More on the three-state Somali sex trafficking indictment, Omar Jamal is on the case!

Jerry Gordon writing at New English Review pointed out that our old buddy, Omar Jamal, put his two cents worth into the discussion on the Somali sex gangs, here yesterday.

Quoted in a Fox News report, that old reliable quote machine, Jamal, said this:

Omar Jamal, an advocate for Somalis in Minnesota, said the allegations shocked the Somali community, whose members pointed out Islam forbids such activity.

“Collectively, they might have been in denial that such grave sex minor trade could ever be going on in the community,” he said. “It’s a kind of crime that a community can never think of their kids as being capable of doing this. … People are saying, ‘How could this be? How could such a thing happen?'”

Looks to me like Jamal is confirming they were Somali “kids” indicted.  Funny because last night the ever-present Allahsoldier told us they weren’t Somalis at all, but “djiboutians” (whatever that is)  in a comment to my post yesterday.

Back to the story folks Who got. Arrested were NOT Somalis but djiboutians who speak and look like Somalis . Most ethiopians and eriterians
And djiboutians always say that they are from Somalia in order to get their immigration papers and plus change their names too like Ann or Annie something like that.

Omar Jamal: a brief history

For new readers, we haven’t written much about Omar Jamal ever since he went to the United Nations to represent Somalia, here, in January.  But, previous to that we wrote about him regularly here at RRW—I called him the Jesse Jackson of the Somali community because he seemed to be everywhere to spin positive stories out of  negative ones on Somalis. 

I first noticed Jamal in 2007 when he spun a Somali rape case in St. Paul.  It was kind of hard to spin because the crime was caught on surveillance camera.

Then he dashed out to Denver when they found a dead Canadian Somali in a hotel room with enough cyanide to kill hundreds in advance of the Democratic National Convention in 2008.  He helped spin the story that the guy was mentally impaired after calling the family he said he knew in Canada.

He insinuated himself in the alleged vote fraud in Minneapolis in the Norm Coleman/Al Franken race, as well as Somali murder cases and other gang violence in that city.

Then he was deeply entangled in the Minneapolis Somali missing youth story—you know the story where Somali “kids” went back to Africa for Jihad training.

Next he dashed off to New York City to see if he could be of any help in the Somali pirate case after supposedly talking to the “kids'” family in Somalia.

About that time, the man who was convicted of immigration fraud in Tennessee in 2005 and should have been deported ended up at the United Nations!

I’m too lazy to put in all the links so just type Omar Jamal into our search function and find pages and pages of posts in which he has been mentioned. 

I was surprised to learn he is back spinning stories in Minneapolis.

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