Senator Jeff Sessions, the man of the hour as Senate votes 68-32 for amnesty

All of the Democrats agreed with the special interests looking for cheap labor and 14 Republicans joined them.  Why? They were bought, plain and simple.  See vote on final passage here.

Thirty two Republicans realized that legalizing 11 million aliens spells the end for America as we know it—not to mention the end of the Republican Party (if you care!).

The 14 Republicans who should now be targeted for removal from office when they run again are:  Alexander (TN), Ayotte (NH), Chiesa (NJ), Collins (ME), Corker (TN), Flake (AZ), Graham (SC), Hatch (UT), Heller (NV), Hoeven (ND), Kirk (IL), McCain (AZ), Murkowski (AK), and of course Rubio (FL).   And, from now on give them hell when they are home in their states!  (See RedState on the stories they told, here)

***Update! *** See Gateway Pundit for ‘Dump the Amnesty 14 in 2014’, here.

Senator Jeff Sessions names names!

Be sure to watch Sessions floor speech by clicking here, in which the great defender of the rule of law and our American history and culture describes who the “masters of the universe”  and the “powerful special interests” are behind this monstrosity.  S.744 is not a bill to be kind to immigrants, it’s a bill to benefit powerful forces mostly seeking cheap and readily available labor, or political advancement for their corporatist government agenda.  LaRaza is in it for the Leftwing voters.

Sessions names the following as those special interests meeting behind closed doors and pulling the strings of the Gang of Eight:

Richard Trumpka, AFL-CIO

Tom Donohue, Chamber of Commerce



Hi-tech Billionaires

Immigration Lawyers Association, and get this!


He named meat packers!  (at just about 3 minutes).  Further confirmation of my theory!  For regular readers of RRW you will understand the significance of this.  We have  maintained all along that some in the US State Department and others in the refugee industry are really out scouting for captive refugee labor to supply the meat packing industry (and other industries) all the while justifying what they do with pontification about their humanitarian mission.

Here is Sessions press statement today—-This bill should never become law:

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement after the Senate passage of the immigration bill:

“Sponsors of this legislation—despite the array of financial, establishment and special interest support—failed to hit their target of 70 votes. The more people learned about the bill the more uneasy they became. Failure to reach 70 votes is significant, and ensures the House has plenty of space to chart an opposite course and reject this fatally flawed proposal.

So while the bill passed the Senate, this is just the beginning.

The legislation adopted today guarantees three things: immediate amnesty before security, permanent future illegal immigration, and a record surge in legal immigration that will reduce wages and increase unemployment.

There will be no border fence, no border surge, nothing but the same tired illusory promises of future enforcement that will never occur. Americans have begged and pleaded time and again for Congress to end the lawlessness. But this amnesty-first bill is a surrender to lawlessness. As ICE and USCIS officers have warned, it will decimate immigration enforcement and erode the constitutional rule of law upon which our national greatness depends. And it remains unfair to the legal immigrants who put enormous time and expense into following the rules our nation has established.

This legislation demonstrates that the governing body in Washington has become severed from the people it is supposed to represent. It is a broken promise 1,200 pages long.

The Senate’s loyalty must be to the American people—immigrant and native-born alike—who work hard, pay their taxes, fight our wars, and obey our laws. 21 million Americans cannot find full-time work. Medium household income is almost ten percent lower today than it was in 1999. But this proposal would double the number of guest workers for businesses and provide permanent legal status to more than 30 million mostly-lower skill legal immigrants in the next ten years. This huge increase in the legal immigration flow will reduce wages and raise unemployment, and displace those who have suffered the most economically. As wise observers have said, we are a nation with an economy—not an economy with a nation.

We can create a lawful immigration system that makes us proud. But for that to happen, this bill must never become law. We must return to the drawing board and produce legislation that serves the just and legitimate interests of the nation, its people, and all who wish to call America home.”

Let’s draft Jeff Sessions for President!

