Massachusetts Jewish ‘Refugee’ Contractor: We can’t do all this work without money!

Of course I have been making the point for 14 years—these so-called religious charities that resettle refugees in the US (the Afghans are not legitimate refugees!) would quickly go belly-up if they had to find private money for their religious charitable work.

They can’t raise enough money to place thousands of refugees without the federal dole, so what does that tell you?  It tells me that there isn’t popular support from average Americans for what they are doing!

I’m not picking on Massachusetts or this Jewish resettlement agency, it just happens that this story, of MANY stories that are coming to my attention, came to me as I sat down to write a post for today.

This complaint is everywhere—-too many evacuees, little payment for services for the contractors, no affordable housing and these Afghans, most of them, won’t be eligible for welfare including food stamps unless Congress changes the law.

Somehow the chosen towns and its citizens are going to have to cough up the financial support.

And, you can be sure they won’t be put up in Hyannis! 

That would only be fair since it was ol’ Teddy himself who created the refugee admissions program and the Special Immigrant Visa program for Iraqis and Afghans.

You can be sure that no Afghans will be housed at Massachusetts’s Hyannis Harbor Hotel!


Before I give you the story, know that the contractors*** are knocking on doors that were previously slammed in their faces—like this one in Rutland, Vermont.

From Masslive:

Nearly 1,000 Afghan refugees are set to arrive in Massachusetts – are we ready?

Roughly 1,000 Afghan evacuees are going to be rehoused in Massachusetts communities, Maxine Stein, president and CEO of the Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts (JFSWM), told MassLive on Thursday, although the specific date is yet to be confirmed.

The problem for non-profits like JFSWM is funding and permanent housing.


Republican Governor Baker: Welcome Afghans whoever you are!

Gov. Charlie Baker issued a public statement on Aug. 17, at the height of the crisis in Afghanistan that Massachusetts is ready to assist Afghan refugees seeking safety and peace in America, but little has been revealed on the state’s plan for the intake.


Where is the MONEY?

So far no money has been promised to aid the work the charities are doing to rehouse the refugees and Baker’s office has not laid out any guarantee of support.

“I think we’re getting to a point now where we’re being asked to do all of this work, and that’s wonderful, but we are given no resources to do it,” said Stein. “The state of Massachusetts is welcoming Afghan refugees, but we need to see some financial support.”

JFSWM is looking at three communities to house the 150 Afghan evacuees they can help: Framingham, Pittsfield and Springfield.

If you live in one of those Massachusetts towns and you aren’t happy with what you are hearing, you better speak up now or forever hold your peace!

Check out my archives to see that Springfield, Mass, a working class town, has been a real pocket of resistance over the years.  Nevertheless, the State Department continued to shove refugees down the mayor’s throat.

***The primary contractors have around 100 subcontractors working for them….

The Springfield Jewish agency is a subcontractor of HIAS.

Too Many Afghans and Not Enough Welfare For Them (and everyone else!)

Afghan evacuees arrive at Dulles near Washington, DC.


CBS posted a handy outline of the massive mess the Biden Administration has created by scooping up tens of thousands of Afghans who have really no legitimately determined immigration status in the US.

So, of course, Congress might have to change immigration law so that medical care, housing assistance, food stamps and cash assistance can be made available to them.

In the meantime, the Biden Administration will be going outside the law to find money (your money) to care for them.

This article is a must read for all of you interested in the tangled mess and it serves as a harbinger of the troubles your community is going to have with large numbers of unhappy evacuees who are going to be wanting stuff—decent housing in crime-free communities and a social safety net for months or even years to come.

By the way, in my first year of writing this blog—2007—there was an Iraqi boy, in Arizona I think, who penned a letter to a local paper and asked why the US would admit so many Iraqis that were then having a miserable life in America because there were too many to be properly cared for.  He asked, why not admit fewer so they could be happy instead of too many who were all subsequently unhappy?

I predict we are rapidly headed to a crisis we have never seen before because don’t forget we are also admitting hundreds of thousands across our southern border who have no approved reason to be here and who are expecting Americans to feed and clothe them.

