Somali men missing all over the world! Training are they?

Update Dec. 5th:  Northeast Intelligence Network has more details here.  Says they are being trained to return to the US and attack soft targets.

We reported to you last week that as many as 40 Somali young men are missing from the Minneapolis area and are believed to have gone to terrorist training camps either in Somalia or elsewhere to supposedly prepare to fight in the civil war in their homeland.   Keep in mind these American men came here originally as refugee boys who we have fed, educated, housed and kept healthy, for what?   To blow themselves (and innocent people) to bits like their buddy Ahmed did recently?

Now, comes a story from FOX today (Hat tip:  Blulitespecial) that Somali young men have turned up missing in other western countries as well as Australia.   And, look who knows all about it—Omar Jamal, who else.  He has got a pulse on the whole world!

I’ve come across 10 to 15 mothers crying because their sons are missing,” said Omar Jamal, executive director of the Minneapolis-based Somali Justice Advocacy Center.

A senior U.S. military intelligence analyst said the number may be even higher, since not all of the families whose sons have gone abroad will report it.

Jamal said the Somali community has seen young men disappear in a number of countries across the world, including Canada, the Netherlands and Australia. Multiple sources within the Somali community have corroborated this account.

You know what strikes me as really telling about Mr. Jamal’s statement?   Wouldn’t you think this was such a big deal that if crying mothers were coming to you about their missing sons you might remember exactly who they were and know how many it was—10 women, 11 women, or whatever number?   When he says 10-15 “crying mothers” it strikes me as a fabrication.  Jamal fabricated his way into the US, so what else is new?

Back to the story.

Intelligence sources confirm that men are missing and not just in Europe and Australia.

A senior American intelligence source confirms that Somalis have vanished in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia, adding that some people from the Caribbean also appear to have left for Somalia. And not all of the people bound for training or jihad in Somalia have a Somali background, the source said.

A man who appears to be Caucasian and is aligned with the Somalia-based terrorist group Shabaab can be seen in a recent jihadist video, and another gave an interview with al-Jazeera (though he wore a facemask when doing so). The source said that at least three African-Americans from the Minneapolis area also are suspected of traveling to Somalia to join jihadist groups.

Shabaab is the Muslim terrorist group we mentioned the other day, the one which wants to send us to hell.

So, if you are thinking, just let them go off and kill themselves in Somalia, that is well and good unless they plan to return as this article contemplates.

The size of the recruiting network in the U.S. isn’t known, and estimates vary widely. But a major concern is what will happen when these young men return to the U.S. after having undergone terrorist training or participated in combat.

Certainly the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA, knows if these men left the country and will be able to stop them when they return.  But, I worry about something else, what if they never left?

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