“They have lit a fuse!” Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer banned from entering the UK

Every freedom-loving American take heed—do not allow the erosion of our free speech rights as we watch the UK continue into the darkness.

Geller and Spencer: Letter from the Home Office said your presence here is “not conducive to the public good.”

Free speech crusaders Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch have been banned from entering the UK, Geller reported yesterday, here.  And Spencer today at Frontpage magazine.


I have been banned in Britain. My crime? My principled dedication to freedom. I am a human rights activist dedicated to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and individual rights for all before the law. I fiercely oppose violence and the persecution and oppression of minorities under supremacist law. I deplore violence and work for the preservation of freedom of speech to avoid violent conflict.

I have never been convicted of any crime. I have never been arrested. I became a writer and activist in the wake of 911.

For this I am banned. I shed no tears. I am banned from Mecca, too.

The Home Secretary said that my being in the UK was “not conducive to the public good.” Banning those who speak in defense of freedom is “not conducive to the public good.” It is painfully apparent that the action of the British authorities will have the opposite effect of what they had intended. They have lit a fuse. And instead of allowing a respectful laying of flowers in memory of Lee Rigby on Armed Forces day, they have given rise and sanction to poison like this (below).

Read on!

Spencer says, “British government is behaving like a de facto Islamic state,” here.

Today, see Geller on the worldwide media storm that the British government has created! She was right, they lit a fuse!

Sign the petition here.

Maryland readers may remember that Islamic supremacists attempted (and failed) to silence Pamela Geller and other speakers at the MD CAN conference in January of this year.  Their actions only helped create more interest and more registrations.

Readers:  I haven’t said it so much lately, but its important that you take some personal action in defense of free speech.  Figure out what suits your personality, but create a facebook page, tweet, or best of all write a blog of your own.  The more people who exercise their free speech rights in America the better.  It will make it harder for the fascists to shut us all down.

Hey, and if you are thinking about blogging, pick a subject and focus on it day-in and day-out so that you provide a service by becoming a surrogate investigative reporter as the mainstream media continues down the path of promoting their own politically correct agendas.

RRW blocked on some phones—adult content? Or,censorship straight up?

Is anyone else having difficulty accessing Refugee Resettlement Watch?   A few years ago someone reported to me that RRW was blocked by some government agency computers.  I don’t know if that is true.  But, in light of what we know now about the IRS, blocking certain sites critical of government wouldn’t surprise me.   Here is a case of apparent blockage by a private firm—WebGuard working for T-mobile.

Our content is apparently not suitable for tender youthful ears, even those of young adults!

But, I must say, we are honored to be in the company of Frontpage Magazine (where I learned this incredible news! just now).

From LaurenceJarvikOnline (emphasis mine):

Dear Webguard:

I have just gotten off the phone with Lucas W. (he would not disclose his last name), T-Mobile ID # 1241773, floor manager for customer service, and cancelled my WebGuard service.

The reason is that both RefugeeResettlementWatch and FrontPageMag were blocked as inappropriate content by Webguard at all levels: Child, Teen, and Young Adult.

However, both sites are simply news and commentary sites critical of the Obama administration. They are not porn sites. There is no issue of child protection involved.

Lucas told me the process by which sites are chosen to be blocked is known only to WebGuard, and that I would have to ask you for the explanation. He said he could not forward a complaint from T-mobile to Webguard, even though T-Mobile had a contract with WebGuard.

So please be advised that I found the categorizations and blockage as age inappropriate to be damaging, defamatory, false and fraudulent regarding the websites…and bad for business for T-Mobile–because on its face the blockage appears to be based on political correctness rather than child protection, and leads to the loss of customers.

For example, I cancelled WebGuard because of this problem, and told T-Mobile they should look for another provider of web-filtering services.

Therefore, I respectfully ask that you tell me why these sites were blocked, provide me a list of criteria used by WebGuard to block sites, and explain the methodology for site evaluation, including steps taken by WebGuard to insure against political censorship.

Thank you.

Laurence A. Jarvik, Ph.D.

Looking forward to their response!