All of those aliens combined with the Afghans and Biden’s promise for October 1 to begin admitting up to 125,000 refugees from other areas of the world is going to create the greatest drain on the American taxpayers we have likely ever seen, and the greatest chaos and tension in ‘welcoming’ communities as all of the competing migrants want stuff.

Here is the CBS story.  If you are really interested in what is happening, you should read it yourself.  I’m pulling out only a few nuggets of information I found most informative.

Once again, they are not legitimate REFUGEES, so try hard to simply call them evacuees, even as the mainstream media will try to firmly cement in your minds that they are legal refugees.

U.S. effort to resettle Afghan refugees faces major hurdles

The Biden administration’s plan to resettle tens of thousands of Afghan refugees is facing formidable operational and legal challenges, with issues ranging from the uncertain immigration status of many evacuees, to limited social resources and permanent housing for the new arrivals.

Thousands of at-risk Afghans are arriving in the U.S. without approved visas, placing them in legal limbo and rendering them ineligible for some federal social programs available to those admitted as refugees, including cash assistance and Medicaid.

The sharp increase in admissions of Afghan evacuees over the past few days has also strained the resources of the nine national U.S. refugee resettlement agencies***, prompting them to house some refugees in hotels and Airbnb rentals while affordable apartments are found, three resettlement officials told CBS News.

Since mid-August, the U.S. has admitted approximately 24,000 of the Afghans it evacuated from Kabul this summer ahead of the U.S. withdrawal. As of Thursday morning, more than 20,000 of them were being housed at eight military sites that have been chosen to temporarily host them, according to internal federal data reviewed by CBS News.

Another roughly 39,000 evacuees remained at military bases in Europe and the Middle East, including Afghans undergoing U.S. immigration processing and security vetting, the federal data showed.

Biden’s team is going “ad hoc” (a nice way of saying that they are going outside of existing law) to get the non-refugees their bennies.  

To address these exclusions, the State Department is launching an “Afghan Parolee Support Program,” which will help Afghan parolees with housing, transportation, food, cash, clothing, legal counsel and other services, according to multiple resettlement officials involved in the effort.

And, those religious charities (six of nine are supposedly religious)*** that resettle refugees on a per head basis will be getting paid as usual even as the evacuees are NOT refugees! Sounds illegal to me!

Resettlement agencies are expected to receive $2,275 for each Afghan parolee that they serve. However, parolees will only have access to the makeshift program for up to 90 days, so refugee advocates are now urging lawmakers to enact a legislative fix.

Congressmen Seth Moulton and Don Bacon, a bipartisan pair of former military officers, are planning to introduce a bill known as the WELCOME Act on Friday that would make Afghan parolees eligible for the same government benefits that traditional refugees receive, two congressional officials told CBS News.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement at the Department of Health and Human Services is also considering creating an ad hoc program to temporarily cover medical services for parolees, two resettlement officials said.

There is so much information.  You should read it and book mark it for future reference.

Don’t miss the part about how they will not be sent back to Afghanistan even if they don’t get a favorable decision with their asylum claim or their security screening!

More than 23,000 are already on US soil!  See here.

*** These are the nine Leftwing federal resettlement contractors that are busy beavers right now as they juggle for position to be awarded their allotments of illegitimate ‘refugees’ (refugee industry watchers refer to the process as bidding for bodies).





Who Are All the Afghans We Airlifted? Will We Ever be Told?

The Conservative Tree House (The Last Refuge) has a story yesterday, hat tip: Cathy, in which they question who are all the people we flew out of Afghanistan when few were Americans and few apparently were those with Special Immigrant Visas?

State Department Admits the majority of Afghans and SIVs who helped us did not evacuate, so who are these 116,000 Afghans we evacuated?

According to the data provided by the U.S. State Department in the last few days, the total number of people evacuated from the Kabul airport was 122,000.  Of those, 6,000 were American citizens (AmCits), and 116,000 were Afghan refugees.

Today the State Department admits the “majority” of the qualified Afghan people who assisted the U.S. during operations in Afghanistan, Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applicants, did not get evacuated.  That admission begs the question: then who the heck are those 116,000 refugees?

