China Does NOT Want Any Refugees from the Middle East (or from anywhere else)!

How sick are you of hearing that we in America have some moral obligation to admit more refugees to our towns and cities?  Well, get ready to barf because you are going to hear it non-stop if Biden/Harris succeed in stealing the White House.

And, when was the last time you heard the UN and its sycophants in the media and among those in the international “humanitarian” NGO cabal blasting China for being racist?

(Of course we do hear that China treats its existing Muslim population badly, but I’ve rarely ever seen any stories referencing their very clear NO to any more refugees of any sort.)

China welcomes “ethnic Chinese” to return to China. Bring money and business. All others need not apply.


So when a commenter mentioned China in a comment to another post yesterday, I went looking for articles about how China wants China to be for the Chinese!  No multi-culti BS for them!

And, surprise! The Chinese people want to take care of the poor Chinese first. Additionally they sensibly look at the Islamic terrorism now rampant in Europe and ask why should they ‘welcome’ that to their homeland.  Why indeed!

Here is a good explanation at The Diplomat from 2017:

Why Do Chinese Reject Middle Eastern Refugees?

Islamophobia is a potent factor, but not the whole story.

June 20 was “World Refugee Day,” but the following days witnessed strong debates over the refugee issue inside China. Many Chinese newspapers and websites highlighted the news of Yao Chen, who is a famous Chinese movie and TV star, visiting foreign refugees in both China and abroad.

Yao Chen, China’s ‘Angelina Jolie’ visits Syrian refugees.

Those reports about refugees were viewed by Chinese public as attempts to “create a public atmosphere,” or a sign that Chinese government is preparing to accept Middle East refugees (an assumption made largely because of the official background of Chinese news agencies).

Countless discussions and petitions denouncing Yao Chen and the possibility of China accepting refugees have emerged, not only on social media sites such as Weibo and WeChat, but also on several leading internet blogs. Public surveys show that a massive majority of Chinese (in some surveys, nearly 99 percent) strongly oppose the idea of settling Middle Eastern refugees, especially Muslim refugees, inside China.

This public fear of accepting refugees, especially Muslims, first and foremost reflects China’s increasing Islamophobia.

The people are not stupid, they see what is going on in Europe with Islamic terrorism:

….the continuing terrorism threat in Europe and increased reports of crimes such as rapes and murders committed by Syrian and Afghan refugees in Europe also stoked fear in the Chinese public.

An Arab refugee disses Chinese people:

In addition, negative stories about Middle Eastern refugees who have stayed in China made the Chinese public feel taken advantage of or offended. One such story recounts the example of a male Arab refugee who stayed in Beijing for seven years before he headed to Canada. He reportedly never worked or learned to speak Chinese and survived on his Chinese girlfriend’s monthly salary. When Yao Chen, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ goodwill ambassador in China, visited this refugee in Beijing and praised his Chinese girlfriend for being “hardworking,” the refugee replied: “My girlfriend should thank me because I teach her English!” Many Chinese took great offense to this “shameless” reaction.

The Chinese people who have had their own family size restricted want to take care of China’s poor people first (where have I heard that before!):

Although President Xi Jinping has created the Belt and Road initiative and increased China’s international influence, most Chinese still question whether China should help foreign states given the fact that there are still more than 500 million “underprivileged people” in China today.

America broke it (the Middle East), they should be responsible say the Chinese:

….many Chinese people believe it should be the United States, European states, or at least Arab states that resettle Middle Eastern refugees, based on the logic of “punishing” those who caused the problem in the first place. Chinese people believe the Middle Eastern refugee issue resulted from the civil wars “provoked” and “interfered” in by the West and other Middle Eastern states, and thus it should be their responsibility to take care of these refugees.

More here.

So any chance that Beijing Biden will get us back into conflicts in the Middle East in order to create more refugees and that we will be guilt-tripped into bringing them to live among us? Yup!

And, any chance Biden will put pressure on China regarding its attitude toward Muslims and urge them to take in Middle Easterners?  Nope!

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5 thoughts on “China Does NOT Want Any Refugees from the Middle East (or from anywhere else)!

  1. There is good reason to fear MEs in our country and around the globe. Their “religion” requires to either Kill non-believers or convert them…..Blacks especially. In Arabic the word “black” has more than one meaning…..”slave” is one of them.

    We never had beheadings in our country until the first wave of them brought in by Obama … we have these horrific killings…..also….Mexico…now they seem to be a daily event. The first one I can recall is that poor woman at a factory – I think in Oklahoma-where they had MEs….one of the Me employees beheaded her.

    Islam is not a “religion” by any definition….it is a cult….a death cult.
    The first war that America fought as a country was on the Barbary Coast…..and centuries later….here was are again.
    God Save America!

    1. Eisenhower had a problem with illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico. He had the military round them up and set them back over the Border….they came back.
      He had the military do it again….and set them down in the middle of Mexico….they came back.
      He then had the military round them up, put them on trains, and set them down at the Southern Border. They did not come back.

      We then stopped immigration for 40 years…except for a select few who benefited America.

      Anchor Babies: My grandfather was Border Patrol in El Paso for 40 years. He told me that when a Mexico woman slipped across the Border to have a baby, they would hand her a birth certificate and put her back over the Border, tell her that when the kid turned 18 they could apply like every other immigrant to come back to America. However, they had to be able to speak English, not have a criminal record, and go through the process like any other immigrant.

      That worked until the Democrats lied to Reagan and told him if he signed the first Amnesty for illegals….that would be the only one.

      Then big business came along and wanted cheap labor….and here we are today…

      Since then we – the tax payers – have spent trillions of dollars supporting them, housing, food, medical, education….and dealing with all the crime they create. Cheap for Big Business…not so much for American citizens.

      Now the Left has added a new, more dangerous demographic….whose goal is to conquer America and force their “religion” on us….MEs. They are indoctrinated to either convert us or kill us. There is no middle ground.

      If you want more information on that…read Michael Youssef’s book (cheap on Amazon): “JESUS, JIHAD and PEACE.” He is a former Muslim from the Middle East…became a Christian, moved to America, and founded a church in Georgia….he’s also now television.
      I don’t watch him on TV, but his book is very good.

      If Biden becomes President….there will be no safe place in America….they’ve already started making an enemies list….with the help of Big Tech and Silicon Valley.

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