The nerve! Vatican says you (xenophobes) have an obligation to care for refugees/immigrants…

….and we (Catholic leaders) want more of your tax dollars!

Earlier this month the Vatican released a new study lecturing Catholics on xenophobia and how they should welcome immigrants and other displaced people.  Fine, we should be good and decent people, but what really ticked me off was that there appears to be no mention of the indecent amount of money agencies of the Catholic Church receive from taxpayers in order for them to do their good works.

Are we to have no Christian compassion for the middle class taxpayer who might be working a couple of jobs to care for his/her family, but is forced to pay into the Church’s till through taxation?  Maybe those struggling workers have other ideas about the charity they would like to give to others that doesn’t include the Catholic Church.

And, I’ll bet if you read the whole study about the plight of refugees and sufferers of human trafficking, you would find the root of the problem world wide—the ‘I’ word and the ‘M’ word missing altogether.

Cardinal Antonio Maria Veglio: Give us (the Catholic Church) your tax dollars so we can be charitable and lecture you about being xenophobic!

Here is Catholic News Service on the press conference in early June:

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Catholic laity have an obligation to root out traces of xenophobia in their hearts and recognize refugees as their brothers and sisters — children of God whose dignity must be protected, said a new Vatican document.

“Welcoming Christ in Refugees and Forcibly Displaced Persons,” a document of pastoral guidelines for providing material and spiritual assistance to people forced to leave their homes was published June 6 by the Pontifical Council for Migrants and Travelers and the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, which promotes and coordinates Catholic charitable activity.

Since the mid-1980s, the document said, the debate surrounding refugees and other asylum seekers has become “a forum for political and administrative election purposes, which fed hostile and aggressive attitudes among the electorate.”

This is infuriating, and who helped the issue of kindness to immigrants become a “political and administrative election” issue—the Catholic Church by demanding taxpayers pay for the Church’s “charity” and forcing communities to take refugees without advance consultation.   Human nature is such that there will be a negative reaction when being forced to do something.  Rather than look into the policies of Catholic organizations that might be generating the anger, it is easier to call you xenophobic.

CNS continued:

In effect, countries are focused more on deterring newcomers from reaching their shores than they are on offering protection and a welcome to suffering people fleeing situations that threatened their lives and dignity, Cardinal Antonio Maria Veglio, president of the council for migrants and travelers, told reporters.

From a Catholic point of view, he said at a Vatican news conference, “every policy, initiative or intervention in this area must be inspired by the principle of the centrality and dignity of the human person.”  [What about the human person who has to pay for your charity?—ed]

Readers, I have a whole bunch of Catholic pro-immigration news so what follows are some short takes.  Please visit the sites for more information and to follow the links before you head off to church where you will surely be lectured today to call your Senators on S.744 (which contains a slush fund for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops among others).

Catholic elites spend millions to sell illegal alien amnesty!

This is a story penned by Brenda Walker back in April.  Walker published a great pie chart to illustrate her post and I’ve been looking for an opportunity to re-post it.

Walker begins at Limits to Growth:

From Catholic Charities at a Glance (2010).
Yes, those are billions in government revenue!

The Catholic church has upped its bankroll to wreck American law and sovereignty. It has added $800,000 to its previous amnesty spending of $3 million, since opening the borders to millions more hispanic Catholics is highly desirable for the bishops.

Not that it’s new for Vaticrats to work to subvert a nation that has been very generous to them. The Catholic hierarchy believe their organization supersedes mere laws and nation-states, particularly when the church sees a way to fill its empty pews. Immigration-fueled demographic change has supplied the Catholic church with more credulous worshippers, helpful to replace the many Americans who have left the church out of disgust with its pervert priest problem. (Around 10 percent of Americans are former Catholics, according to Pew research.)

‘Catholic Bishops promote national suicide’ a must-read at the Thinking Housewife!  Hat tip: Jewel

Christopher Manion’s 2011 Crisis magazine article, “The Catholic Bishops and Immigration Reform” is an indictment of the malfeasance of the “American” (italics entirely intentional) Catholic Bishops concerning immigration and the United States’ borders that is timelier than ever.  I highly recommend it as the execrable Charles Schumer, boy-idiot Marco Rubio, man-lunatic John McCain and light-in-the-loafers Lindsey Graham conspire with Barack Hussein Obama, the Democratic Party and the Republican establishment – bought by such as Sheldon Adelson and Mark Zuckerberg — to destroy the United States through their illegal-alien-amnestying, “guest”-worker-increasing, legal-and-illegal-immigration-increasing, immigration enforcement-gutting S. 744 bill.

Catholic Charities volunteer, Mark Krikorian, fired!

Mark Krikorian, himself from an immigrant family, is now director of the Center for Immigration Studies and was featured this past week in a Washington Post Style Section profile about his research and policy work in limiting immigration to America.  He volunteered his time at Catholic Charities (demonstrating there is nothing xenophobic about him!) and VDARE reports he has been fired from his charitable work in the wake of the WaPo feature story.

Krikorian’s organization writes policy reports and criticizes government programs, yet the Catholic elite (the “good” people!) can’t counter with good policy work, they must denigrate critics by calling them xenophobic or racist.

In Europe the Jesuits lecture/lobby too!

Be sure to have a look at this story from the Jesuits in Europe—Catholics knee-deep in government policy there too.  I wonder if they have a taxpayer-funded slush fund for their charitable work lobbying the EU (just as the Bishops take from Caesar in America? ) Does anyone know?

Tomorrow!  Call your US Senators and tell them to vote NO! on S.744!

See my post at Potomac Tea Party Report for more background and phone numbers.  Also, here is our archive on all the posts we’ve written at RRW on S.744.