Refugee Advocates Express Outrage Over Small Number of Refugees Trump MIGHT Admit to US

Should we have expected any other reaction from the nine federal refugee resettlement contractors*** that have been changing America by changing the people for four decades while we pay them to do it!

The contractors are working overtime to get Joe Biden elected President since he has promised to admit 125,000 refugees in his first year in office.

As I reported here the other day, the President has set the ceiling for FY2021 at the lowest level since the program was launched by Senators Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and President Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Here come the reactions….

Catholics are up first since the US Conference of Catholic Bishops leads the bunch in terms of numbers of refugees they have placed in hundreds of US towns and cities since the program began.

The big news in this story is that the President hasn’t signed the determination and there is a pause in the program until October 26th.

From America Magazine:

Bishops and advocates denounce Trump administration’s historic low refugee cap

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The steep slope, appearing almost as a vertical line, is a stunning mark by the Trump administration on what was once a refugee program recognized around the world as a model to welcome the tyrannized and persecuted masses.

Late on the night of Sept. 30 as the annual deadline for setting a figure for refugee admittances approached, the administration announced it would bring the refugee cap—the maximum number of displaced people the country decides to resettle in a federal fiscal year—to a historic low: 15,000.

The average during presidencies of both Republicans and Democrats had been around 95,000. [See how they got this 95,000—ed] But the announcement on the new cap doesn’t mean the bad news for refugees, or organizations that help them, ended there.

“It’s not official, the president still has to sign it,” so no refugees can enter the country until that happens, said Ashley Feasley, the director of policy for Migration and Refugee Services at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. “I have no idea when he’ll sign it.”

Feasley said there’s a “pause” until Oct. 26, which means nothing will happen until then.

Dorsonville was born in Columbia. Gomez was born in Mexico.

Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, U.S.C.C.B. president, and Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville, auxiliary bishop of Washington and chairman of the U.S.C.C.B.’s Committee on Migration, called the low number on admissions, “heartbreaking,” given “the global need and the capacity and wealth of the United States.”


Then we have the International Rescue Committee weighing in….

Ash worked for both the Bush and Obama State Departments.

Nazanin Ash, the vice president of public policy at the International Rescue Committee, also deplored the decision: “The number of refugees worldwide has grown by over 14 million over the last four years, while the Trump Administration has lowered refugee admissions levels by over 80 percent, vastly reduced access to the program for Muslim and Black refugees, severely reduced the number of persecuted religious allowed into the country, and ignored the world’s largest refugee crises.”

She added, “The administration has reneged on U.S. humanitarian obligations, trampled on long-held values, undermined U.S. interests and its own stated policy goals—including by failing to provide safety to thousands in need of refuge because of their assistance to U.S. troops or because of religious or political persecution.”

More here.

Here is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society statement:

Mark Hetfield, President and CEO of HIAS, at February 2017 rally against the President. A featured speaker that day was then Rep. Keith Ellison

In response, HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield said: “It is a sad moment when our country shows such weakness when it should be leading. The administration’s decision to set a record low number of refugees at a time of record high needs — and without even consulting with Congress, as required by law — shows how far we have fallen. Not only will refugees who have fled violence and persecution suffer, but so will our country, as refugees who become new Americans have contributed so much to this country.



The Lutheran religious Leftists joined the chorus:


“In just four years, this Administration has cut the refugee resettlement program from 110,000 to a historic low of fifteen thousand. At a time of unprecedented global need, today’s decision to further cut the refugee admissions ceiling is a complete abdication of our humanitarian and moral duty.” said Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, president and CEO of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.


Church World Service blasts the President too!

By the way, CWS is the crop walk organization, so if your church is holding a crop walk you are contributing to changing America through migration.

Trump Administration Violates Moral and Legal Obligations, Delays Setting Refugee Admissions Goal, Halting Historic Resettlement Program

Rev. John L. McCullough, President and CEO of Church World Service issued the following statement:

Protesting Trump in October 2019: CWS President and CEO, the Rev. John L. McCullough, was one of 18 leaders arrested today on the Capitol steps while protesting the destruction of the U.S. refugee resettlement program. He stood alongside leaders from Amnesty International USA, CAIR, America’s Voice and more. From their facebook page:

“The Trump Administration’s failure to comply with the Refugee Act and their subsequent delays and cuts to the refugee program are moral failures and a disgrace to the American legacy of welcome.

