Some real Christian charity toward the Rohingya!

Take note Catholic Bishops!

True humanitarian charity is helping them where they live!

This is what truly charitable people should be doing for refugees of the world—helping them where they live with private funding, instead of taking taxpayers’ money and dropping them off in slum neighborhoods in American cities, confused and jobless where they will turn to the local radical mosque for support!

For new readers, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops testified recently at the US State Dept. that we should be bringing more Rohingya Muslims to America.  It sure is a lot easier being charitable with other peoples’ money as you (Catholic lobbyists) live cushy lives in Washington DC, right!

From Mission Network News about Partners Relief and Development:

Considering all of this [earlier paragraphs of the article discussed the difficulties.—ed], where do you even start to pray for the Rohingya?

“My prayer has been that the leverage and machinery of justice, moved by the people of God that are out there praying, would indeed turn,” says [Steve] Gumaer [of Partners].

His prayer is also that “somehow we could see [a change] through the efforts of a lot of people and through the field efforts of those that are [in Burma], so that these people have a home.”

Partners’ consistent presence is helping change Muslim hearts. Islam is inherently tied to the Rohingya’s identity as a people group, but they’re not standing in opposition to Christ-followers.

“These people refer to us as the ‘Christians who care,’ and we run into no resistance because of our faith,” says Gumaer. “We have, rather, run into a feeling of brotherhood.”

Graphic language warning!  The politically-correct should cover your ears now!

Pray that this goodwill continues. Please pray also that more of the Rohingya will come to Christ as they experience His love through His people.

Will wonders never cease?  Partners has published its most recent Form 990 (2011) on its website and when you go to page nine, where government grants are reported, please note—THEY DO NOT TAKE GOVERNMENT MONEY (your money!) unless you freely give it to them.

By comparison, the USCCB received nearly $68 million in 2011 from the US taxpayer through government grants and contracts to resettle refugees in America, here.

Worldwide angst over possible end to Diversity Visa Lottery

Ahhhh! Whole villages in Ethiopia are sweating, Korean Pop Stars groupies are worried and so is the Soros-funded Center for American Progress that the Gang of Eight plus Grover Senate immigration bill (S.744) would abolish the “popular” program to bring more diversity to your American towns via a lottery.

Rep Donald M. Payne, Jr. from Newark, NJ: Not enough poor Africans are getting to my district! (he didn’t say that, I did!)

Note to readers:  These are not refugees we are writing about, they are 55,000 lucky lottery winners each year from countries where we don’t get enough immigrants.  This is not a joke!  I am not kidding!

Go here to see where your town’s diversity winners are coming from.

If you aren’t a regular reader of Korean Pop Entertainment news you would have no idea about the stressed-out Ethiopians or the New Jersey Congressman who says we aren’t letting enough Africans into the US.

Here is the story from KPopStarz about the “green card lottery:”

The green card lottery, a method through which at least 8 million foreigners wish to obtain their legal permanent residency, has been confirmed not to be cancelled for 2013 and 2014.

Although the odds of winning the green card lottery are not great, foreign hopefuls still have a chance of winning their legal status with a green card.

Just a few weeks ago, there was much speculation that the green card lottery would be taken away this year and that it was likely to be quietly cut. However, the US Embassy Press Secretary confirmed on Thursday that the green card application program will continue as usual for this year and next year.

According to the Armenpress on Thursday, US Embassy Press Secretary Taguhi Jahukyan said, “The Diversity Visa Program is continuing as usual for fiscal year 2013 and fiscal year 2014.”

While Congress has been discussing changes to immigration policy through new immigration bills, President Obama has not yet signed any immigration bill into law.

As the legislative process for changes in immigration policy is ongoing, no comment has been made on whether the green card lottery will continue onto 2015.

Just last year, at least 8 million foreigners submitted a green card application through the green card lottery. Only 55,000 green card applications were able to obtain a green card for themselves, their spouses, and their children.

The green card lottery is extremely popular, and foreigners would be very disappointed if the lottery program had been removed.

One green card lottery winner from Ethiopia said, “In my country, whole cities wait to hear the results of this lottery. I can’t believe they would take it away.”

