this is about. And I am a Christian, so my experiences and my work with non-profits that are doing effective work has been Christian organizations, so that’s what I talk about, because I talk about my experience, and I will support works that are doing, meeting some of the greatest challenges in our community that I believe government shouldn’t meet, it’s not the role of government to do that. But it is the role of the nonprofit community and I would encourage that kind of work, for sure.”

But he might just use the government to provide the greenbacks – we’ll get to that in a minute.

So why is anyone surprised that when offered, he jumped at the chance to say “YES!” I want to put Tennessee back into the refugee resettlement program!!!

And because of the 50-100 mile placement rules from the four urban centers where the federal resettlement contractor offices are located, when he consented for Tennessee, he pretty much put every county in the state up for grabs.

Please continue reading, and then see this….

Judith Clerjeune an immigrant activist in TN is thrilled with the governor. But you can bet they still won’t vote for him next time around. https://www.tnimmigrant.org/judith

Conservatives in Tennessee who put Bill Lee in office get a lump of coal for Christmas while the radical left TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) congratulates it’s lobbying effort on the consent push:

“We thank Governor Lee for his moral clarity and leadership in making his decision today…‘Refugee communities across Tennessee have played a powerful role in defending not only the resettlement program but the values and aspirations of this country’, said TIRRC Policy Officer Judith Clerjeune. ‘We will continue to work with refugee leaders and partner agencies to advocate for a robust and generous resettlement program.”’

During Bill Lee’s campaign his first major policy initiative was his “Roadmap for Rural Tennessee” which he highlighted by riding around on a tractor and talking about “his farming roots” and about how Tennessee is just one generation away from losing this way of life.

Not sure what happened to all that rural love, because what we have now, is the rural governor scrooging Tennessee’s rural counties in deference to the urban-based federal contractor resettlement agencies.

Read it all here.

As of this writing, Lee’s ‘welcome refugees’ letter is not on file at the US State Department.  See if your governor is here.

The nine federal refugee contractors salaried workers are working day and night to get those consents into the State Department by Christmas.  Therefore….

Shame on You if You Don’t Take 15 Minutes to Do This!