Well, they mostly are not legitimate refugees (yet!).  They are just more bodies the left is using to change America by changing the people.

How do I know?  Because the federal resettlement contractors*** are anxious.

If they aren’t refugees, then they are likely being paroled into the US and that means there won’t be a large pot of payola for the contractors, nor will there be gobs of taxpayer money flowing to individual Afghans (well, at least not yet!) for a panoply of welfare programs.

It also means that they don’t automatically get permission to stay, but let me ask you:  Do you think there is a chance in hell that any will ever be sent back to Afghanistan?

Keep in mind that I have been on (LOL!) sabbatical for most of the last month, so I haven’t been doing my usual extensive reading on refugee industry politics nor have I been following the contractors closely.  Therefore this is not the definitive word on what the hell is going on as Biden’s White House team wings it!

However this bulletin from the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants explaining the program that is likely being used to move so many foreign nationals into the US so quickly is informative.

If they aren’t legit refugees it is questionable whether the contractors will be in on the action.

It appears that Congress might have to change some laws to free up welfare for a large number of Afghans (and in order for the contractors to help them because the contractors, of course, do not work for free!).

Below are screen shots of the opening paragraphs and the closing paragraph of the USCRI document (photographed because I am afraid the pdf might disappear).


By the way, the refugee industry lobbying arm—Refugee Council USA–has created opportunities for you to get involved promoting and lobbying for the quick placement of Afghans (whoever they are!) into America.

*** These are the nine Leftwing federal resettlement contractors that are busy beavers right now as they juggle for position to be awarded their allotments of ‘refugees’ (refugee industry watchers refer to the process as bidding for bodies).


Administration Getting Ready for Refugee Backlash; Trump Changes his Tune; 2022 Refugee Admissions Could Hit 200,000

I’ve been in my garden trying hard to not succumb to frustration, anger and sadness about what dementia (is it dementia?) Joe (or more precisely his handlers) have done to Afghanistan and are doing to America.

I’ll post when I see something that isn’t being widely reported, but know that the refugee contractors are busier than ever readying your towns and cities for the onslaught of refugees they expect to arrive momentarily not just from Afghanistan, but in the coming months from everywhere in the world even as our southern border is being invaded.

I am urging all of you to get involved and fight locally and if you aren’t working soon, by getting involved in electing a new Congress in 2022, you need to be!

What do we do now? Fight Back Locally!


It isn’t simply a question of security! American taxpayers have been footing the bill to prop up Afghanistan for 20 years, now we will be paying for the care of tens of thousands of refugees who will not be working anytime soon. That is in addition to hundreds of thousands of border invaders.


Here is a Politico story from Monday with some important nuggets of information.

As Biden ends mission in Afghanistan, a refugee backlash looms at home

First, near the end of the report we learn that there are members of Congress (probably being lobbied by the refugee contractors***) urging Biden to set the refugee ceiling (an annual September event) at 200,000 rather than the 125,000 Biden previously promised them.

….more than 65 House Democrats are now calling on Biden to increase the annual refugee admissions cap to no less than 200,000 for fiscal year 2022 — up from BIden’s pledge of 125,000 — given the situation in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Biden handlers preparing for backlash.  Politico claims that Trump is the instigator.   If so he must have changed his tune as in the early days of the Afghanistan disaster he had expressed support for a refugee flood from the Muslim country.  See my post two weeks ago.

Here is Politico on Monday:

President Joe Biden has faced a torrent of criticism for abandoning Afghan partners as their country fell to the Taliban. Now, there is also a looming political controversy over the thousands of Afghans Biden will end up resettling over here.

An increasingly vocal group of Republicans — led by Donald Trump, who made immigration restrictions a hallmark of his presidency — oppose the resettlement of Afghan refugees in the U.S., claiming that they could be dangerous, or will change the make-up of the country. And they plan to make it an issue in next year’s midterm elections, along with broader attacks about Biden’s messy withdrawal from Afghanistan.

One of those Republicans, Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana, said the chaos in Afghanistan should not be “an excuse to flood” the U.S. with refugees.

