Other federal refugee contractors promote Amnesty rally today

Update:  Catholic Church, Lutheran Church and Church World Service should be ashamed.  Look at this horrible behavior on the Mall today!  See the Numbers USA Live Streaming linked at this post.  You have done immigrants a great disservice by joining forces with the thugs at SEIU.

Previously I’ve reported that some of the refugee resettlement contractors are actively supporting and promoting the DC rally today to give amnesty to illegal aliens and to further open the spigots for more immigration to the US at a time when jobs are scarce and public assistance is strapped. 

Here is a list of “supporters” of today’s march by state (as I am writing this the website has gone down, hopefully you will see the shocking list).  Check it out for groups and churches where you live.   The site, Reform Immigration for America, is a group created by the Tides Advocacy Center for the purpose of Opening our borders and promoting Amnesty.  Tides is a money laundering operation where donors who do not wish to be identified (foreign governments? businesses that want cheap labor? International Communists and socialists?  who knows, because they are secret donors) give money so that front groups can be established such as Reform Immigration for America for the soul purpose of pushing a political agenda.

A quick glance at the list tells me that at least four federal refugee contractors that receive as much as 90% or more of their funding from the taxpayer are supporters of today’s march.  And, we know that although it isn’t on this list, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has been listed as a sponsor elsewhere (they are probably trying to hide and removed their name from this list). 

Here are four that are easily spotted on the list:  Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Church World Service, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, and the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.   Meanwhile all of these groups, crying poor mouth,  have recently been criticized for not adequately caring for refugees they were contracted to care for.  Too busy protesting I suppose.

I also note there are so-called Ethnic Community Based Organizations (mini-ACORNS) which are also largely funded by you on this list.   Along with ACORN itself!

NumbersUSA to stream coverage of pro-Amnesty march today

Update:   This is unbelievable and shocking.  If it is still streaming, you should all go and view it for a few minutes  (here).  Every decent Catholic, Lutheran, Jew or Methodist who helped support this rally should be ashamed at the treatment by the thugs, connected with SEIU and other radicals, who try to silence any debate!  Roy Beck has made the case just by showing us what these people are like!

Go to NumbersUSA website, here.  Coverage begins at 1:30 p.m.   If you don’t know NumbersUSA please watch the film we keep permanently linked at the top of RRW, here.

For background on the march go here.  Note that federal refugee contractors (Church World Service, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops are supporting the march and lobbying campaign for Amnesty, probably others getting federal funding too!   I suspect their interest in not purely humanitarian but they know that passage of so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform will bring them more of your tax dollars through grants and contracts for their services!).

Pro-amnesty groups get federal funding then they lobby

Your tax dollars:

You’ve heard of the big ones like ACORN and Planned Parenthood that get federal funding then use it for Far Left political causes and for lobbying for more money and power for themselves, but there are hundreds (thousands!) of smaller supposed non-profit groups living off your money. 

Maybe in a new Congress (after the 2010 election) we can get an investigation of all the quasi-government groups that get federal funding then participate in direct political action.  One such group is the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition.  

Note here that they received nearly $200,000 from the Office of Refugee Resettlement and have organized ten buses to travel to DC today.  Dry up the federal funding and these groups could not function because there is not enough private financial support for what they do and the positions they take.

Organizing ten buses from Tennessee for today’s March on AmericaFrom AP:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — In his role as a lay minister and translator at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Lewisburg, Jose Gomez hears a lot about the problems his fellow Hispanics face.

That’s part of the reason Gomez was inspired to help organize a group for Sunday’s “March for America” in Washington, D.C. March organizers hope thousands of immigrants and their supporters from around the country will converge on the National Mall in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

The Web site for the march outlines broad goals, including “a path to earned citizenship for the undocumented.”

The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition will send 10 busloads of people from around the state. Memphis, Knoxville and Nashville are all sending people, but so are places like Lewisburg, where locals are getting involved in the issue for the first time.

I will bet a lot of those filling seats on the buses today are resettled refugees who don’t understand that by legalizing another 10 million or so illegal immigrants they will have an even more difficult time finding work.   I’ll say it again—refugees are used as pawns for these political activists at groups like the Tennessee Immigrants and Refugee Rights Coalition!