Bosnian refugee murdered in St. Louis two weeks ago

Yesterday when I reported on the murder of a Bhutanese refugee in St. Louis I mentioned that another refugee was murdered earlier in a convenience store just a mile from the latest murder in a 7-Eleven.  I’m guessing the local thugs haven’t bought the ‘diversity is strength’ meme yet.

Murdered refugee Haris Gogic

Here is the news from the Riverfront Times on the death of  Haris Gogic, and the capture of his alleged killer:

Last Friday [May 31], an armed robber fired shots at Haris Gogic, 19, and his brother Mirza Gogic, 23, inside the St. Louis convenience store they own together and operate in front of their home. The younger brother was hit in the head and did not survive. 

Police soon after sent out a clear surveillance image of the suspect — and five days later, detectives have been able to track him down. Joseph Fox, 23, yesterday was charged with murder, assault, burglary, robbery and armed criminal action and is now behind bars.

In the probable-cause statement, on view below, police reveal more information about the violent killing — including details of Fox’s alleged attack on Mirza Gogic’s girlfriend inside the store on Chippewa Street and Alfred Avenue.


He [shooter] pointed a gun at her head, the charges say, and forced her to go to the cash register while demanding money.

Surveillance video that helped police identify Fox

As she was screaming for help, the two brothers were reportedly in an adjacent room and heard her cries.

The brothers both ran into the store to assist her, and as Mirza Gogic approached, the armed robber threatened to kill his girlfriend.

At this point, Fox allegedly shot Haris in the head — and then shot Mirza in the right arm.


The brothers are immigrants [The family is moving out of this neighborhood—ed] who came with their parents from Bosnia to St. Louis in 2001 after having survived four years of war in their home country.

Read the whole story for how the police tracked down Fox.

For new readers:  The great migration of Bosnians to America was begun by the Clinton Administration.  Clinton had to show there was a crisis in Bosnia (the presence of refugees signals to the media that a crisis is at hand!) and conveniently the resettlement of tens of thousands of Bosnians brought cheap immigrant labor to his friends in the meatpacking industry.  Here is one post from 2008 that tells the story.

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