Atlas Shrugs exclusive today links Obama, Blago and SEIU

If you are thinking this is off topic, it isn’t.   First, go read Atlas Shrugs today where Pamela Geller has done extensive analysis of Obama’s connections to the now disgraced (corrupt!) governor of Illinois and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).   I warn you it is tangled!

One of the most perplexing questions for those of us who follow Muslim immigration is, why the big push for Somalis to get into the US?   I’m not saying that the SEIU helped make it possible for Somalis to get into the US, but they sure are taking advantage of the large number of Somali immigrants and working to organize them.  Here is a post I did in October where I reported that SEIU was hiring Somali community organizers.

I’ve been wondering who funds the Somali community organizers in Greeley, CO and Grand Island, NE.   These Somali uprisings at meatpacking plants in those cities are not spontaneous.

In order to bring about “change” in our form of government one needs to destablize communities and what a better way then to bring in large numbers of angry and demanding immigrants.

Roundup: Somali refugees around the world

I’m behind.  I have so many story ideas piled up that I’ve decided to post all the Somali stories in one post.   So, here we go around the world:

Somali refugee woman goes on trial in New Zealand for attempted plane hijacking.   Jihad Watch has an amusing anecdote here.

Canada adds “vibrancy” to society by bringing in Somalis and other immigrants.  From the Chicago Tribune:

Canada is encouraging Immigration as a means of adding vibrancy to its society, preparing a path to citizenship for all the Indian, Chinese, Somali, Iraqi and other immigrants in its midst.

Somalis making Americans angry with their demands for special accommodation.   They want to be able to send money to Somalia and they want Khat legalized, a writer responds here.

Oops!  Canada gets “vibrancy” as two more Somali youths murdered in Edmonton.    Edmonton Somalis can’t figure out where all these out-of-town Somalis are coming from and why they are being murdered in Edmonton.  Check out this story.    Update on this story today here, “city a slaughterhouse” and it’s all the police’s fault.

Gates of Vienna reported on Somali refugee problems in the Netherlands yesterday.

In the Netherlands, the traditional “problem groups” are the Moroccans and the Turks. But there are Somali refugees in Holland, too, creating the same problems they have brought to other countries. By the government’s own admission, nine out of ten Somali men are unemployed, which is a sure recipe for disaster.

Read on here.

Growing violence among Somalis in Minneapolis-St. Paul.   We’ve reported on this story on many occasions, here is one more news story on the murders.

Somali “gloves come off” over autism.  Somali refugees in Minnesota have a high level of autism in their children and they blame it on America somehow and we darn well better take care of them, here.

Jewish labor leader helps Somalis get Muslim holiday at Tyson’s Food. Go figure.   See Stuart Applebaum’s version of the Shelbyville, TN Eid mess here.   Judy’s recent post on the story here.

I hope that does it (for now!) and I am caught up on Somali refugee news.