Pakistanis involved in massive 7-Eleven bust in two states

This is a new twist on convenience store scams I usually write about. Food stamp fraud on a massive scale is being perpetrated on the American taxpayer, but this time franchise owner’s of 7-Eleven stores in New York and Virginia have been found to be harboring illegal alien workers and then keeping a portion of their wages.

The Long Island home purchased by alleged immigrant scammers, Farrukh Baig, 57, and Bushra Baig, 49, was purchased for $1.75 million in 2004.

The report in the Washington Post tells us that now a nationwide effort is being made to check other 7-Eleven stores for similar types of fraud.  And, it reminded me, has the killer been identified in the murder of the Bhutanese refugee in St. Louis who was found shot in the 7-Eleven store in which he worked.

And, you know what is galling too!  All the illegal alien Pakis taken into custody in the 7-Eleven raids could get amnesty in the coming months if the Gang of Eight is successful in getting a bill to Obama this year.

Here is the WaPo story.  I had to laugh because the alleged perps are not identified until the closing paragraphs.

A married couple and two brothers who operated 7-Eleven stores in Virginia and New York employed dozens of illegal immigrants under assumed identities and exploited the workers by pocketing some of their wages and requiring them to pay rent to live in unlicensed boardinghouses, authorities said.

Federal indictments unsealed Monday in Brooklyn, N.Y., allege that the four owners and five additional defendants carried out the years-long scheme at four 7-Eleven stores in the Norfolk area and 10 stores in Long Island, N.Y.

At least 50 illegal immigrants, most or all of them from Pakistan, were employed at various times under more than 20 stolen identities of U.S. citizens, some of which were used repeatedly, authorities said.

“From their 7-Eleven stores, the defendants dispensed wire fraud and identity theft along with Slurpees and hot dogs,” said Loretta E. Lynch, the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn, whose office is handling the case. “The defendants not only systematically employed illegal immigrants but concealed their crimes by raiding the cradle and the grave to steal the identities of children and even the dead.”

More stores are going to be investigated.  Maybe Homeland Security should check that 7-Eleven in South St. Louis where the refugee was recently murdered.

The alleged scheme had been going on for more than a decade, authorities said. They said the investigation is continuing and that federal agents were inspecting the employment record at about 30 other 7-Eleven stores in the country. Lynch called the case “one of the largest criminal immigrant employment investigations ever conducted” by the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

Coming out of the shadows! In the last two paragraphs we learn who the crooks are:

The married couple, Farrukh Baig, 57, and Bushra Baig, 49, both of Long Island, controlled the franchise rights to four Virginia 7-Eleven stores in Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake, according to the prosecutors. The brothers, Azhar Zia, 49, and Ummar Uppal, 48, also of Long Island, controlled the franchise rights to two 7-Elevens in Long Island.

The Baigs and Zia are naturalized U.S. citizens and Uppal is a Pakistani national, according to the U.S. attorney’s office. Of five additional defendants, who helped the Baigs run their stores, authorities said, three are naturalized U.S. citizens, one is a Pakistani national and one is a citizen of the Philippines.

PHOTO!  There are more details in the Suffolk Times and it is where the photo is from.

Readers, this post only tangentially involves refugees (that we know of so far!), some enterprising blogger-wannabe should write a blog primarily dedicated to reporting on scams to rip-off the infidels—food stamp fraud, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, wire fraud and trafficking (human!) like this story.

Two Tea Party events in DC tomorrow; 70 brave Republicans to speak against amnesty

From the editor:  I have so much I could post here at RRW today, but circumstances out of my control are getting in the way.  This is what I posted just a few minutes ago at Potomac Tea Party Report about events in DC tomorrow which might be of some interest to readers here as well.

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck announced yesterday that he too will be in Washington, DC tomorrow for the rally to bring  the Nation’s attention to the IRS targeting scandal, and at the same time the Brave 70 will hold an all day event in opposition to the Gang of Eight plus Grover bill working its way through the Senate.

The Seventy members of the House will be challenging Speaker John Boehner and his inner circle (including Paul Ryan) on the so-called “comprehensive” immigration reform bill that Boehner would like to see pass the House in some form so he can go to conference committee and ‘compromise’ with what is expected to be an egregious Senate version of the bill (S.744).

If you missed it, Rush Limbaugh was great yesterday on his radio show saying that this push for amnesty isn’t driven by humanitarianism (and Hispanics won’t be voting Republican), it is being pushed on both sides of the aisle by moneyed interests who simply want the cheap labor supply, and if people like Rubio (Rush implied) want a future in national politics he has to tow the line or he won’t get the big campaign donations.   Limbaugh says they are all crony capitalists now—the big money doesn’t care who (or which party) is in the White House just so they get to put their hands into the government till.

Leading the 70 Member revolt are Reps. Steve King, Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert.

Here is Beck on his show yesterday (hat tip: Cathy):

This Wednesday, June 19, in Washington D.C. there will be an open forum that will feature “border security, anti-amnesty members of Congress.” The debate is slated for 9AM to 12PM and then again from 2PM to 5PM. In between, members of Congress will join with an already-planned Tea Party rally against the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative organizations. Glenn will be joining the event and speaking at noon.

“There are 70 Republicans now in congress that we sent there,” Glenn said. “They’re standing up this week and they’re about to be slaughtered.”

“I think there will be five people in Washington this week on Wednesday because it’s, you know, it’s a Wednesday. It’s in the middle of the week. Who does this? It’s costing me a fortune to be able to get the TV and everybody up there to be able to ‑‑ to be able to just cover it, let alone speak up there. I’m flying a few of my pastors and my priests and my rabbi friends up with me for an announcement with the Black‑Robe Regiment. That’s not something I want to do. Last thing I want to do is get back on an airplane and travel up to Washington D.C. and stand there and be a part of that.”

“There are many things I don’t believe in anymore, and Washington is one of them. And I despise that city now. Because it has just become a symbol of corruption to me, a symbol of grotesque growth, where the rest of us are suffering in the rest of the country,” he said.

Here is the location of the Audit the IRS rally.   The Lincoln-Douglas style debate on immigration will be in front of the US Capital (presumably where the rally will also take place, but I don’t know that for sure).

For people in Western Maryland, the Hagerstown Tea Party still has seats available on its bus (as of this writing!).

For everything we have said here at RRW about S.744, the “mother of all legislative train wrecks”, go here.