We can’t save them all, but we will destroy America trying

There is a good column today at Novakio, an alternative news webzine, by Frosty Wooldridge that makes the point that we can’t save the world by bringing the world to America.   Taking aim at news coverage at the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News, Wooldridge begins:

The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News frequently publish stories on legal and illegal migrants struggling to make a new home in America. Those pieces, filled with sob stories enough to empty a box of Kleenex at a ‘chick flick’, provide the fodder for a never ending flood of immigrants seeking a better life.

But they never talk about the other side of the coin as those immigrants impact American citizens. The DP and RMN never talk about jobs taken from American citizens by legal and illegal immigrants. They fail to talk about the 28 million Americans living on food stamps or 14 million Americans unemployed because immigrants take millions of jobs annually. They fail to tell readers that taxpayers pay for the plane flights, resettlement costs, food, medical, education and housing for immigrants.

He goes on to point out that immigrants displace American workers at the lower end of the job scale.  He’s right, where are the sob stories for those who lose their jobs.

Whether they come from Somalia, Burma or Ethiopia, they find themselves ripped out of their cultures, languages and family connections. They arrive in the USA without any skills that benefit America. They cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars in resettlement costs. They become cab drivers, grocery baggers and other jobs that require no skills other than showing up. At the same time, they take jobs away from American teens, working poor and other Americans—who now stand in unemployment lines, soup kitchens and living on welfare.

And, I’ve always thought this was amazing.  The ‘save the earth’ reporters never never seem to link urban sprawl and the loss of farmland and open space to the millions of immigrants arriving in the US every year.

Beyond the sob stories and the human misery, those reporters never talk about the horrific impact of adding 2.4 million immigrants to the USA annually. Each one causes a 12.6 ‘ecological footprint’ whereby 12.6 acres of land must be destroyed to support that person.

From time to time, we remind readers to watch the Numbers USA link at the top of our home page.  This is a good time to see it again.

Offend a radical Muslim, urinate in a footbath

I’ve got work to do and instead I’m cruising the internet looking for something amusing, and I found it.  The blog Islam in Action has a post today about a moderate Muslim group that has a novel way of making a point—it’s a campaign to support the US Constitution by urging men (I assume men) to urinate in publically funded footbaths.

I love it anytime our side does something like this—a protest that is hilarious!  If you’ve noticed radicals of any sort can’t tolerate humor.

By the way, I can’t remember all the things that offend Muslims but I do remember these:  urine, feces, dead bodies, dogs, pigs and more.   Of those I guess urine is the easiest to get in a footbath.  Does anyone have the complete list?

Alinskyism (Day 11)

More from Saul Alinsky’s “Reveille for Radicals” and possibly an answer to why conservatives have not embraced “community organization.”

The dynamic character of a People’s Organization is such that its members recognize the functional relationships that exist between issues, and between their community and the general social structure.  They know that their problems are not peculiar to themselves and that their communities do not comprise little isolated worlds.  They realize that their local People’s Organization has two major objectives:  first, to organize and do what can be done on the local scene, and second, to utilize the organization as a spring-board for the development of other People’s Organizations throughout the nation.  They recognize that only through engaging in a national organizational program can they ever hope to break loose from their shackles and their misery.  They know that the people elsewhere are the same kind of people, their problems are the same, their needs, their hopes, and their aspirations are the same.  [Edit:  Oh, are we really all the same, see Vanishing American here Saturday on that point].  A people’s program is therefore predicated upon the thesis that only through the combined strength of many organizations such as their own can they ever hope to cope effectively with those major destructive forces which pervade the entire social order and converge upon their communities and themselves to establish the blight that afflicts both the neighborhood and their lives.

So why can’t conservatives organize in the same way that radical leftists can?   Because people who live in towns large and small across America, who are self-reliant, independent,  possibly religious and content with their lives are not trying to break from their “shackles” and “misery” and thus don’t need a “people’s organization.”    Incidentally, this section of “Reveille for Radicals” focused on the role of labor unions as a kind of hot bed for organizing.

Recently I was involved in a discussion about a proposed power line through our county.  For those opposing it, it seemed the only way to force a change in the route was to get a citizens group going.  But, as one wise person commented, the proposed route was changing almost daily which had the effect of making a new set of landowners the target on any given day.   As soon as someone’s property was eliminated from the plan, those people were let off the hook and went back to their comfortable lives.    So, in order to organize using the Alinsky model, one needs a never-ending supply of aggrieved people and conservatives are generally not aggrieved.

