Rise of the European right wing frightens American left wing journalists

That isn’t really the title of the lengthy article in the Washington Post on Tuesday, but that’s the basic feeling I got when I read the article really entitled, ‘Anti-Muslim feelings propel right wing’ about the rising political power of immigration restrictionist groups in Europe.

The WaPo begins (and note they need to get that “white spremacists” phrase in early so readers know what to think about the rest of the news and opinions that are coming):

STOCKHOLM – On the heels of elections that stunned many in this famously progressive land, Kent Ekeroth and his peers marched through the castle-like parliament doors this month on a mission to combat what they call Sweden’s greatest problem: Muslim immigration.

The 20 Swedish Democrats – the first national lawmakers from a party initially spawned in the 1980s by white supremacists – are working to impose a moratorium on new mosques, ban the shroud-like coverings worn by some conservative Muslim women and largely halt immigration from predominantly Muslim nations.

You can read the rest yourself.  But, a few lines deep in the story says it all:

“It isn’t racist to want to preserve your culture,” said Leif Johansson, a 64-year-old carpenter. “I’m open to immigration, but these people come without a thought to integration, no interest in learning Swedish or being part of Swedish society.”

The 64-year-old carpenter nails the truth of the matter.  Like all cultures, we want to preserve ours and you want to preserve yours (if you are an immigrant to Sweden from say Africa).  Only westerners, however, are made to feel guilty for that wish.  With Africans or Asians or whomever, it is considered colorful and quaint to hold onto one’s culture.  When we want to preserve ours we are called “white supremacists.” 

We are all trying to hold onto our culture because it is natural and part of our human nature.  So the argument really is about—on what soil (on what piece of the earth) are we going to stake our claim as home to our culture and preserve that culture.  But, the whole notion of that truth scares the living daylights out of the left wing media where most journalists have grown up with the ‘la-la land’ idea that we should be one big happy world.  We aren’t and we never will be—just have a peak at world history.

By the way, I am reminded of the Somali immigrant who wrote to RRW here earlier this year and said we have a lot of open land in America and they plan to fill it up.

For more on Sweden, use our search function because we have written quite a bit about the problems there with uncontrolled immigration mostly from Muslim countries.

“Shabaabers” shoot two teenage girls in Somalia

Whenever I’m short on time to post (as I am today), I can be sure to quickly check my alerts and find some new and shocking story involving Somalis.  Here the New York Times reports on the execution of two teens, one only 14 years old, accused of spying for Ethiopia.   You can read all the gory details yourself at the Times.

Also reporting on the news is Brenda Walker at Limits to Growth who puts the latest barbarism in the Horn of Africa into more colorful (and politically incorrect!) terms. 

Civilization has had little effect in the Horn of Africa, where Islamist soldiers executed two girls apparently out of pique or boredom or too much khat. Or perhaps the Shabaabers wanted to demonstrate their power over the locals. 


Nevertheless, Washington continues to welcome thousands of Somalis every year as both immigrants and refugees, despite their disinclination for assimilation as shown by terrorism and gang crime. 


The question is why the feds continue to admit many thousands of arguably the most inappropriate, undesirable immigrants on earth. The correct number of Somalis allowed to enter the US should be zero.