The Diversity Visa Lottery Program, which issues winners a U.S. green card, started in 1995. Since then, thousands of foreigners have been granted immigrant visas and green cards.

One New Jersey House Representative, Donald Payne Jr. supported the continuance of the green card lottery program saying, “Diversity visas are one of the few ways people from Africa and the Caribbean can come to this country.”  [I guess the Congressman doesn’t know about refugee resettlement and asylum—ed]

You know it’s a bad program if the Center for American Progress (read all about CAP here) wants desperately to save it!

Here is what they say in an introduction to an informative “Infographic” (AN END TO DIVERSITY?—Ahhhhhh!):

The immigration reform bill currently being debated in the U.S. Senate, however, would eliminate the diversity-visa program and grant those who are eligible a small number of points in the new merit-based green-card allocations—explained in the infographic below. Without this visa category, immigration from certain low-sending regions would diminish further and would undermine the goal of welcoming immigrants from diverse backgrounds. The infographic below portrays the current distribution of diversity visas and highlights the disproportionate effect that the elimination of this category would have on migration from Africa.

Tell Rep. Payne that there are 100,000 plus Africans arriving in the US each year according to this useful graphic from CAP.  Eliminating the Diversity Visa could knock that number down by 20,000, but they will surely be picked up through whatever changes are made to immigration by the Gang (unfortunately, you can count on that):

Sioux Falls, SD story raises the question: Who pays when yours has become a “welcoming” refugee community?

Your tax dollars:

Sioux Falls is a ‘seed community’ (Tuula?*) and by that I mean it somehow was targeted as a “welcoming” community for the resettlement of third-worlders by the US State Department and its resettlement contractors.

Somalis arrive in Sioux Falls. Is there a meatpacking plant nearby?

Before I get to the news about the cost of educating the kids, have a look at the list of states and how many refugees each has received in the last 5 years.   I don’t know why certain places have been chosen.  Was there a plan decades ago to push diversity in certain regions of the country (we are going to shove it down the throats of the rednecks)?  Are there political factors (for instance, Biden helped pass the Refugee Act of 1980, but Delaware takes very few refugees). Or, did it all come about through happenstance?

Are refugee seed communities built around certain employers (meatpackers)?  Or, are they developed in a hit or miss fashion dependent on the level of resistance the community puts up—I once called it the “squawk” factor.  If resettlement begins and no real complaints are leveled at the politicians in the community and the local media doesn’t report any negative news about the program, the community is deemed “welcoming.”

How is it that Wyoming got zero refugees in the last five years while neighboring South Dakota got nearly 3,000?   And, do states have a Constitutional right to say—NO! or no more!  Or, at least demand that the federal government pay for the full cost to the seed communities?

Do American citizens have any right to say, we don’t want change?  We like our community just as it is (sans diversity!).

Questions remain, but back to the news this week about the costs and problems associated with educating the children from dozens and dozens of nationalities in heartland America.

From the Argus Leader  (hat tip: Joanne):

Except for Huron, there is no more diverse public school district in all of South Dakota than Sioux Falls.

At last count in October, officials here reported that 29.5 percent of the district’s roughly 22,000 students were minorities.

In Huron, where 41 percent of all its students are children of color, the majority are Karen refugees from Myanmar, or Hispanics. But refugee, immigrant and racial groups in Sioux Falls represent 51 different languages from across the globe that are spoken in homes here.


In the past year, Hispanics, blacks, Asians and multiracial students all saw their numbers grow in Sioux Falls, while there were fewer whites and Native Americans. As a percentage of total enrollment, there are twice as many students of color in the district now than there were a decade ago.

Teaching those students English so they learn in the classroom is a big enough challenge, Smith said. But turning understanding of the language into the ability to successfully advance from grade level to grade level can be equally daunting.

The article mentions that refugees who enter the US as teenaged students have a very high drop-out rate.  What is going to happen to those young adults?

The taxpayers of South Dakota must now ‘pony-up’ for more of the cost of educating the immigrant kids of Sioux Falls, but shouldn’t this be the federal government’s cost to bare?  After all, the taxpayers of South Dakota were not consulted when the seed community of Sioux Falls was established?