Then, as described above, one needs to link all the aggrieved and show that the ills are interconnected.  I thought about this just this Thanksgiving weekend when my daughter came home from her first semester of college and remarked about how all the students seem to be in deep doldrums over the future of the earth.  Mind you they are not worried about terrorism, it’s global warming and too much trash that has them depressed.   At a stage of their lives when they should be happy-go-lucky they are joining the coalition of the aggrieved and linking with social justice groups—all looking for change.   Of course, they don’t know that the “community organizers” driving the engine are headed toward socialism as the ‘change you can believe in.’  Heck, no sense using the politically correct word ‘socialism’, it is communism they would really like to see.

I could go on and on with thoughts on how to break the cycle of grievance, but I won’t.  Maybe another day. 

If you have been wondering why Islamic terrorism doesn’t terrorize people, like the college students, or why papers such as the Minneapolis Star Tribune, see West Side Story in their coverage of missing Somali men (Somalis are poor and aggrieved), it’s because if people fully understood where the danger really came from, they would quickly drop their little organizations for their petty causes and join forces to preserve our democracy.  But, that is not what the change agents want and they have spent 40 years indoctrinating students, workers, reporters, teachers and others with the notion that we are all little puddles of suffering humanity and that the enemy is capitalism.   

Here is my prediction, if the Communists prevail and turn us into a conglomeration of dependent needy wimps as the Alinskyites wish, I believe the Islamists will then turn and eat them (all of us) alive.

Feds stop Minneapolis Mosque leaders from boarding a plane

The Imam and the youth leader were probably skipping town, headed to Saudi Arabia, as evidence points to the mosque’s role in possibly encouraging Somali young men (refugees!) to leave for terrorist training.  Hat tip:  Blulitespecial

The theory is that the youths have gone to Somalia to fight in the civil war, but we don’t know that yet!  At least these two are not leaving on a jet plane.   From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

An imam and a youth coordinator at a Minneapolis mosque were prohibited from boarding a flight Saturday morning to Saudi Arabia as part of a spiritual pilgrimage, an attorney for the mosque confirmed Sunday

The attorney said it’s likely the men are on a federal “no fly” list because they and the mosque have been connected by rumor to a number of missing Somali men whose families fear have returned to their East African homeland to fight in that nation’s civil unrest or to receive terrorist training.

The FBI, which has been investigating alleged links between some in Minneapolis’ large Somali refugee community and the strife in that nation, would not comment on the airport incident. The scope of any such links, if they exist, remains unclear.

There is so much in this article, you really must go read the whole thing.   Here is another interesting piece of information.   The two mosque leaders were stopped by the Transportation Security Administration’s “no-fly” list.   This agency is one of the quiet efforts of the Bush Administration that has helped keep us safe since 9/11.

Mahir Sherif, a California attorney who represents Abubakar as well as other Somali mosques across the country, said there are many possible reasons why the men are on the federal Transportation Security Administration’s “no fly” list, which as of mid-August contained about 50,000 names. But he suspects that the reasons are linked to stories circulating in the Somali community that the mosque has been used to indoctrinate and train young men to return to Somalia — stories that Sherif strongly denied Sunday.

He might be denying it, but the families have been pointing to the mosque as the source of the indoctrination.  I noticed in an earlier report on the missing Somali men that one family said their son only went to school, came home and went to the mosque— bells went off for me.

Here is a comment from a relative of another missing man:

The relative said he is a bright young man who attended the University of Minnesota and spent a lot of time at the Abubakar mosque.

“He used to sleep at the mosque … like he lived there,” the relative said through an interpreter in a West Bank apartment.

I’m closing by echoing what Judy said last night:

It is insane that we let any Somalis into this country, given what is now known. It’s insane that seven years after 9/11 we have not stopped the Wahhabi Saudis from funding mosques, organizations, Middle East studies programs, and God knows what else throughout our country. It’s insane that radical Muslims carry out the stealth jihad under our noses, telling us what they’re doing while we watch them do it.

Endnote:  The Minneapolis Star Tribune finally caught on to the Somali immigration fraud story a couple of days ago.  But, in the eyes of the mainstream media the two stories are not connected!