Refugee resettlement is not a partisan issue. Each day that resettlement is paused is a matter of life and death for the thousands of refugees waiting to rebuild their lives. Congress must not overlook this blatant disregard for human life and our legal process. They must demand that they be consulted as soon as possible and that the refugee program be restored.”

“The proposed refugee resettlement number of 15,000, a more than 80% cut over historic norms, is unacceptable. Our values as a nation and as people of faith demand that we take action when people’s lives are in danger. But for the past three years, President Trump and his administration have strayed so far from these basic principles in the name of their cruel, racist and partisan goals that the life-saving refugee resettlement program is a shadow of what it once was.I urge all Americans to insist that Congress hold the White House accountable to operating the refugee program as required by U.S. law.”

More of CWS’s blast at the President here.

I’ll have more as I am sure this isn’t the last of what we will hear from the contractors.


***For new readers these (below) are the nine federally-funded refugee contractors that operate as a huge conveyor belt monopolizing all refugee placement in America.

Your ‘religious’ Left at work! I wonder if some of our tax dollars paid for her Church World Service shirt?

And, they do not limit their advocacy toward only legal immigration programs, but are heavily involved in supporting the lawlessness at our borders.

The question isn’t as much about refugees per se, but about who is running federal immigration policy now and into the future?  

I continue to argue that these nine contractors are the heart of America’s Open Borders movement and thus there can never be long-lasting reform of US immigration policy when these nine un-elected phony non-profits are paid by the taxpayers to work as community organizers pushing an open borders agenda.

Lutheran Refugee Contractor Promotes “Welcoming Refugees 2021” Letter to the Prez

And did you know! Forcibly displaced people declined in 2020!

As I said in my previous post this morning, September is the big month for pressuring the President to set a high ceiling for the number of refugees to be admitted to the US in the fiscal year that begins October first.

I was curious to see if I could find out who is behind this year’s ‘” campaign and as best as I can figure out it seems to be the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service federal resettlement contractor which has a special “toolkit” for the project here.

I’m guessing however that most of the other eight contractors are helping to gin-up local elected official support to pressure the President to set a ceiling of 95,000 refugees for the upcoming year.

Although 95,000 seems to be the magic number again this year, the letter they have prepared for Trump this year leaves that number out.  I’m guessing that is because it is so high it would turn off prospective local elected official support.

You can see last year’s letter here.

Be sure to see who in your state signed it!

Take note of the fact that the number of daily needy refugees has dropped from last year.  Wow!  It is not often that the scaremongers actually report a reduction in the numbers!

Last year’s letter:

Each day, an estimated 44,000 people are forcibly displaced from their homes due to violence, persecution, or war. 

This year’s letter:

Each day, an estimated 37,000 people are displaced from their homes due to violence, persecution, or war.

The goal is to get this year’s letter signed by as many local and state elected officials they can wrangle by a week from today!

CIS Posts Update on US Refugee Contractors, but Does it Matter in the Year from Hell?

Nayla Rush writing at the Center for Immigration Studies has posted a thorough update on the US Refugee Admissions Program focusing on how the nine federal contractors basically call the shots about where refugees are placed.

Please see her report here, read it and file it for a time when we return to normal (which may be a long way off in the future!) and will be permitted to have wonkish discussions about the nuts and bolts of federal programs.

But, as I have been saying here and here, these are not normal times and in the coming months don’t be distracted by thinking that the November elections will be normal and come January 2021 we go back to squabbling over the intricacies of federal programs like the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see how that can be.

Your entire focus for the remainder of the year should be on preparing to survive (personally) and working to help our country survive the chaos those who want to destroy America are going to rain down on us.

If Trump wins, expect violence in the streets. There may be a lull right now, but most likely because the Marxists/Antifa/BLM are working on plans for the coming months.


Trump in the Rose Garden on July 14th: ” Biden has gone radical left.
Increase refugee admissions by 700 percent. Huh. That’s a lot: by 700 percent. Nobody has ever heard of such a thing. Increase refugee admissions by 700 percent.”


If the empty shell Biden wins and has one or both houses of Congress, we will be done. 

I expect there won’t even be any vocal opposition permitted—our speech will be silenced one way or the other as America’s gates will be flung open to the world.

