Some real Christian charity toward the Rohingya!

Take note Catholic Bishops!

True humanitarian charity is helping them where they live!

This is what truly charitable people should be doing for refugees of the world—helping them where they live with private funding, instead of taking taxpayers’ money and dropping them off in slum neighborhoods in American cities, confused and jobless where they will turn to the local radical mosque for support!

For new readers, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops testified recently at the US State Dept. that we should be bringing more Rohingya Muslims to America.  It sure is a lot easier being charitable with other peoples’ money as you (Catholic lobbyists) live cushy lives in Washington DC, right!

From Mission Network News about Partners Relief and Development:

Considering all of this [earlier paragraphs of the article discussed the difficulties.—ed], where do you even start to pray for the Rohingya?

“My prayer has been that the leverage and machinery of justice, moved by the people of God that are out there praying, would indeed turn,” says [Steve] Gumaer [of Partners].

His prayer is also that “somehow we could see [a change] through the efforts of a lot of people and through the field efforts of those that are [in Burma], so that these people have a home.”

Partners’ consistent presence is helping change Muslim hearts. Islam is inherently tied to the Rohingya’s identity as a people group, but they’re not standing in opposition to Christ-followers.

“These people refer to us as the ‘Christians who care,’ and we run into no resistance because of our faith,” says Gumaer. “We have, rather, run into a feeling of brotherhood.”

Graphic language warning!  The politically-correct should cover your ears now!

Pray that this goodwill continues. Please pray also that more of the Rohingya will come to Christ as they experience His love through His people.

Will wonders never cease?  Partners has published its most recent Form 990 (2011) on its website and when you go to page nine, where government grants are reported, please note—THEY DO NOT TAKE GOVERNMENT MONEY (your money!) unless you freely give it to them.

By comparison, the USCCB received nearly $68 million in 2011 from the US taxpayer through government grants and contracts to resettle refugees in America, here.

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