Somali suicide bomber given decent burial in Minnesota

A reminder Dec. 5th:   A reader has just reminded me to tell new readers that as many as 80% of the Somali refugees entering the US may have done so illegally, here.

Update:  Somali men missing all over the world tonight.

You gotta be kidding!   This guy, 27 years old, blows himself to bits and takes along 29 other people (I bet there were women and kids among those killed) and our FBI scoops up the body parts and brings them to Minnesota for a funeral.  I wonder what that cost the US taxpayer?   Have we gone completely around the bend?

And then, would reporters find someone other than Omar Jamal to speak for the Somalis.   Jamal was found guilty in 2003 of immigration fraud and ordered deported.   Hat tip:  Blulitespecial.

Family and friends did not wish to talk about the circumstances of his death.

Community activist Omar Jamal is one of the few who will.

“Honestly I look at him seriously as a victim and not as a criminal, I think of him as a young victim,” says Jamal.

A victim?  The killer was a victim?  He was 27 years old, not 17.  Jamal, that doesn’t make him a “kid!”  If the killer is the victim,  what does that make the 29 people he murdered?   Aren’t they the real victims? 

Nobody made this 27-year-old American citizen go to Somalia.  This is just infuriating.   Stop all Muslim immigration to the US or we will be seeing more decent burials for American suicide bombers.

See the story and especially the video of the funeral here.

Here is our original report on this evil, cold-blooded Muslim killer, Ahmed.  More on Jamal here.

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