Japan doesn’t take many refugees

Truth be told—Japan wants to maintain its Japanese cultural identity. They know very well that a small country with open borders will soon be overrun and frankly gone!  They don’t buy the ‘diversity-is-strength’ mumbo-jumbo.

Only a few countries understand ethnic nationalism.  By the way, that is what Bhutan was doing when it expelled its Nepalese immigrants.  And, what Israel is trying to do, but may be too late.

A Geisha. Cultural preservation is a driving force in Japan.

Here is some news from Japan (the English isn’t the greatest, so I’m not sure if the writer wants more refugees or not), but it should be instructive for readers nonetheless.

Visit some of our earlier posts on Japan, here, where we learned that the “humanitarians” and the UN badgered Japan to take refugees, but only a trickle have been approved.

Call them “unwelcoming!”   But, why should Japan be forced to change? There is no proof that multi-culturalism works!

From a blog called JapanSociology:

It is said that the number of refugees is 43.3 million in the world now and many refugees are driven away from their living places. Although many of them are staying at their home country or the neighboring country, there are also refugees who come to the developed countries such as the US and Canada in order to look for their safe and stable life. This is refugee resettlement. Since 2010, Japan also began to the program of refugee resettlement as the first country of the Asian country. In 2010, 27 refugees of Myanmar who live in refugee camp of Thailand came to Japan. This is a new approach for Japan.

At first, why does not Japan receive many refugees? About 1.6 thousand refugees came to Japan in order to be recognized as refugees in 2008. However, the refugees who were recognized as refugees by the Minister of Justice are only 56 refugees. This number shows that many refugees can not be recognized as refugees and be allowed to come to Japan. Compared with other developed countries such as the US and France, the number of refugees being received is very few. The cause that the refugees in Japan are a small number is the system on the refugees and entry into a country. In Japan receiving entry permit to Japan is difficult in the eyes of the system of Japan. In the present day, refugees who came to Japan in order to be recognized as refugees are accommodated in an accommodation temporarily and they are treated like illegal immigrants. The food they receive is a poor Japanese food and they can not eat well because they do not adapt to Japanese food. They suffer in the accommodation until the result of the procedure comes out.

Read it all.

We previously noted, and this article does too, that Japan is second only to the US in giving financial aid to impoverished people elsewhere in the world.  So maybe the UN should just leave them alone!

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