Moving more of ’em out of Malta…

….to a town near you!

I’ve written ad naseam about the precedent being set by the US State Department and our US ambassadors to Malta of taking Malta’s illegal alien boat people and sending them to the US as full-fledged refugees.   Next will we take other EU countries’ asylum seekers—Italy’s, France’s, Greece’s etc.? 

Here we go again!

From an October 29th story at Malta Media Online:

40 refugees from Eritrea and Somalia left Malta for the United States, the US Ambassador for Malta said.

Since the US Embassy began its permanent refugee resettlement program in May 2008, 540 refugees have been transferred to the US.

Ambassador Douglas Kmiec hosted a reception at his residence to welcome the refugees to their new lives in America.

I told you about former Ambassador ‘Tea Party Molly’ (no not the political tea party, I just called her that when she gave a real tea party to Somalis headed to the US thanks to her efforts) here in 2008.   Kmiec is obviously following in her footsteps with his send-off party.  By the way, we have several posts (here and here are just two) on Kmiec, a controversial figure during the Obama Presidential campaign—he was one of those despised Republicans for Obama.  I suspect he is a far Left activist in the Catholic Church and not really a Republican at all. 

Malta Media goes on:

Once they arrive in the US, refugees will be assigned a sponsor agency that provides assistance and support during a transition period lasting up to 2 years in order to ensure integration and assimilation. [they don’t get 2 years, they get 8 months max to get established and get jobs—ed]

Be sure to watch the film clip even if you can’t understand the language for pictures of the wire enclosed tent city in Malta in which the so-called “refugees” live until they are moved to a first world country (and not back to Africa).

Malta’s illegal aliens going to Germany too!

This is a story from Monsters & Critics I’ve had hanging around for over a week and just didn’t get to.

Valletta, Malta – Around 100 African immigrants will be transferred from Malta to Germany after having been officially recognised as refugees, the Maltese government said on Tuesday.

The immigrants, Somalis, Eritreans and Ethiopians, are due to leave Malta on Thursday.

It is the third time the Berlin government has accepted a number of refugees who have been stranded in Malta for resettlement in Germany on humanitarian grounds.

Another around 750 African immigrants living on the tiny Mediterranean island are expected to be be transferred to the United States and several European Union countries over the coming 12 months, the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR recently said.

Wonder how thats going to sit with Germans who are already in a crisis with immigrants not assimilating—see Merkel on her country’s multiculturalism crisis, here.

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