There is much more, please read it yourself.

And, then be sure to see the list of initial target resettlement cities for SIVs, but know that thousands of those arriving don’t have that status, here.  

Know also that the contractors are prepping many more smaller towns and cities because they know they can’t find enough cheap housing in their usual target locations.

***For newbies, here are the nine federal resettlement contractors which basically call the shots and tell the administration to jump and how high they must go as they change America by changing the people.

Go here to see which cities they already control. List was updated in May.


In Order to Boost Refugee Numbers, Church World Service Wants New Way to Admit Them

Anyone can be a refugee!

Instead of student visas (that have an expiration date) for college age foreigners, they want refugee status for them. And, that means besides a free ride to college they would get “services” to support them (and of course would never be expected to leave!).

Services means social services like housing, medical care, and food all supplied by you, the US taxpayer.

If they got their way, students like Khaled Awad who stabbed a rabbi in Boston last week, would not have to leave the country when a student visa expired, as it did for this creep.

Egyptian man charged in Boston rabbi stabbing overstayed student visa, was in US illegally: ICE

Check it out at Fox News. 

Now, here is Crux (a Catholic publication) reporting on Church World Service’s plan.

They are busy, busy, busy finding new ways to get more refugees into the US!

Church group seeks ‘educational pathways’ for refugees to reach America

NEW YORK – A new report from a faith-based organization calls for the federal government to create educational pathways for refugees to resettle in the U.S., as the Biden administration looks to rebuild the nation’s refugee resettlement program.

The report, from international faith-based advocacy organization Church World Service, was published July 1. It focuses on four steps for the Biden Administration, the first of which would be granting refugees admitted into the U.S. to pursue higher education refugee status, which would provide them more robust and longer-term protections than temporary student visas.


In April, however, Biden received backlash after he announced he would not increase the refugee admissions cap from the 15,000. The president then backtracked on that decision a month later and raised the cap to 62,500, with a goal of resettling 125,000 refugees in Fiscal Year 2022.

The Church World Service report notes that rebuilding the refugee resettlement program to that capacity is not an easy task. Therefore, it argues, it will be important for the Biden administration to consider complementary pathways, which “places focus on exploring ways to open educational, employment, family reunification, and other humanitarian pathways to refugees.”

Under an education pathway, the report says that these students “would be selected on the basis of their educational qualifications, in addition to their need for protection and a durable solution.”


President Trump attempted to give some power to state and local governments to determine resettlement in their states. CWS, and here Erol Kekic, sued the Trump administration because they (partnering with the feds) want to continue to decide which cities and states will get which refugees.


The United States has some of the best universities in the world, [and] they deserve students who can bring new, invigorating perspectives to their classrooms,” Erol Kekic, senior vice president of Church World Service’s Immigration and Refugee Program, said in a statement.

Now get this!  These new types of ‘refugee’ would not count in the annual cap—a cap expected to be set in September at 125,000!

That said, the report also argues that the Biden administration should count refugees admitted into the U.S. through an education, or other complementary pathway, separately than those admitted on humanitarian grounds. Instead, the report argues, it should increase admissions.


It suggests that the U.S. government establish a separate target number of refugees to admit in addition to the 125,000 person goal anticipated to be set for the upcoming fiscal year.

“Educational pathways must not compete with humanitarian-based resettlement, and any educational or other complementary pathway should be designed to ensure that this separation is maintained,” the report continues.

Other steps Church World Service suggests the Biden administration take to implement an educational pathway include working with resettlement agencies to make sure student-refugees have the core services in place to excel as new Americans and students.

That last bit means that the contractors (aka resettlement agencies) get paid by taxpayers to help the student refugees (clients!) get their services!

One of my favorite pics of all time. The ‘Christians’ of CWS.

If you are new to RRW, here (below) are the nine major refugee contractors licking their chops about the money that will flow to them as Biden opens the refugee spigot.

And, for ambitious readers I have a huuuge archive on Church World Service partly because it was that contractor that ‘inspired’ me to write this blog in the first place back in 2007!

It was CWS that wanted to change my county by changing the people.