And, about that 700%?  Biden has already said he will immediately admit 125,000 refugees a year to America and so to get to that figure, it likely means that Trump expects to admit about 15,500 before September 30th.***  I don’t think it will be nearly that high as we are only at 7,800 now.  The original ceiling was supposed to be 18,000. (Trump’s people might be adding in the Special Immigrant Visas to get that number up.)

Rush does excellent work, so read her report and pray that one day we can again return to squabbling over the implications of government programs, but as I said in November of 2019, you need to work to get the President re-elected.

And, you must also prepare your household and your community for an attack on civil society like we have never seen.

By the way, have you had your “second tower moment?”

*** LOL! Surely someone will check my math.  If I am wrong, it isn’t me!  I used one of those percent calculator things!

HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield Confident that Refugees Pose Us No Harm

Thanks to reader David for sending this short interview with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society’s Mark Hetfield.

Longtime readers know that Hetfield has been a leading opponent of any refugee program reform efforts the President has proposed both through political agitation and legal action his federally-funded organization has taken.

I always laugh when I hear their line that goes like this about the millions admitted to the US: “not a single one has committed a lethal act of terror.”

He leaves out the dozens who have tried to commit terror acts and failed or who were caught before they could act and the untold numbers that have murdered or raped someone after being admitted.

Reader Michelle had this to say about the clip:

Maybe not an act of terror but in my own town, a refugee slaughtered 3 young children with a machete. And this is only one town. There are lots more. IF that isn’t terror, what is it? I can’t stand these holier than thou officials. He seems to have forgotten all of those that were caught getting ready to act and lots more that have done worse like rape etc.

For more on HIAS see my extensive archive by clicking here.

Taxpayer Funded Refugee Resettlement Contractors Doing Well even with Trump in the White House

When President Trump arrived in the Oval Office I had a lot of hope that the new Administration would begin to turn off the funding for the nine federal resettlement agencies that have been for decades monopolizing all refugee placement in the US.

But, alas, even as refugee numbers have plummeted, the contractors are still sucking down millions of federal dollars each month, in most cases on par with what they were getting during the Obama years.

And, as they complain that they have had to close offices and fire staff they are still doing well (Ha! By doing good?) and will be well-positioned to ramp-up as soon as the Dems regain the White House (whenever that is!).

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has already signaled he wants over 100,000 refugees admitted each year (a figure Obama never achieved).

Of course, it isn’t all on Trump, Congress is a major player and there is no will there to slow or reform the refugee program. Oh, some do want to ‘reform’— by expanding it!

For the umpteenth time, the flawed structure of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program has not been reformed one significant bit in the last 3 years.

What are these ‘charities’ doing with all this money?

Using data at ,*** I’ve gathered in one place the federal payout to the nine federal refugee grantees/contractors which, as I said, have monopolized all refugee resettlement in America for decades.


When looking at the screenshots below, for relative comparison of the size of the ‘non-profits,’ that number in the left hand corner is useful. It is what they received in the last twelve months from the US Treasury—the US taxpayer.

Know that FY2008 was Bush’s last year and that FY2016 was Obama’s last year in office.

Church World Service


That $45 million is what they received in the last 12 months from you, involuntarily via the US Treasury.
2008 was a Bush year. And for FY2020 remember we are only 7 months into the fiscal year which ends on September 30th.


Ethiopian Community Development Council


Don’t ask me why they show no federal funding for those previous years, they have been around for a long time.


Episcopal Migration Ministries

(This one is tricky because they have another name!)


HIAS (aka Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)


Notice that HIAS has had its best year in over a decade during the Trump Administration.


International Rescue Committee


There were additional transactions for the IRC under different duns numbers.
They are down a little under Trump, but they are up more than double what they were getting under Bush!


U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants



Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service



United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

(By the way, in addition to the monies here mostly for the refugee program, the Bishops received a whopping $400 million for Catholic Relief Services.)


The Bishops have taken a significant drop in funding since their top Obama year.


World Relief Corporation




So what are the contractors whining about, they are all still better off now than they were ten years ago.  And, they are positioned well to expand when the Dems retake the White House.

This post is filed in two categories:  Where to find information and Knowledge is Power.

*** is a relatively new undertaking of the US government that creates transparency for all of us and it was created in the Obama Administration.