Comment worth noting: We Somalis or Muslims will inherit America whether you like it or not

Here is a comment from reader Abdi that we received last night to a post I wrote in January, here, about how the UN was sending us 6000 Somalis from a camp in Uganda where they weren’t getting along with other African inhabitants of the camp.

They couldn’t be any clearer.

well, We Somali’s or Muslims will inherit America wether you like it or not this ‘America” is NO MAN’S LAND. Its God’s land and you can not do anything about it. cant you see how empty America is have you been to South, North Dakota or all uper midwes? is American Families having a lot of children? there good Americans who want to share their wealth with the refugees. i am a Somalian refugee i have 2 jobs i pay taxes i am happy to share it with the poor peaple. i ask a credit from God almight i dont weine about i thank God for what he gave me.
my advise to all you
Just Thank God for what you have and share your penny with poor and God will pay you back just be patient.

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