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We have many readers this evening coming over from this post at Atlas Shrugs.  You might want to have a look at one of the most widely read posts here on Somali refugees—this one on the numbers the US State Department has admitted over the years, it’s well over 100,000 now.  Use our search function for Somalis and note hundreds of posts on the topic—surely more than you ever wanted to know on the subject!

Greece: Muslim immigration activist says it’s just like water….

…..close off one channel and it will flow through another one.   He is talking about the tens of thousands of Muslims attempting to get into western European countries illegally each year.

From the Washington Post, “Greek town becomes flash point in war against Muslim immigrants:”

NEA VISSA, GREECE – This little farming town on the edge of Europe, where the crosses of Greek Orthodox churches face Turkey’s minarets scarcely a mile away, has become the latest battleground in the continent’s war against a flood of unwanted immigrants from the strife-torn Muslim world.

The European Union’s joint border patrol force, Frontex, dispatched armed international guards last week to reinforce Greek patrols around Nea Vissa, seeking to seal an eight-mile stretch of frontier that has become the main corridor for illegal entry into Europe for thousands of fortune-seeking Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis and North Africans. The 200-member pan-European deployment marked the first such Frontex operation along the borders of one of the European Union’s 27 member nations. Greek officials called it a belated recognition that the onrush of immigrants here is a problem that must be dealt with by all of Europe.

The French immigration minister, Eric Besson, said the posting of French and other foreign border guards should be seen as a sign of determination by Europe to stanch the flow. “France is totally mobilized to struggle with Greece against the networks that exploit immigrants in defiance of the most basic humanitarian laws,” he said on a quick visit to the border.

The growing presence of immigrants, particularly Muslims who bring with them their own customs and religious practices, has become one of the main irritants in Western European societies. Immigration has become a prominent and sometimes sour part of the political debate even in countries with long liberal traditions, including Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and France.

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And, by the way,  a TV news station in Atlanta, GA is again reporting on illegal aliens from Muslim countries crossing our southern border, here.  It is not just happening in faraway Greece.

Yikes!  It just occurred to me that since we have been taking Malta’s illegal aliens, setting a precedent by transforming them into refugees, might we do the same with Greece’s?

Utica, NY: Burmese Karen refugee murdered

This is a story I missed, but Friends of Refugees caught it here.

A little background on Utica as a refugee resettlement city:

We told readers as early as 2007 that the “city that loves refugees” was having problems, here.  Then we have some immigrant food stamp scammers caught in Utica, here.  Nearby Rome, NY has problems with too many refugees, here.  Then here is a post where we learned that percentage wise Utica has one of the highest populations in the US of foreign born residents.

San Antonio refugee orientation is window into the program

This is one of those feel-good stories about refugees.   We are criticized all the time for showing the bad side of refugee resettlement, but that is our job—to balance the mainstream media that just loves to publish stories like this one that sound oh so good! The only thing this story needs, to more perfectly fit the template, is for refugees to see their first snow—in San Antonio!

From My San Antonio News:

Eight years ago, Lawi Ndabaramiye and his family fled war sweeping across the Congo for the safety of a Rwandan refugee camp.

A month ago, seeking safe haven as millions of immigrants have before him, he arrived in San Antonio with his wife and seven of his nine children under the auspices of the Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program.

Friday morning he sat with 60 other new arrivals at an orientation meeting in a conference room at Catholic Charities. While separated by languages they were united in a desire to learn the ways of their new land.

Ndabaramiye, 48, concentrated on the words his interpreter translated from English to Swahili. These words, she told him, offered the key to a life once beyond his reach.

“I never dreamed I’d be living in a home like I have,” case manager Susan Mwangi said, translating for Ndabaramiye. “It’s like a dream come true.”

The two-hour orientation is mandatory and covers a range of topics, including nutrition, hygiene, housing, schools, federal financial assistance, transportation, employment, health and U.S. laws and policies.

Live in peace and don’t beat your kids!

He told the group they weren’t allowed to physically hit their children or fight with each other.

“You need to try and live in peace,” he said.

Now to balance this mostly warm and fuzzy piece, we have at least one story about Catholic Charities falling down on the job in San Antonio, here, and leaving refugees in a cold apartment with little food.  Catholic Charities was told—don’t bring more refugees until you take care of the ones you have.  But, you see, the Obama Administration is pouring refugees into the US in record numbers and they have to go somewhere.  I suspect Texas is a prime location because they don’t have the high unemployment rate that other states do—but they will if they keep this up!

Using our search function I see we have a bunch of posts on San Antonio and the refugee/asylee “community.”  Here is a recent one about a trial for an alleged Somali human smuggler.   Just can’t escape those Somalis in the news.