Somali killing in St. Louis: Move along, nothing to see says Omar Jamal

Last week a former Somali refugee, owner of a home health care business, killed three of his employees and himself in a multi-culty neighborhood because he was mentally distraught over a divorce we are told by the ‘Somali Jesse Jackson’ Omar Jamal.   The divorce happened years earlier in Texas and the shooter, Ahmed Dirir, had since remarried, but Jamal expects us to believe this was all about a nutty guy in need of mental health treatment.  No sense looking any further.

Omar Jamal representing the new Somali government at the United Nations

Gee where have we heard that before?

Remember when the Canadian Somali died in Denver just before the Democrat National Convention in 2008.  You don’t remember? of course not!  The media was very quickly silenced when Jamal came on the scene.  The Canadian Somali died in a hotel room near the convention venue with enough cyanide to kill scores of people.  After talking to family in Canada, guess who told the media the dead man was just a nut in need of mental health services?

And, the media moved on!

Movin’ on up Somali style!

We were first introduced to Jamal in 2007 when he insisted a Somali man caught on a surveillance camera raping a woman was innocent.  We learned not long afterward that Jamal was convicted of immigration fraud in Tennessee (original court link has since been removed) in 2003 but never deported (we didn’t deport to Somalia at that time, we do now).  Since then Jamal has been involved in the Somali missing youths case in Minneapolis (he was there when our FBI brought back to America the bits of the first American Somali suicide bomber for a proper burial).

He was there when the youthful Somali pirate was brought to NYC to stand trial.  Jamal was talking with the family and the media then too.

Remember the Somali Christmas tree bomber—yup!  Jamal was there pronouncing him just a gullible kid who was innocent.

And, he put in his two-cents worth when the Somali sex trafficking trial was getting underway in Tennessee.

Just type ‘Omar Jamal’ into our search function for more such news opportunities Jamal has found over the years.

Now Jamal is with the Somali mission at the United Nations,  but he is still busy diverting the media from further investigation into questionable and criminal activities of Somalis.

Here is the story in which the AP reporter appears to have swallowed Jamal’s just-a-man-distraught-over-divorce story.

The St. Louis businessman who killed three employees before turning the gun on himself was a Somali immigrant, described by friends as an intelligent man who was quick to reach out to other new-arriving Somalis, but who had lingering anger years after the divorce from his first wife. [Men angry with former wives usually kill the wife, not his innocent employees.—ed]

Police say 59-year-old Ahmed Dirir walked into his business, AK Home Health Care LLC, on Thursday afternoon, got into a brief argument, and then shot his three employees. Killed were 44-year-old Khadra Muse of Olivette, Mo., 29-year-old Seaeed Abdulla of St. Louis, and 54-year-old Bernice Solomon-Redd of East St. Louis, Ill.

Dirir, Muse and Abdulla were all from Somalia, said Omar Jamal of the Somali mission to the U.N. Jamal, who often gets involved in issues of high interest involving Somalis in the U.S., said he spoke with several friends and relatives of Dirir and the victims, including the wives of Dirir and Abdulla.

The home health agency was headquartered in a small business incubator building in a former movie theater on Cherokee Street, a revitalizing mixed-race neighborhood about five miles south of downtown St. Louis.

Jamal:  If only he had the mental health treatment he needed!

 Police haven’t disclosed a motive, but Jamal said the relatives and friends of Dirir he spoke with described a marked change in his demeanor after he and his wife divorced in Texas years earlier. It wasn’t clear when the divorce was finalized, though friends said Dirir had remarried.

“It is sad he didn’t get attention that could have prevented all of this from happening,” Jamal said.

It’s sad that we have admitted so many insane refugees into the US too!

It just occurred to me, maybe US authorities gave Jamal a pass and let him stay in the US in exchange for his role in reporting to the authorities and stopping prying eyes (reporters) every time some fellow Somali got in trouble.