Like all school districts across the state who work with ELL students, Sioux Falls caught a break during the past legislative session when lawmakers decided to contribute more money to the education of those children.

Districts will assess their ELL students on language proficiency each February on a scale of 0 to 6. For every student who scores below 4.0 on the assessment, the district will receive an additional 25 percent in state support on top of the regular funding formula.

For Sioux Falls, that means an additional $1.8 million to $1.9 million, Smith said. So this coming school year, Sioux Falls will have $2.2 million in state and district money to use for ELL instruction, and another $1.7 million in federal assistance.

“We won’t be adding additional ELL services with that money,” Smith said. “This roughly pays back what we’ve been putting into the program out of our general fund dollars.

By the way, it looks like Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota pretty much calls the shots and acts as the pass-through non-profit agency for some federal money.

Wow! We have written a lot on South Dakota.  See our archive here.  Just now as I looked through the list, here is one story that jumped out at me—woman’s home vandalized after she complained that Sioux Falls had FOUR mosques (thanks to the work of Lutheran Social Services)!  Be sure to scroll down that post to the discussion of Tuulas.

Israel to expel tens of thousands of African illegal aliens….

….saying they are “a threat to the long-term viability of the Jewish state.”  Yes, they are!  I don’t know why people don’t get this point. Mass migration will eventually bring down a country.  It will happen more quickly in small countries like Israel or some European countries and more slowly in the US, but it will happen.

Here is my big question—-what is the third country to which these tens of thousands will be sent? 

***Update June 8th***  Here is a report that says they will be deported to an African country.

We have already seen the erosion of the concept of legitimate refugee protection as in the case of Malta* where the US State Department took off Malta’s hands thousands of illegal (economic) migrants from Africa, transformed them into refugees and sent them to America.

I sure hope Obama didn’t make some deal when he visited Israel and that America is the third country they have in mind!

Here is the story from

Israel’s new border fence. That isn’t an illegal alien, just a worker making repairs.
Photo: Reuters

Israel plans to expel thousands of African refugees to an unidentified third country, according to a court document obtained Monday, in an initiative that has provoked concerns from human rights groups.

The program is an effort to confront one of Israel’s more persistent problems: What to do with some 60,000 African migrants – the majority from Eritrea and Sudan – who have illegally crossed the border into Israel from Egypt over the past eight years.

During a Supreme Court hearing on Sunday that questioned the legality of detaining asylum-seekers who entered Israel secretly, a government attorney said an agreement to resettle “infiltrators from Eritrea” had been reached with an unidentified third country, according to Reuters.

“There is an arrangement with one country, which will be an end-destination and not a transit point,” the lawyer said, according to a transcript provided by the Justice Ministry on Monday.

There are an estimated 35,000 Eritreans currently living illegally in Israel, but deporting them to their homeland, a state accused of torture last year by the UN human rights chief, is difficult under international law.

Resettling the migrants in another country could also raise legal issues. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees says resettlement can only be considered once refugee status has been granted – which Israel has not done – although exceptions can be made.

Under the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, states are obligated not to send refugees to countries where they would face physical or political danger. It is unclear whether that requires the convention’s signatories, of which Israel is one, to monitor the refugees indefinitely after they are deported.

Making sure this won’t happen again, Israel builds a border fence!

While the fate of the migrants remains uncertain, Israel has taken rather dramatic steps to stem the influx in illegal immigration. Over the past year, Israel has constructed a barrier along its border with Egypt that has dramatically reduced the number of illegal arrivals. Israel is also incarcerating individuals who attempt to cross into the country while authorities determine whether they are eligible for refugee status.

He is right!

Israel’s plan to deport many of the estimated 60,000 migrants began in earnest in July of last year, when Netanyahu said the African migrants “are seen by many Israelis as a law and order issue and even a threat to the long-term viability of the Jewish state.”

So, what is the third country (one acceptable to the UN)?

For more on the problems Israel is having with illegal migrants, visit our category entitled ‘Israel and refugees.’

* For the Malta policy started under the Bush State Department, go here for dozens of posts on the topic.