Crime and death rates rising in Gaza Strip (so they say)

Palestinians, of course, blame it on Israel.

Just have a look at some of the reasons they are dying in Gaza—family disputes, misuse of weapons and tunnel collapses—and it is all Israel’s fault!

Dying in tunnel collapses! But, we can’t live without our KFC smuggled under the border with Egypt. AFP/Getty Images


From Al-Monitor:

Mustafa Ibrahim, a researcher for the Independent Commission for Citizens’ Rights, told Al-Monitor that eight citizens were killed in the Gaza Strip in May. The deaths were the result of family disputes, robberies, tunnel collapses and suicides.

He pointed out that the commission observed a significant increase in the rate of violence in the West Bank and Gaza from the beginning of the year until April compared to the same period last year.

He added that about 61 people were killed in Gaza and the West Bank because of family disputes, misuse of weapons, tunnel collapses on the border with Egypt, apartment building collapses and the lack of safety measures in industrial workshops and other places.

Wait for it!  You knew it would be in the article somewhere!

Ibrahim said that the crime rate is related to the living conditions, particularly in Gaza. He said that the high unemployment rate, the Israeli blockade and the continual power outages are frustrating the people.

This reminds me, take 5 minutes and watch “We con the World!” from Latma.  2.6 million views to date!

Leprosy arrives in Ireland with immigrant from South America

Note to readers:  I should have thought of this sooner.  I didn’t know this post would attract as much attention as it has.  If you are a reader from Ireland—type ‘Ireland’ into our search function and weep.

One more of the joys of multi-culturalism and mass migration!

The feet of a man with leprosy in East Timor.

From Irish Central:

The Irish health authority has confirmed the first case of leprosy in Ireland in living memory but has reassured the public that there is no cause for concern.

The victim, who is understood to be a native of South America in his 30s is believed to have contracted the disease outside of Ireland and was thought to have suffered from the condition in the past. The disease was discovered at a County Meath clinic. The doctor who treated him stated he presented for a disease seen  “more in the Middle Ages than on a busy morning clinic in Co Meath”.

Learn more about Leprosy here.

And, go here to our ‘health issues’ category for more on diseases and other health problems you need to know about especially if you are working closely with refugees and other immigrants.

Mother of all legislative train wrecks goes to the Senate floor this week—S.744

Editor’s note:  This is cross-posted from my other blog, Potomac Tea Party Report.  Regular readers here at RRW know that the Gang of Eight bill is going to expand the refugee and asylum sections of the law and create a “slush fund” for the non-profit organizations involved in refugee resettlement.  Here is our archive on the so-called “comprehensive” immigration reform bill (S.744).

This is it!  After the first punch, Obamacare, the second punch is the Gang of Eight plus Grover bill, the so-called “comprehensive” immigration reform bill.  It’s the one-two punch that is going to destroy America.

Marco looking for love from the Left!

You need to take your eyes off of the scandalpalooza going on in Washington and direct your energy this week to telling your US Senators to vote NO! on S.744.  (Yes, Marylanders, even Mikulski and Cardin!).

I stole that title—Mother of all legislative train wrecks—from this website.  Visit it and follow links to Forty Reasons why the bill is bad for America.

I’ll update this post as the week goes on.

* The caricature of Senator Marco Rubio, a key Republican member of the Gang of Eight and a leading contender for the 2016 Presidential race, is from the Daily Kos, here in February where they call him “Kochsman” (a reference to the wealthy Republican mega-donor brothers who favor ‘immigration reform’ because they want cheap labor).  Once Rubio fulfills their wishes (the Koch’s and the Left’s) on S.744, they, Daily Kos and other Lefties, will go right back to caricaturing him this way.  He won’t have their love in 2016 and he won’t have ours either (unless he bails out of the coming train wreck now)!